113 Sweet And Sexy Deep Love Messages For Him

You and your partner have been through a lot already, and you want to show your appreciation for all the good he’s brought into your life.

You’re looking for messages to make him feel special and loved. 

And while these don’t all have to be spicy, you want a nice selection of hot love messages for him, too.

Because if anyone has them coming, he certainly does. 

The list below has a variety of love messages, so you’ll have something to suit any situation when you’re together. 

Cute Ways To Use These Deep Love Messages for Him 

You’ve found several love messages you’d like to share or “gift” to your significant other.

The easiest method is sending it to him via text, email, or social media messaging.

But here are a few alternatives if you want to try something a tad more creative.

  • Get a Poster Made: Getting art made is easy. So why not make a graphic of the chosen love message, then get it made into a poster using a service like VistaPrint, Printful, or Posterburner? 
  • Write a Card: Even though supermarkets, big box stores, and pharmacies like CVS have large card sections, sending a no-reason, I-love-you card has fallen out of fashion. But it’s a unique and thoughtful gesture. But one you like and hand-write the love message inside.
  • Sneak a Message: Do you make his lunch? Stick one of the messages into it so he sees it when he chows down mid-day. Or leave it on a post-it note that he’ll see when he wakes up or comes home.
  • Perform It: Are you a musician? Aspiring actress or slam poet? Consider crafting a song using one of the love messages, or do a fun recitation while hanging in one night.

113 Deep Love Messages for Him 

Look through these deep, meaningful love messages to find the ones best suited to your relationship

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1. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life. You’re my favorite person. 

man and woman sitting on floor drinking coffee Deep Love Messages for Him 

2. You’re my first thought when I wake up and my last thought before I fall asleep. 

3. There’s no one I trust so unreservedly as I trust you. 

4. There’s no one I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. 

5. I never feel lonely when I’m with you. 

6. With you, I never feel the need to run away and change my name. 

7. The more time I spend with you, the more I see in you to love and be thankful for. 

8. You’ve no idea how much my heart still races whenever I see you. 

9. No one is better than you at making me laugh, even when I don’t feel like it. 

10. Every morning, I write about what I’m thankful for, and you’re always at the top of that list. 

11. You’re my favorite part of waking up every morning and going to bed each night. 

12. Whatever we’re eating, if we’re eating together, it’s my favorite. 

13. Your voice is my favorite sound in the universe. The more I hear it, the happier I feel. 

14. I see your thoughtfulness in every gift and in everything you do. You inspire me to be more thoughtful. 

couple smiling face to face

15. You’ve helped me grow into the person I was born to be and who I want to be. 

16. Whatever our challenges, you’ve given so much more than you’ve taken from me. You’ve made life better. 

17. I still see in you what drew me in from the beginning. It’s not only still there, but it’s only gotten better. 

18. I can’t imagine (and don’t want to imagine) growing old with anyone but you. 

19. I know I can be hard to live with. But thank you for seeing in me what so few bother to see.

20. Thank you for being someone I can always talk to and trust to help me see things more clearly. 

21. Just when I think it’s impossible to love you more, you prove me wrong. 

22. I feel safer and more loved with you than with anyone else. You’re my happy place. 

23. My heart still melts at the very thought of you and the very mention of your name. 

24. We don’t agree on everything, but we connect in all the ways that matter most. 

25. I love that you trust me with making our home a place you love to show off. 

26. I love that you’re as proud of my abilities as I am of yours. They complement each other. 

27. All I need in the morning to wake me up is one of your smiles and the sound of your voice. 

28. Next time you hug me, make it a long one. 

29. Whenever I hear a notification sound on my phone, I hope you’re the reason for it. 

30. I know you’re busy today, but could you add me to your to-do list? 

31. You make everything seem more manageable — not to mention a lot more fun than it would be without you.

32. Emojis are like magic. Who knew an eggplant could mean something good (at least when it’s with you)? 

33. The thing that helps me sleep when you’re next to me is hoping you’ll be in my dreams. You often are. 

34. Every day I have with you is a good day. Seeing your face is more energizing than the best coffee. 

35. I look at you, and suddenly, my mind goes blank. And then I walk into things. 

36. Wishing you a birthday as full of surprises (good ones) as you are. 

37. When I’m with you, I know I can be myself, and it won’t ruin anything. 

38. You know just what to say to help me see things more clearly. 

39. I love sharing adventures with you. I wonder where our next one will lead us. 

40. Whenever we’re together, the only place I want to be is closer to you. 

41. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you because I trust you not to ask me to do harm to anyone. 

42. You see the best in everyone — including me. You don’t know how rare that is!

43. I don’t think I’ve ever missed anyone as much as I miss you when you’re not here.

44. I’m so grateful to be the one you want to grow old with. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. 

45. I love the person you are now, I love the person you’ve been, and I love the person you’re becoming. 

46. I have loved watching you grow since I’ve met you. You inspire me every day. 

47. If we live to be a hundred, I want to live an extra day beyond that, so you’ll never have to be alone. 

48. I choose you. And if I had to do it over again, I’d choose you every day and all day long. You’re my person. 

49. If I had to live my life over again, I’d find you a lot sooner. 

50. Each anniversary marks another 365 days you’ve spent reminding me why we’re better together. 

51. You’re my favorite spice. Every meal is better with you. 

52. You’re the perfect balance of sweet and salty. 

53. It took meeting you to realize how empty my life had been. You’ve changed everything. 

54. Just having you in my life has changed my perspective on everything. I don’t have bad days anymore. 

55. Every time I think of you, I feel grateful. And then more good things happen. 

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56. Even when things get messy, there’s no one I’d rather have by my side than you. 

