Learn To Pick Your Battles: 11 Ways To Let Things Go In Love And Life

woman feeling free how to let things go in a relationship

In both love and life, we learn to pick our battles. 

We learn what is worth fighting for and what we can let go. 

It is a valuable lesson that can help us maintain healthy relationships and lives. 

If we always fight for every little thing, we will quickly become drained and resentful.

Let’s discuss 11 ways to let things go to create a happier life for yourself.

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Should You Block Your Ex Or Not? 15 Pros And Cons To Consider

woman scrolling through her phone should I block my ex

Should you block your ex? 

It’s a complicated question that depends on the contours of your relationship and breakup.

If you’re hoping to get back together, then blocking your ex may not be the best option.

But if you’re over the toxicity, it may be time to unveil your trigger finger!

“No contact,” is a breakup methodology that advises people to refrain from all communication with their ex, but is it right to block them?

We’re doing a deep dive.

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21 Best Universal Truths To Guide Your Life

woman sitting on beach, universal truths

 You’re looking for some guidance — not from a specific religion or philosophy of life but from time-tested collective wisdom.

What better than a collection of life truths shared by humans of all times, places, and cultures? 

These are not bound to a particular worldview. But they’ll undoubtedly influence yours.

Welcome to our list of truths for every human, whatever your situation and needs.

To gain the most benefit from this list of 21, let’s start by explaining what a universal truth is. 

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Is It Possible To Be Normal? 13 Ways To Feel More Normal And Less Weird

two friends doing wacky pose how to be normal

The only place to find a real definition of the word “normal” is in the dictionary. 

This word has a place in science but not necessarily in society. 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines normal, in part, as “approximating the statistical average or norm.” 

There is no one definition of how to act normally because it can differ vastly from one person to the next.

On top of that, let’s use the words average and basic, which are synonyms for normal. 

  • “I love being friends with you! You are so normal!”
  • “I love being friends with you! You are so average!”
  • “I love being friends with you! You are so basic!”

The first could be a compliment.

The second two could be insults. 

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Need A Little More Initiative? Read Through These 35 Ambition Quotes To Light A Fire Under You

woman working hard on her computer ambition quotes

Don’t believe people who think or imply that working toward a goal is unseemly.

Healthy ambition is never a bad thing.

Setting and reaching goals is the backbone of a fulfilling life.

Your targets needn’t be huge, but they should mean something to you.   

So, to help pump you up, we’ve compiled a list of quotes about ambition and goals.

Bookmark and return when you need to jump-start your motivation.

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Don’t Give Up! 45 Hang In There Quotes To Give You Encouragement

training woman covered with man hang in there quotes

Life is hard. Very hard. 

Sure, some people’s lives are much more challenging than others — but there’s not a person alive who doesn’t experience troubles at some point.

Navigating a difficult patch is taxing, but tools are available to help you through the process, including affirmations and quote therapy.   

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of quotes about hanging in there.

Bookmark and come back when you need a little support. 

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Worried You May Be Emotionally Toxic? 13 Actions To Help You Stop Being A Toxic Person

couple having a fight how to stop being toxic

First of all, thank you for having the courage to be here. 

It’s not easy to Google “How to be less toxic,” but it’s a great way to do some inner reflection.

This is a safe space with self-improvement in mind, not judgment or criticism. 

It’s safe to assume that if you always find yourself at the center of the drama, attracting toxic people, and always in a fight or flight mode, you might be contributing to the toxicity in your life. 

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Are You And Your Ex Supposed To Be Together? 26 Signs You Are Meant To Be

woman thinking of her ex signs you and your ex are meant to be

Some exes are exes for a reason.

Others, however, are meant to be repeat partners — maybe even your forever love.

Perhaps you broke up years ago — or just last month.

Either way, you wonder if they’re “the lover who got away.”

So today, we’re looking at signs that will help you answer the question: Is my ex the one? 

If you’re questioning your decision to split, settle in.

Let’s get down to the bottom of your situation together.

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