The Best Random Advice You’ll Ever Receive: 29 Ideas To Make Your Life Infinitely Better

best random advice

What’s the best life advice you’ve received up until now?

If it changed your life for the better, you probably remember it — and who gave it to you. 

Not all advice has that kind of power.

Even funny advice can turn your life around and get you moving in a better direction. 

We want you to have all the advantages good life advice can bring you.

So, we curated this list of the best life-changing ideas.

Look through it and save the ones that hit you right where you live. 

Someday, you’ll be the one sharing it with someone else. 

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35 Thought-Provoking Self-Reflection Quotes Everyone Should Read

self-reflection quotes

What is the point of self-reflection?

To even begin to answer that, you need some idea of what the self even is.

You’re not alone if you feel you’ve spent too much of your life avoiding that question. 

Some moments show you more of who you are than others.

And you’re left wondering whether to dig deeper or just accept it and move on.

Digging deeper is always an enlightening choice.

If part of you is at least curious, it can’t hurt to read the thoughts of those who’ve known the same feeling. 

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15 Luxurious Ways To Pamper Yourself Without Breaking The Bank

ways to pamper yourself

Going out to a spa or nail salon isn’t always an option.

And your budget just won’t accommodate regular dinners out at your favorite restaurants.

So, how do you pamper yourself without spending too much?

We’ve got you covered.

Read on to explore 15 of the best pampering ideas for cost-conscious women and men (because self-care isn’t just for girls). 

Look through the options and make a list of your favorites for pampering yourself on a budget.

Then work your way through it. 

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Really Bad Day? 55 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

how to cheer yourself up

It’s one of those days.

And you’re looking for ways to cheer yourself up.

For one, it’s an excellent skill to have.

For another, you don’t want to drag anyone else into your personal vortex of low energy and depressing thoughts. 

You have some idea of what activities cheer you up more than others, but it can’t hurt to have a list when your brain has turned to mush. 

We know that feeling, which is why we gathered 55 of the best ways to ditch the funk and find some happiness. 

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77 Fun Yes Or No Questions To Break The Ice And Get To Know Someone

yes or no questions

What are some good yes or no questions to ask when you’re getting to know someone

You can probably think of some off the top of your head, but how handy would it be to have a ready-made list of yes or no questions that are good for any occasion? 

That’s what we thought.

And in making this list, we steered clear of questions likely to put your questionee on the defensive.

That’s so not our goal here. 

There’s a reason we put the word “fun” in the title. 

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You Lied To Your Partner, So How Do You Rebuild Trust?

unhappy couple, how to rebuild trust in a relationship after lying

You lied to your partner or spouse and got caught red-handed.

You feel horrible and don't want to lose the person you love, but you know you'll have work hard to rebuild trust.

Maybe it was too many small lies (“I swear I didn't leave those dishes in the sink!”), or maybe it was a whopper (“It was totally innocent. We were just talking!”).

But after a series of small untruths or one earth-shattering betrayal, you're wondering how to rebuild trust in a marriage after lying to the one person you don't want to hurt.

Your relationship can't survive on a foundation of insecurity and mistrust.

Even small lies make your partner wonder what big ones are lurking around the corner.

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Should You Give Someone A Second Chance In A Relationship?

second chance in a relationship

You’re thinking of giving someone a second chance.

Because whatever broke you apart doesn’t seem as much of a deal-breaker as it used to. 

And no, it’s not just because you’re lonely (i.e., desperate).

You like your own company.

You just also happen to really miss theirs. 

You don’t see giving another chance to your ex as caving or selling yourself short.  

Let others think what they will, but you have something with this person that not every couple has.

And it just might be worth fighting for

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How to Deal With A Covert Narcissist Mother

covert narcissist mother

Do you know how to recognize covert narcissistic mother traits?

The covert part means they’re usually under the radar for most people — but not for the people they live with. 

Sons and daughters of covert narcissistic mothers often don’t realize until much later what their mothers’ “parenting style” has cost them.  

It’s not unusual to find you’re still dealing with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) due to your mother’s narcissistic behavior

But how do you recognize that behavior for what it is?

And what can you do about it?

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