Keeping Track Of Your Moods? Try These 19 Free Mood Tracker Printables

A big part of living more mindfully is practicing awareness of your moods.

It might seem like extra work, but a printable mood tracker can make a huge difference. 

Being mindful of your moods and how they affect you is essential to living the life you want.

And it’s about so much more than checking items off a daily to-do list.

That said, finding the best mood tracker printable for you can be a challenge. 

What Is a Mood Tracker? 

A mood tracker makes it easy to create a visual representation of your moods from day to day, week to week, and month to month, depending on the style you choose. 

Most include a color key you can fill out to assign specific colors to particular moods. 

As you’ll see from the examples listed below, those details still provide plenty of room for creativity. 

The Benefits of Using a Printable Mood Tracker 

Keeping track of your moods for a month (and beyond), more aware of your emotional triggers and other factors that can influence your mood, including the following: 

  • Mental health challenges
  • Physical health
  • Hormones
  • Work environment
  • The lunar cycle 
  • Weather and climate

The more consistent you are with your daily mood-tracking, the more mindful and self-aware you become, which is enough of a reason to give this practice a try. 

19 Free Mood Tracker Printables You’ll Love 

Sometimes, just seeing a cute mood tracker printable on your wall is enough to give you a bit of a lift — or, at least, to remind you to check in with yourself as you go about your day. 

Some of the options listed here will appeal to you more than others. Make a note of the ones that draw you in. 

1. Flower Pots Mood Tracker — Free Printables Plus Stickers 

This tracker prints on half the page (A4-size), so it’s small enough to fit into your bullet journal. It also comes in letter size (8.5” by 11’). Color in each day’s flower pot using the mood colors set in your key. Print out the stickers on sticker paper to cut out and use as mood-colored embellishments for your journal or planner. 

15. Flower Pots Mood Tracker -- Free Printables Plus Stickers 

(via printablesandinspirations)

2. Rain Cloud Mood Tracker 

Designed for those who find joy in the rain (or, at least, the sound of it), this mood tracker has a color key at the bottom. Once you’ve set your colors, start at the left for the first day of the month and work your way to the end. 

The pdf comes in A5 size (5.875 x 8.25 inches). 

Rain Cloud Mood Tracker

(via elizabethjournals(etsy))

3. “How are you today?” Mood Tracker

For this one-month tracker, you’ll set the color key at the top and fill in each numbered section of an abstract stained-glass design with the color that fits the day’s mood.

You can also color the emojis at the bottom to create your key and use the “overall” key at the top for a color gradient. Add descriptive words for more clarity. 

 “How are you today?” Mood Tracker

 (via studyquill)

4. Bi-Annual Mood Tracker 

This mood tracker is customizable, so if you’re not starting from January, you can change the months to fit your situation before printing it out.

Then simply color each section according to the dominant mood of the day. It’s up to you whether you choose to add a color key or other details in the corners. 

4. Bi-Annual Mood Tracker 

(via 101planners)

5. Mandala Mood & Gratitude Tracker 

Another one-month tracker, this one provides a mood color key and a radial calendar with a mandala flower at its center.

There are mandala designs at two corners, which you can color in for stress relief or just to make your mood tracker more visually appealing. Print out multiple copies and color the corner designs differently for different months. 

(via spaceandquiet)

6. Four-Month Mood Tracker 

These designs are ideal for a four-month spread, which you can use for any quarter of the year. Check out the site for all the design options and choose your favorites.

Click on the “Customize & Print” button to choose from various sizes and styles, customize your title (change the words, font, or size), and add more text or images. 

Four-Month Mood Tracker 

(via 101planners)

7. Weekly Mood Tracker 

This weekly tracker provides more than one daily space to color in, so you can track your moods throughout the day and throughout the week, which makes it easier to identify the hours and activities that correlate with more positive or negative moods.

Beneath the color key, this tool even provides a list of possible moods to track. 

Weekly Mood Tracker

(via putthekettleon)

8. Minimalist Floral Mood Tracker (Annual) 

Use this simple yearly tracker to get an overview of how your moods change (or don’t) over 12 months.

Choose from various floral designs, including some monthly trackers, one of which provides space to write about things that affect your mood. Use this tool to see mood changes throughout the month (or year). 

8. Minimalist Floral Mood Tracker (Annual) 

(via thehousewifemodern)

9. Houseplant-Themed Printable Mood Tracker

Print this monthly mood tracker on letter-size paper to put on the wall or in a binder. Or print out on sticker paper and add your own colors to create mood-appropriate stickers for your bullet journal or other planner.

The key is designed to log up to eight different moods, but you can add squares to expand the range of emotions. 

