27 Captivating Conversation Starters For Couples

You’re looking forward to meeting someone and hoping to have a conversation you’ll both enjoy.

Naturally, then, you’d appreciate a sampling of great conversation starters for couples. 

You want them to be engaging enough to avoid the awkward, “What do I say now?” pauses.

And you’re not interested in small talk

What you’re hoping for, in this case, are genuine relationship conversation starters — something to make that budding connection stronger. 

You’re in the right place. 

How Do You Keep the Conversation Going in a Relationship? 

One of the best ways to get a conversation going is to get your partner thinking about an intriguing hypothetical scenario involving them or the both of you. If you can make them laugh, so much the better. Discussion topics don’t have to be serious to be worthwhile. 

conversation starters for couples

If you want to start a lively exchange of ideas and keep it going, consider the following:

  • Generally speaking, avoid divisive themes (i.e., political or religious topics). 
  • Avoid overtly sexual content. Flirting is okay, but keep it classy. 
  • Use what you know about them — their hobbies, careers, preferences, etc.
  • Take that information in unexpected “what if” directions. 
  • Use any of the questions in this post to shake up (or spice up) the mood.

27 Captivating Conversation Starters For Couples 

Look through the list of conversation topics for couples below to find the ones best suited to the dinner conversation you’d like to have. Make a shorter list of your favorites to keep handy.

1. You’re stranded on an island together and find an abandoned bunker with a magnificent machine that can fabricate any food. Unfortunately, no matter what you type in, the result is always the same. It’s stuck on one specific kind of food. What would you want that food to be? 

2. After a freakish but harmless accident, you discover your favorite snack gives you a superpower. What superpower would you want, and what would you do with it? 

3. You win a sweepstakes award for a money-is-no-object home makeover. What would you change first, and how would you change it? 

4. In the mail, you receive a coupon for the world’s best stylist, who happens to be in your area. They’re offering a complete, personalized wardrobe for only $20 if you show them an image of the celebrity that best represents the style you want. 

5. Somehow, you’re able to create bath bombs and shower discs that smell like real experiences, tailored to each recipient — like “the first day on the beach” or “first date.” When you make one for yourself, what does it smell like?

6. You do an internet search on mythical creatures (griffins, krakens, manticores, etc.) and see one that reminds you of your partner. What is this creature, and what is the resemblance? What kind of creature would you be? 

conversation starters for couples

7. A billionaire philanthropist has deposited 5 million dollars in your account with the condition that you start a restaurant, unlike any other, which they’ll visit now and then. What kind of food would this restaurant serve? 

8. Pickles, chocolate syrup, or hot sauce: you have to add one of these to everything you eat for the rest of your life. Which would you choose, and what would you probably have to give up? 

9. A hidden door in your home leads you to a treasure chest. You manage to open it and find the very thing you were just thinking about. You close the lid, think of something else, then open it again to find that object instead. What do you do?

10. You learn on your birthday that a food you can barely stomach can give you your favorite superpower for a day, every time you eat it. What is this superfood, and how would you make it easier to consume? 

11. You go to Las Vegas on a whim and end up stranded there during a mysterious blackout. Oddly enough, one karaoke bar — the one you’re sitting in — is unaffected. And the only thing that can save the city is the sound of your voice singing a favorite song of yours on the karaoke stage. What’s the song? 

12. You discover a magical ability to instantly transport you and anyone in physical contact with you to the destination of your choice. You decide to take your partner or closest friend to a place one of you has always wanted to visit. Where do you go?

13. A self-professed “fan of your work” offers to pay you $100 an hour to write daily blog posts about crazy fantasies that, then, somehow, come true. What do you write about when you discover this? 

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14. You’re taking a walk in the woods near your home when you find a small door at the base of a large tree. You look around for the key and find one in your pocket. You step through the door (which grows to your height when you insert the key) and find yourself face-to-face with a lost loved one or a friend you haven’t seen in years. Who is it? 

15. While browsing in a new shop filled with crystals and other interesting objects, the owner suggests a particular stone he says will help you reach your most challenging goal. You keep the stone under your pillow and have a vivid dream in which you accomplish that goal. How would your life change if the dream came true?

16. While rummaging through a box of discarded items left in your attic, you find a remote control that magically inserts you into the TV show of your choice in place of one of the other actors. What role would you play first? 

17. You join an experimental study, and, aside from water, you’re allowed only one other beverage to drink with your meals for an entire year. What are you drinking? 

18. You receive a special invitation to an event where an animal greets you and takes its place at your side. During the event, you learn to recognize this animal as an earthly incarnation of your spirit guide or guardian. What kind of animal is it? 

19. A basket arrives at your doorstep once a week with exactly what you need, though when others look, all they see is something they’d rather avoid. What’s in the basket? And what’s the disguise? 

20. You walk into a restaurant where the greeter takes you to a table decorated just the way you like it and brings you food and a drink representing your personality. What are you eating? 

conversation starters for couples

21. For a whole day, every time you turn on the radio, it plays a song with profound significance for you. What’s the song, and how often do you listen to it? What does it mean for you? 

22. You walk into a store, and you’re told you’re the 10,000,000th visitor and are entitled to a shopping spree with no maximum amount. What shop do you hope it is? And what would you go for first thing? 

23. You go with your partner to an amusement park on a day when the lines are short, and the weather is perfect. What do you do first? And what do you eat?

24. You volunteer for a day at a camp with young children, and you have three jobs to choose from: teacher, nurse, or cook. What are you doing all day? 

25. On the night before you agree to sell your home to someone willing to pay you far more than you expected, you’re going over the backyard with a metal detector, and it detects something huge underground. What do you do? 

26. You’ve won a lifetime supply of something that is neither food nor drink nor money. It’s either handy or enjoyable, is something you use regularly, and would even make a decent stocking stuffer. What is it? 

27. You win the opportunity to meet for coffee (or tea) for 30+ minutes with the celebrity of your choice, who’s willing to answer any question that isn’t too personal. Whom are you meeting, and what are you asking first?

Ready to Put These Conversation Starters for Couples to the Test?

Now that you’re well equipped with brilliant ideas for dinner conversation with couples (particularly the couple you have in mind), how will you put them to use? 

Let’s say you’re both sitting together, and after a few pleasantries, you ask if they wouldn’t mind a few “what if” questions to get the conversation going. 

If they’re game, you can start with a favorite (or the first one that comes to mind) and see where it leads. 

At the very least, you’ll get to know each other better. And that’s a win. 

We all want to enjoy our partner's company with good conversation. Enjoy this list of captivating conversation starters for couples.