17 Under-The-Radar Ways To Nudge A Guy To Ask You Out

Ever had a guy you were interested in, but he just won’t make the first move?

It’s frustrating; we get it.

But don’t worry!

There are dozens of subtle ways to nudge him into making that initial move to ask you out. 

We’re about to unravel 17 of the most under-the-radar strategies for getting yourself out there and finally getting that first date.

From the classic flirty banter to more daring moves like giving him your number and walking away, this is your inside scoop on putting your charming self out there without going too far or coming on too strong. 

So let’s get started and bag this guy!

How Long Does It Take for a Guy to Ask You Out?

Asking someone out can be an extremely nerve-racking experience.

After all, it’s a big step and depends on many factors for it to go smoothly.

How long it takes a guy to ask you out often varies from person to person, but it shouldn’t take more than three weeks, especially if things are going well. 

Fortunately, there are common indicators that he might be ready to ask you out.

Let’s say you two already have something going on, and you notice he is spending more and more time with you.

He’s initiating conversations or just showing extra attention in general. These are good signs that he’s interested and potentially getting ready to make a move!

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for other changes in his behavior  – does he start dressing better when you’re around?

His body language might also give away some information – is his body always facing you more than other people?

All of these could point toward a potential question coming your way soon.

How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out: 17 Under-the-Radar Tactics

You’re talking and texting every day, maybe even an occasional hangout or two, but he still hasn’t asked you out.

How do you let him know that you want to take things further?

Here are 17 sneaky and charming ways you can get him to ask you out:

1. Play the Damsel in Distress

If you are in a public place, pretend to be lost or ask him for help with something. This will set off his inner knight-in-shining armor and make him want to rescue you!

Playing the damsel in distress can be a great way to get a guy to ask you out without putting yourself out there too much.

It helps guys feel like they are needed and gives them an air of importance.

But remember, it’s critical to use subtle hints to make it obvious that you need help or assistance- if it’s too obvious, it won’t work! Allowing a man to rescue you shows vulnerability and gives off an appeal of innocence and attractiveness.

man and woman talking intently how to get a guy to ask you out

It shows that you need help, but you are still secure in your autonomy, which makes a man want to take care of you and get close to you.

2. Ask Your Friend to Comment on You Two Being a Couple

If you have a friend that knows the guy, ask them to comment on how cute of a couple the two of you would make. This will get him thinking and possibly start liking the idea too!

It’s an easy way to test how he feels about taking things to the next level without making it obvious that it comes from you.

Plus, it gives him a subtle hint that you’re interested in him. This way, even if he’s not sure how you truly feel about him, your friend’s comment can give him some clarity and make the decision easier for him.

3. Invite Him to Join You and Your Friends

If you’re already friends with a guy, why not invite him to join you and your friends in an activity?  This could be anything from going out for drinks to seeing a movie. 

Inviting him to join you is a great way to prompt him to ask you out, as it gives him the opportunity to spend quality time with you in a low-pressure environment.

It’s also a great way to introduce him to your friends and get their opinion on how he is as a person — perfect if you’re looking for more than just a date!

4. Make Him a Little Jealous

We’ve all cried over a toy that someone else has, so why not use a bit of harmless flirting with other guys?

Jealousy can be a great way to get your guy’s attention and make him ask you out. It gives off the impression that you’re desirable and popular, which makes them want to step up their game before it’s too late.

It also shows that you have a bit of a competitive side, which guys find attractive. But make sure not to take it too far, or he might get the wrong idea- remember, subtlety is key!

So try giving other guys some subtle attention and see how your crush reacts – if he steps up his game, you can be sure he’s interested!

5. Be a Little Flirty Around Him

If you’ve got your eye on someone special and want them to ask you out be a little bit flirty around them.

Strategically use body language and tone of voice to hint that you may be interested. Throw in a few inside jokes or compliment them on something they did recently, as both of these tactics can indicate that you’re feeling a connection.

If starting conversations isn’t your thing, try sending subtle signals like smiling or making light physical contact. With the right approach, it won’t take long for this special someone to realize your true feelings!

6. Don’t Forget the “We Should Do This Again” Line

If you meet in a group setting and have an enjoyable time, don’t forget to leave him with the “We should do this again” line.

This encourages him to make the first move toward a date without being too overbearing or obvious.

Plus, it makes it clear that you enjoyed yourself and had a good time which is always a good thing when trying to get him to ask you out.

7. Take Advantage of Social Media

It can be a great way to get the ball rolling in getting a guy to ask you out. Posting pictures of yourself looking happy and confident will catch his eye and make him more likely to consider asking you out.

man and woman in workout clothes talking how to get a guy to ask you out

If you have mutual friends on social media, try using them as a bridge – comment on their posts or start conversations with them that reference your crush in some way. 

You can also use social media to start conversations with him directly – he’s sure to notice if you like his posts or send GIFs!

8. Smile and Laugh at His Jokes

Smiling and laughing at a guy’s jokes can do wonders to get his attention. It shows that you’re having a good time and enjoying his company, which encourages him to keep talking.

When someone we’re interested in makes us smile or laugh, we naturally want more of it! It also shows him you are confident in yourself and comfortable with letting loose around him, which is reassuring for a guy looking for a date.

All these things combined encourage him to make the next move – asking you out on a date!

9. “Unintentionally” Bump into Him

It can be hard to make the first move when it comes to dating, especially if you’re a bit shy.

