11 Best Personal Philosophies To Guide Your Life

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If someone asked you, “What’s your personal philosophy?” would you know how to answer them?

You probably have some idea of what’s important to you, but have you ever created a statement that sums it up? 

Look at a list of personal values, and some will stand out for you.

We all have different reasons for our goals and actions. 

Everything you do has a purpose, even if you don’t consciously acknowledge it.

Every successful person has chosen to follow a philosophy based on their core values.

You can do the same. But first, you need to know precisely what that is.  

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119 Of The Most Positive, Uplifting Affirmations For Women

woman in flower field, affirmations for women

Do you sometimes struggle with low self-esteem?

Do you engage in negative self-talk and neglect to praise yourself or show yourself love?

Women have so many demands on them — work, family and home responsibilities, children, and other commitments we make thinking we can and should do it all and do it perfectly.

Then we get overscheduled and overwhelmed and begin doubting our abilities and our own inner beauty.

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15 Of The Best Responses When Someone Talks Down To You

best responses when someone looks down on you FI

Just thinking of their patronizing words makes your blood boil.

You want to put them in their place. You want them to feel what you’re feeling. 

And who wouldn’t? No one likes being talked down to. They have it coming. 

More than anything, though, you want to handle this in a way that you won’t have reason to regret.

You want to remember your response with a smile and with peace of mind. 

So, how do you deal with someone who talks down to you?

Read on to learn 15 of the best responses.

You’ll soon see why.

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Am I In Love? 31 Undeniable Signs You Are

happy couple, am I in love

You are crazy about your significant other and want to be with him or her 24/7. The feelings are so intense that you’re wondering, “Am I in love?”

Sure, maybe you have the physical symptoms of being in love — or some of them, at least.

Does a racing heart, sleeplessness, euphoria, and a loss of appetite ring a bell?

The connection you have feels familiar — but somehow different this time.

Because this person is different, and you’re not the same person you were the last time you thought you were falling in love.

So are your symptoms signs that you're in love or of something else (sexual attraction, anxiety, the thrill of the chase)?

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51 Of The Best Ways To Always Be Happy

woman smiling, how to be happy always

You want to be happy with yourself and your life. Who doesn't?

Maybe you're here because you're unhappy right now, and you're seeking some ideas to improve your happiness.

There's good reason to look for ways to be happy.

A growing body of research tells us happiness isn't just a lovely feeling — it's also quite beneficial for you.

It's been linked to a load of life benefits including a higher income, a stronger immune system, and even a boost in creativity.

Psychologists Ed Diener of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Shigehiro Oishi of the University of Virginia conducted a happiness study of more than 10,000 participants from 48 countries.

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11 Most Effective Exercises For Letting Go Of Resentment

letting go of resentment FI

The memory of what they did still hurts. “How could they?” You doubt you’ll ever get over it.

After all, how do you let go of resentment in a marriage — or between family members?

Or against someone you once called a friend? And will the relationship ever truly recover? 

Letting go of resentment is difficult because the hurt at the root of it goes deep.

But it’s not impossible to let it go and even make the bond stronger than it was before. 

The 11 exercises in this post will get you there in less time than you might think. 

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19 Of The Best Hobbies For INFJ Personalities

best hobbies for INFJs FI

To do your personality type justice, any list of INFJ hobbies should highlight those that honor both your creative genius and your desire to help others and lift them up, even when you’re feeling low (or especially then). 

If you’re reading this, maybe you need something to fan a low-burning flame or to remind you of what you do well and what you love.

You might also be looking for a challenge. 

In any case, if you’re looking for more INFJ hobbies to do alone, we’re glad you’re here.

Look through the 19 hobbies listed below to learn how to get started with something new. 

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13 Top Strategies For Overcoming Shame

Sad woman, overcoming shame

I have felt shame. You have felt it too.

It's that emotion when you want to tuck yourself into a tight little ball, roll into a dark corner, and disappear. You feel like a bad person who is unworthy, unlovable, and cast out.

Shame feels like you've done something very, very wrong — so wrong that your self-esteem withers, and you see yourself as seriously flawed. You are filled with self-loathing and inadequacy.

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