9. Houseplant-Themed Printable Mood Tracker

(via gatheringbeauty)

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10. Free Mood Tracker Printables for Your Bullet Journal 

The mandala flower design above is just one example. Choose from various mood tracker themes to print out and fill in with the colors of your choice. 

And with the inspiration these can provide, you might even get some design ideas for your own themed mood tracker printables. Set six moods, or color each circle halfway to set up to twelve. 

10. Free Mood Tracker Printables for Your Bullet Journal 

(via radplanner)

11. Mandala Monthly Mood Tracker PDF 

This mandala-themed mood tracker also comes in a smaller version to use with your bullet journal (BUJO). Color the edges at the end of the month using the most-used mood colors. 

Or color at the beginning using the colors of your choice, based on mood or artistic preference. Each day has two squares to fill in—one for the AM hours and one for PM. 

11. Mandala Monthly Mood Tracker PDF 

(via strengthessence)

12. Printable Mood Tracker (Markers in a Mug design) 

What bullet journaler doesn’t love a mug full of fresh markers in vibrant colors? Set the month and mood colors, and fill in each day’s pen cap to fit your mood using the markers you have.

At the end of the month, see which colors you use the most, so you can review your month and experiment with different daily and weekly activities for the next. 

12. Printable Mood Tracker (Markers in a Mug design) 

(via getorganizedhq)

13. Mood Tracker Printables to Add to Your Planner

The mood tracker printables for this site come in sizes to fit all the MAMBI planner options, from Mini to Big. One page side has the color key for your moods (along with space for notes), and the other has the mood tracker for the month. Print out the pages in the size you need and easily trim them to fit inside your planner, journal, or notebook. 

13. Mood Tracker Printables to Add to Your Planner

 (via mycozyplanner)

14. Themed Daily Mood Tracker Printables 

This daily mood tracker gives you seven themes to choose from — “classic,” “retro,” “neutral,” “vintage,” “lace,” “hippy,” and “garden” — along with a free full-color emotion chart. Each page provides plenty of space for exploring the things that affect your mood throughout the day, as well as for tracking your habits and planning for the next day. 

14. Themed Daily Mood Tracker Printables 

(via rose-minded)

15. Simple Mood Tracker 

Fill in the color code key at the top of the page using the colors you choose for particular moods (e.g., blue for sad, orange for adventurous, yellow for cheerful, etc.). Then color each day’s square with the color that best indicates your overall mood.   

This printable covers an entire year and comes in four sizes: A5, A4, Half Letter, and Letter. 

Simple Mood Tracker

(via TangerinePrintables(etsy))

16. Jar of Stars Mood Tracker

jar of stars mood tracker

This simple mood tracker visually represents your moods as if they were items in a jar.

You pick the colors, and the worksheet gives you four options: great, good, average, and bad. Instead of tracking linearly, this option allows you to see the month as a whole. 

(via OurMindfulLife)

17. Planetary Mood Tracker

planetary mood tracker

Are you intrigued by the cosmos? If so, this planetary-themed mood tracker may be right up your alley.

If you want to add a brain teaser aspect to your tracker, try to name each planet. This design prints out on a standard 8.5 x 11-inch sheet.

(via OurMindfulLife)

18. Holiday Lights Mood Tracker

Holiday Lights Mood Tracker

Get in the holiday spirit with the festive mood tracker. It covers a month; each day, you color in the lights to fit your mood. Start at the top-left corner and work your way through the string.

This design features 31 days, so it works for January, March, May, July, August, October, and, of course, December. 

(via 365daysofdana)

19. Jigsaw Puzzle Mood Tracker

 Jigsaw Puzzle Mood Tracker

Are you a puzzle person? Then this mood tracker is for you! It’s an open-ended design that accommodates about two months’ worth of pieces.

With this tracker, you also have the freedom to pick your own colors and can use as many moods as you like.

(via 101planners)

How to Use Mood Tracker Templates 

When you look through the list of options further down, we hope you’ll find a mood tracker that fits your life and your personality–whether that’s a digital template or a daily mood tracker printable pdf. 

Once you’ve picked something you’ll find easy to use (to help you build the habit), how do you make the best use of it? 

  • Make this part of a “daily planning board” or portable planner/journal;
  • Use tools that motivate you or make it easy to add something every day; 
  • Choose a reward for tracking your mood every day for a month;
  • Keep track of your mood shifts and how they correlate with specific factors;
  • If you miss a day or a few, no judgment. Just get back on track as soon as you can;
  • Mix it up anytime by trying a new monthly mood tracker template/printable. 

Now that you’ve looked through all the mood tracker printable options, which ones appeal to you most? And which will you try first?

Tracking your daily mood is one mindful practice you can try. Discover our list of mood tracker printable you can use in your practice.