13 Proven Ways To Be Less Selfish In Your Life

Senior-woman talking how to less selfish

You’ve heard it one too many times: “Stop being selfish!” You know you’re capable of being considerate.

It’s just that, when it comes to important decisions, you feel the need to protect your own interests.

I mean, if you don’t, who will, right? It’s complicated.

You want to be fair, but you’ve learned, somewhere along the way, not to let other people’s needs or wants eclipse your own.

It’s happened too many times growing up.

And now, you’re just fighting back.

Happily for all of us, it is possible to balance our selfish ways with more people-friendly behavior.

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How To Make Good Habits Stick: 11 Secrets From Research

woman running, how to develop good habits

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get so much done and know how to develop good habits?

When they say, ”I’m going to…” start exercising, eat healthily, get organized, read more, etc., they make it happen.

But when you try to go after similar goals, it’s a different story.

You might be able to stick to them for a while, but then, somewhere along the way, you always lose your motivation and quit.

When that happens enough times, it's easy to get frustrated and discouraged.

But creating and sustaining good habits doesn’t have to be so difficult and painful.

In fact, it can be quite easy. And even a lot of fun.

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15 Of The Best Ways To Thrive With A Reserved Personality

attractive woman, reserved personality

Some people believe that having a reserved personality is a negative quality.

But the truth is, there are plenty of benefits to being reserved and many ways to thrive in life with a personality that is more reserved than others.

It can be hard to be the quiet one in the group, mainly because people assume something is wrong and you're upset or that you’re quietly judging them.

But if you are reserved, you know it's just because you enjoy listening to other people have a conversation and prefer to give input only when you believe it's useful or necessary.

It's not that you never speak, but most of the time the chatter is happening in your head.

Often reserved people are introverts whose natural personalities lend to a quieter, more thoughtful way of interacting. Does this sound like you?

Let's talk about the personality traits of people who are reserved and some of the best ways to thrive in life with this type of personality.

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15 Strong Personality Traits That Can Overpower Others

business woman, strong personality traits

Your personality directly influences almost every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your career.

If you have a strong personality type, you are likely self-motivated. You know what you want and do everything possible to achieve your goals

Unfortunately, having a domineering personality can also rub some people the wrong way. A strong personality type may overpower others.

To enjoy the advantages of a strong personality without alienating those around you, explore the traits associated with strong personalities.

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29 Fun And Memorable Girls Night In Ideas

Women toasting, girls night in ideas

Why go out with the girls when you can just stay in?

There's plenty of fun to be had right in your living room — with the added benefit of saving a few bucks and a few hours getting ready. 

A night in just might be the perfect solution when going out isn't in the cards.

Whether you've had a stressful week at work, or you need to gather your friends in a private space for some relationship advice, a girls' night at home is the best way to spend quality time with your besties.

But you may be at a loss for what to do on a girls’ night in, especially if the last time you had a sleepover was in high school.

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Mindful Dating Sites And Apps For 2021

couple toasting, mindful dating

Looking for more mindful singles like yourself?

Having trouble finding others who are as interested as you in conscious dating and friendship building — rather than quick and easy hook-ups?

Then you’ll love the idea of mindful dating and our list of mindful dating apps.

We did some digging and found seven of the most innovative dating apps for value-minded singles looking for real and lasting connections.

And these apps make it as fun and stress-free as possible.

The makers of these apps did their research to find out what their ideal members want in a dating app. And the results will have you thinking, “Well, it’s about time someone did that!”

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21 Glaring Red Flags You Can’t Ignore In A Relationship

woman looking away from her man red flags in a relationship

Have you started asking questions related to your significant other’s behavior?

Maybe you’re not quite ready to specifically address something they’ve said or done recently. 

You just know something is off, and part of you hopes you can resolve the issue with minimal fuss.

Every couple has their challenges, right? 

Yet even when you tell yourself this, you know you’re not overreacting or making a big deal out of nothing.

You’re not buying the excuses anymore. 

What you’re seeing are relationship red flags.

And you’re right to be concerned. 

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9 Most Common Reasons You Are Antisocial

antisocial FI

Why are you so antisocial?” You’ve heard this question about a million times. It gets old. 

It’s not that you deliberately try to hurt or alienate people.

You just prefer your own company most of the time.

You’re fully capable of being pleasant around people when you have to be.

That’s not to say you’re never unpleasant. Sometimes, maybe, you don’t take into account the feelings of others. But who doesn’t do that sometimes, right? 

Does that mean you’re antisocial or asocial? They’re different. Read on to learn how.

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