57 Heartbreaking Toxic Parent Quotes To Overcome Your Painful Past

Toxic Parent Quotes

It can be hard enough to admit to yourself, “My parents are toxic.”

The trauma of toxic parenting goes deep.

And you might wonder if, without that chunk of your identity, there isn’t much left of you to know. 

You didn’t get the chance to see who you might have become without your parents’ damaging influence.

So, it’s understandable you might think there’s nothing behind the damage worth knowing. 

It’s also wrong. 

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63 Painful And Telling Quotes On The Ways A Husband Can Hurt His Wife

husband hurting wife quotes

No matter how you spin it, marriage is challenging.

Even if you love one another to the moon and back, you’re still bound to face difficulties with your husband over the years. 

But sometimes, your husband can say and do deeply hurtful things.

By ignoring or neglecting you, your husband shows he’s taking you for granted.

Over time, his neglect can leave you broken-hearted and numb.

It’s hard to express how profoundly it hurts when your husband doesn’t respect and cherish you.

That’s why we’ve curated these 63 “unhappy marriage, bad husband” quotes.

Maybe seeing these quotes will help validate your feelings and give you the courage to take action.

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Are You Overthinking In Your Relationship? 11 Steps To Reel It In

how to stop overthinking in a relationship

Are you suffering from overthinking relationship anxiety?

If so, you’ve got plenty of company.

In fact, overthinking in relationships is so common that you can probably think of a TV series or movie character who does what you do. 

Maddening, right?

You hate what it’s doing to your relationship.

But what can you do to stop yourself from doing it?

And what if the opposite (underthinking?) is even worse?

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21 Not-So-Obvious Signs You’ve Lost Yourself In Your Relationship

losing yourself in a relationship

You know the feeling – the one that leaves you weak in the knees when you meet someone new, and sparks fly.

You want to be around each other constantly, and you desperately want to please each other.

The beginning stages of relationships are exciting and consume much of your time and energy.

This is normal to an extent, but what happens when you become overly involved or attached and leave your friends, family, and independence in the dust?

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25 Sigh-Worthy Quotes About Finding The Right Person At The Wrong Time

right person wrong time quotes

It seems like a cruel twist of fate

You’re going about your business when suddenly they walk into your life.

THE person.

The one you’ve been waiting for forever.

And it’s clear you both feel the same way. 

Except . . .

The timing sucks.

You’re involved with someone else (or, yikes – you’re married).

Or you’re about to move to another city.

Or you’ve sworn off relationships after just coming off a bad break-up.

Whatever the reason, loving someone at the wrong time and knowing they are the perfect person for you is a heart-wrenching scenario.

Need a little company in your misery?

We’re here to help with these quotes about meeting the right person at the wrong time.

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15 Eye-Opening Examples Of Text Messages From A Narcissist

examples of narcissist text messages

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of narcissist text messages, the examples given here should sound familiar

Communicating with a narcissist may seem easy at first since they generally like to do most of the talking.

Eventually, though, you get to experience narcissist texting games.

So fun!

Except, they’re not—at least not for anyone but the narcissist. 

So, what are these games of which we speak?

And how do you spot them?

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Don’t Want Your Husband To Touch You Anymore? 13 Reasons Why And What To Do About It

i don t want my husband to touch me anymore

Over time the romantic spark that was so bright when you and your husband got married can start to dim.

Many factors contribute to this loss of romance, and unfortunately, it may result in diminished intimacy and an aversion to being touched. 

What do you do when you find yourself thinking, “I hate being touched by my husband”?

It’s difficult to openly and honestly face issues in your relationship (especially related to physical intimacy).

Still, it’s also the first step in repairing intimate relationships with a boyfriend or husband. 

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13 Signs Of Emotionally Unavailable Women

woman covering one eye emotionally unavailabe women

Men and women want to experience a healthy, fruitful relationship with the person they love.

Relationships are the bonds that hold societies together.

But being in a relationship is a complicated enterprise.

No two people are alike when it comes to sharing life experiences, or when it comes to falling in love.

We like to think we will fall in love with someone who can express their love in all the usual ways, but that’s not always the case.

Falling in love and being in a relationship is all about the mingling of energy and vibrations.

Sometimes we cultivate a relationship with a person who doesn’t vibrate in the same energy field as we do.

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