So how about “accidentally” bumping into him? This allows you to act on your feelings without making it obvious that you’ve done it intentionally.

If you know he goes somewhere regularly, like the gym or a café, go there at the same time he does and make sure to pass by him. It gives you an opportunity to start a conversation without seeming too desperate or forward, and if it goes well, you can use that momentum to get him to ask you out!

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10. Ask His Friends for Help

His friends know him better than anyone else, so why not ask for their help? They can give you insight into how to get him to ask you out, what he likes, and how he might react.

They’ll also be able to tell you if there’s someone else in the picture or if he has any other issues that could prevent him from asking you out. If his friends know how you feel, they may even be able to give him a subtle nudge in your direction.

11. Mention Your Weekend Plans in Passing

Do you have something interesting planned for the weekend? If so, don’t be afraid to mention it in passing.

This will give him an idea of how you spend your time and may even spark some ideas about how he can ask you out.

For example, if you mention that you’re going camping with friends this weekend, he might suggest joining you or offer to take you out to dinner when you get back.

It’s a subtle way to let him know that you’re available and open to getting together without coming off as too forward or desperate.

12.  Make Sure You’re Confident and Self-Assured

Nothing is more off-putting than someone who seems unsure of themselves. If you want to push a guy into asking you out, ensure you’re confident and self-assured in your interactions with him. 

You should also be comfortable in your own skin and not be afraid to show off how amazing you are.

This will show him that you know what you want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Self-confidence also boosts his confidence as he’ll feel comfortable in your presence.

Confidence is attractive, and when a guy sees how sure of yourself you are, he’s more likely to take the plunge and ask you out!

13. Compliment Him Genuinely

Men rarely get compliments from women, so when you give him one, it’s sure to leave an impression.

Make sure it’s genuine, though – if it sounds like you’re just saying something for the sake of saying it, he’ll be able to tell and won’t take you seriously.

When you genuinely compliment a guy, he can see that you appreciate him for who he is, giving him the confidence to make a move.

Plus, if he’s crushing on you, your compliments will give him that extra nudge he needs to finally ask you out!

14. Tweak Your Appearance a Little

Disclaimer: Don’t change your appearance for a guy, but if you want to make a subtle tweak here and there, it could give him the nudge he needs.

If you usually wear jeans and t-shirts, try wearing a cute dress or skirt for a change. Or maybe switch up your hairstyle, put on a little makeup, or accessorize with jewelry.

These little changes can be enough to get his attention and make him notice how beautiful you are.

15. Make It Easy for Him

If you want a guy to ask you out, make it easy for him. Be friendly and open to conversation, but don’t be desperate or too forward.

two couple happily talking how to get a guy to ask you out

You can do this by dropping hints that you’d like to get together (in a subtle way) or just being available when he’s around. Invite him to do something with friends or in a group setting so he doesn’t feel pressured into saying yes.

You could also suggest an activity that you know he enjoys, such as going to the movies or out for dinner. Making it easy and fun for him to say yes will give him the push he needs to ask you out!

16. Joke About Him Asking You Out

Make your sense of humor work for you. If you make a joke about how he should ask you out, it might be just enough to give him the push he needs.

It’s important to keep it light-hearted, though – if your joking around comes off as too serious or demanding, it could have the opposite effect and turn him away.

The key is to come across as easy-going and not too serious.

17. Just Ask Him Out Yourself!

There’s nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands – if you’re feeling brave, why not just ask him out yourself?

This could be a great way to gently push him in the right direction and show how confident you are. It’s also a great way to show him that you’re interested in him and want to get to know him better.

Asking someone out can be scary, so if you make the first move, it can be very reassuring for him and give him the confidence to take the plunge.

What You Should Never Do to Try to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

We all know the feeling of wanting someone to ask us out. But there’s a fine line between showing interest and being overly aggressive. So, let’s talk about what you should never do to try to get a guy to ask you out. Trust us, these tactics will only scare him away:

  1. Don’t play hard to get: While some people think playing hard to get is a good idea, in reality, it can be confusing and frustrating. You want to be approachable and genuine, not mysterious and aloof.
  2. Never change who you are: Remember, you’re amazing just as you are! Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to grab his attention. He should like you for who you are, not some fake version.
  3. Avoid badmouthing his current or past relationships: Nobody likes a gossip, and you don’t want to come off as bitter or jealous.
  4. Don’t stalk him on social media: Avoid “accidentally” bumping into him based on his social media posts. This can come across as creepy.
  5. Don’t flirt excessively with his friends: Trying to make him jealous by flirting with his friends may backfire and push him away instead.
  6. Avoid being overly pushy or demanding: Give him space to make his move and let things happen naturally. Being too forceful might make him uncomfortable.
  7. Never spread rumors about him or his friends: This dishonest behavior will only create mistrust and damage your chances of building a healthy relationship.

Remember, the key is to be yourself, be genuine, and let things happen naturally. If it’s meant to be, he’ll ask you out without you resorting to any desperate measures.

how to make a guy ask you out infographic

Now You Know How to Get Your Crush To Ask You Out

Now that you know how to nudge a guy into asking you out (and what you shouldn’t do), it’s time to get out there and put these tips into action.

Remember, not all tips will work for every guy, so don’t be discouraged if some don’t seem to have an effect.

Just keep trying until you find the right combination that works for him, and before long, he’ll be asking you out on a date! Good luck!

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