37 Fun And Painless Ways To Meet New People

friends having dinner, ways to meet new people

When you live in one place for a long time, you establish a lot of friends and acquaintances.

You don't realize how these concentric circles of people in your life create a familiarity that feels safe and comforting.

You take for granted how effortless friendships are that have so much time and history.

You know one another really well, you know what to expect from each other, and even if you don't see your friends every day, you know they are there for you

They are the netting that holds life in place and gives you a sense of belonging.

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15 Simple But Effective Communication Techniques

business meeting, communication techniques

Do you struggle to communicate effectively with others — either verbally or in writing? You may need some effective communication techniques at work and in your personal life.

Your words come out easily enough, but the consequences of those words are sometimes far from what you intended.

Communication sounds so easy. Words come out of your mouth. Someone hears them and reacts with more words and then boom — you’ve had a conversation.

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8 Of The Best Mindfulness Journals

mindfulness journal

Mindfulness turns down the pressure that you feel regarding future concerns or past regrets.

It pulls you entirely into the present moment, allowing you to appreciate and savor your experiences.

The concept arises from meditation practices in which you focus on the here and now without judgment.

Mindful breathing and guided imagery can release stress from the body and help you relax. 

Writing exercises, also known as mindfulness journaling, can produce similar results. With the right mindfulness journal, you can battle feelings of anxiety and find more gratitude in daily life.

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50 Of The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples

Christmas Gifts for Couples

It can be hard to find the best Christmas gifts for the couples in your life that are both unique and useful.

How do you come up with a Christmas gift idea that represents both his and her interests without being cheesy or predictable?

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about a meaningful gift so you aren’t forced to make a last-minute decision on a gift that may wind up being re-gifted.

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21 Best Universal Truths To Guide Your Life

woman sitting on beach, universal truths

 You’re looking for some guidance — not from a specific religion or philosophy of life but from time-tested collective wisdom.

What better than a collection of life truths shared by humans of all times, places, and cultures? 

These are not bound to a particular worldview. But they’ll undoubtedly influence yours.

Welcome to our list of truths for every human, whatever your situation and needs.

To gain the most benefit from this list of 21, let’s start by explaining what a universal truth is. 

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Why Do You Push People Away? 7 Top Reasons And How To Stop

unhappy couple, pushing people away

Experience has taught you that vulnerability, more often than not, is rewarded with pain.

So, you keep your guard up. You don’t let people get too close.

Pushing people away has become your default. And you tell yourself it’s better this way.

When they eventually reject or abandon you, there’ll be less of an attachment. It won’t hurt as much. You’ll move on more easily.

Because you expected them to leave, anyway. Most people do.

Really, you’re doing yourselves both a favor by keeping the walls up. So, why do you still feel as though you’re missing out on something important?

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51 Of The Best Things To Cheer You Up

woman and dog, things to cheer you up

Do you know how to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling low?

Some days it’s harder than others, right?

And on those days, even if you know “I need something to cheer me up,” you just can't turn it around.

Perhaps you need something you haven’t tried before.

You’re a creature of habit, but you also thrive on variety.

And with 41 ideas to choose from in this post, you’re sure to find more than a few things to cheer you up.

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What Is A Free Spirit Personality? 15 Of The Top Traits

woman in rain, free spirit personality

What is a free spirit? And how do you tell a free-spirited person from one who is simply careless, thoughtless, or impulsive? 

True free spirits get that a lot. Too many people assume that if you’re free-spirited, you’re an immature, flighty little airhead who leaves chaos in your wake and doesn’t care how their actions affect others. 

The truth behind the free-spirited personality is completely different — and way more interesting.

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