57. I’m proud of how far we’ve come. I’m even prouder of the man you’ve become. 

58. Thanks to you, I’ve learned so much that I might never have discovered without you. 

59. All I have to do is say your name, and my thoughts take a turn for the better. 

60. Every time I hug you, I don’t want to let go. It could be a sign

61. Who needs exercise when just the sight of you makes my heart do jumping jacks?

62. You get me in a way no one else has. And you’re still here. 

63. Everything I love most in this world I see in you. 

64. I love that, when you’re here, I can feel that you’re fully present with me. 

65. I see the thoughtful things you do. And I love you more than you’ll ever know. 

66. I didn’t think I’d fall in love with my best friend. But you made it hard not to. 

67. Before I met you, I wondered what kind of guy I’d fall for. Now, I know. 

68. You’re the only man I know who can make me laugh even when I feel like crying. 

69. When anyone asks me where I want to be ten years from now, all I can picture is me with you. 

70. With you, I feel at home. I feel at peace and able to withstand anything. 

71. I thought I was living before I met you, but you’ve shown me what it means to really live. I can’t go back. 

72. I never liked complicated relationships before. Thanks to you, I’ve developed a surprising tolerance for it. 

73. Let’s make pancakes and just stay in all day. 

74. I just want to thank everyone responsible for the man you are today. 

75. I wish I had the right words to tell you how much I love you. I guess I’ll have to show you instead. 

76. You don’t have to be perfect to raise my standards in every way that matters. And you keep doing that.

77. You should know that when I picture myself happy, it’s always with you. 

78. Even now, you still manage to chase everything else from my mind when you walk into the room.

79. Every day starts with the image of you in my mind. That’s why I wake up so early. 

80. I always want to be at my best when I’m with you. But even when I’m not, I can always trust my heart with you. 

81. Meeting you for the first time was like hearing a new song and immediately knowing it would be my favorite. 

82. If anyone can help me sort out what I was born to do with this life, it’s you. 

83. I was not prepared to miss you as much as I do when you’re not here. 

84. Every day, you make me so proud to be the one you love. Every day, I want to thank you for it. 

85. You have a knack for making me forget everything on my to-do list but you. 

86. With you, I feel like I can do anything. I feel limitless and unstoppable. 

87. Every morning, I wake up saying, “Thank you,” for every moment I’ve had with you.

88. If this is our last day, I want to spend it loving you better than I ever have before. 

89. I don’t need forever. I’ve had the best moments anyone could hope for. And they’ve all been with you.

90. I don’t know if we’ll always be together. But the more time I spend with you, the more I hope we will. 

91. More than anyone else in my life, you have helped me grow into the person I want to be. 

92. Without words, you help me feel calmer, stronger, and more clear-headed. No one else has that effect on me.  

93. I may not be your first love, but I hope to be your last and longest. 

94. Just a quick message to tell you I love you and am thinking of you (and us) right now. You’re my happy place. 

95. Thank you for being the reason I smile about a hundred times a day, now. 

96. With you, the words “Thank happy thoughts” take on new meaning. 

97. Whatever you’re up for, I’m into it. I love the way your mind works. 

98. When we met, I felt the best part of my life was about to begin. I was right. 

99. I now have a lifetime’s worth of beautiful memories, thanks to you. 

100. Every time I see that smile of yours, I remember the first hug you gave me (and what it led to). 

101. I love the feeling that comes whenever I see that smile on your face. 

102. Just being around you reminds me why I fell for you — and why I keep falling harder. 

103. If fairy tales taught me anything, it’s that Cinderella’s prince thought only one woman could have a particular shoe size. You’re a definite upgrade.

104. We don’t have to do everything together. But I do love an excuse to involve you in something important to me.

105. You have a gift for reminding me, without words, to take a breath and remember I’m not alone. 

106. I love everything about you — even the parts you try to hide. Nothing about you embarrasses me. 

107. One look at you is all I need to get my heart pumping faster. 

108. Every morning you remind me of what I am to you, and it sets me up for the rest of the day. 

109. Waking up and seeing that beautiful smile of yours reminds me of how precious a single moment can be. 

110. Your laughter is the best sound I’ve ever heard. Every time I make you laugh is the highlight of my day.

111. The way your face looks when you’re doing something you love makes me want to etch that image of you into my mind forever. 

112. Thank you for making my world so much bigger and more beautiful than it was before I met you. 

113. That ache you feel when you know something important in your life is missing… I don’t have that anymore. 

How will you use these sweet words for him?

Now that you’ve looked through this list of love messages for him, which ones resonated with you the most? 

Write your favorites down, or copy and paste them, where they’ll be easy to find when you’re at a loss for words. 

You don’t have to repeat these statements word for word, either. Use them as inspiration to get your own words out. 

Those are the ones your best friend will want to hear, anyway.

Expressing how deep your love is for your special guy is one thing sweet words can do. Tell them how you feel by using out these 113 deep love messages for him.