13 Heartfelt Sentiments To Include In a Letter To Your Daughter

letter to your daughter

If you’re looking at an empty page and thinking, “What should I say to my daughter?” you’ve got company.

We know how challenging it can be to write letters to your kids.

Self-doubt creeps in, and you wonder if the words you can think of will mean the same to them as they do to you.

After all, you’ve made mistakes (every parent does), and you want your daughter to know how proud you are of the woman she’s becoming. 

You’re just not sure where to begin.

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11 Essential Stages Of Emotional Healing And Next Steps To Take

stages of emotional healing

Everyone, at some point, has to go through an emotional healing process

Once you decide you’re done pretending everything is good enough in your world, you’re ready to move past the first stage of emotional healing. 

No one would consciously choose to stay in stage one.

It’s meant to draw your attention to something you’d rather forget.

As resourceful as it is at finding distractions, your brain keeps reminding your that your pain is real. 

It’s up to you to commit to the healing process — even though it exacerbates the pain for a while. 

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23 Of The Best Relationship Books For Couples

couple reading, relationship books for couples

Do you and your love partner make daily efforts to strengthen and improve your relationship?

If not, you might want to pay attention because the quality of your love relationship determines your overall happiness and even your health.

All couples, whether married or dating, straight or gay, should consciously take action to keep their relationship strong and healthy for the long haul.

One valuable way to do this is by reading books for couples or marriage books offering concrete steps to enhance the love, trust, respect, and intimacy between you.

How Do Couples Read Together?

It's best if you and your partner read these books together as a couple, but even if one partner doesn't participate, the other can share and model some of the positive relationship skills he or she is learning.

There are several ways you and your partner can enjoy couple books together to make the most of the strategies.

  • Get two copies of the books, and determine a certain number of pages or chapters you'll both read each week.
  • Have one copy of the book, and take turns reading out loud to each other from the book .
  • Have one copy of the book and pass it back and forth each day so you both read a chapter or certain number of pages.
  • Listen to the audio version of the book together.

Once you've both read (or listened to) the chapters or pages, sit down together to discuss what you've learned and how you can apply the lessons to your relationship.

Remember, even the best books on marriage and relationships aren't much use if you don't take action on what you're learning.

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29 Powerful Quotes About Emotional Abuse That Speak Truth To Power

emotional abuse quotes

If you’re still healing from psychological abuse — or you’ve yet to begin the healing process — an emotional abuse quote from an expert or thought leader on relationships can trigger a profound realization. 

It can inspire you to see something you hadn’t seen before and stop making excuses for the abuse you’ve suffered.

It can also help you stop blaming yourself. 

We’ve collected 29 powerful quotes about emotional abuse to facilitate your healing and inner strength.

Take note of the ones that feel most meaningful for you. 

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Am I Boring? 21 Ways To Be A More Exciting, Interesting Person

am I boring

Job interviewers often say, “Tell me about yourself?”

Does this question make you shrivel with fear because you think that you're a boring person

In this day and age, social media makes many people feel hopelessly uninteresting.

You may feel like you have nothing interesting or exciting to share online, but everyone else is visiting Costa Rica or rescuing a puppy from a flood. 

You don't have to settle for having a boring personality.

To become a more interesting person, you need to develop new skills and interests and have new experiences.

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Sacrifice In A Relationship: 22 Things You Should And Shouldn’t Sacrifice For Your Partner

sacrifice in a relationship

What does it mean to sacrifice for someone you love?

And just what exactly should you be willing to sacrifice? 

Some things, believe it or not, are off-limits.

We’ll get into that. 

You’ve no doubt heard about making sacrifices in a relationship, and you’re allowed to wonder just how far that should go.

What should you be willing to give up to make a relationship work?

If you’re already bristling (just a bit), we’ll take that as a good sign.

You’re about to see why.

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21 Icy Traits Of A Cold-Hearted Person

cold-hearted person

Either you know someone whose behavior strikes you as cold, or you’ve become aware that people around you see you as a cold person. 

Maybe you’ve even asked yourself, “Why am I so cold-hearted?” or “Why am I numb when I should feel something?”

Whatever past trauma you may still be processing, you wonder if you’re missing something about yourself.

While some may be content to dismiss you as cold, you want to believe there’s more to you than that. 

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If You Want To Be More Open With People, Do These 9 Things

how to open up top people

A small or nonexistent social circle will deprive you of opportunities for meaningful relationships.

This lack of human connection can impact your well-being. 

Is it possible that you're closing yourself off from people?

If so, you’re making it much more challenging to develop friendships based on authenticity and closeness. 

Learning to open yourself will go a long way toward solving this problem, but knowing how to open up to people may not come naturally to you.

All is not lost, though.

Techniques for becoming more open are not complicated.

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