How to Reassure Your Girlfriend in Any Situation + 37 Supportive Statements She Needs to Hear

woman crying man supporting her How to Reassure Your Girlfriend

Let’s be real, guys – sometimes our girlfriends need a little extra reassurance. 

As much as we wish we could read minds, we can’t. 

But we can learn to provide thoughtful words and gestures to comfort her when she’s feeling unsure. 

Reassuring your girlfriend doesn’t need to be complicated. 

With these 13 tips and 37 simple statements, you’ll be ready to help reassure her heart when emotions run high. 

Showing you care through thoughtful reassurance will mean the world to her.

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How to End Your Love Letter + 99 Sweet and Creative Ways to Sign Off 

woman sitting at desk writing How to End Your Love Letter

Ending a love letter is just as important as how you start it. 

You wouldn’t abruptly stop talking mid-conversation with your partner, would you? 

Similarly, your romantic missives deserve thoughtful, sweet closes that tug at the heartstrings instead of fizzling out. 

The closing is your last chance to reinforce your affection before signing your name. 

Whether you want to make them laugh or leave them craving more, the possibilities are endless. 

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The Physical Touch Love Language: 17 Tender Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

woman laying on man's chest Physical Touch Love Language

Have you ever felt like no matter how much you say “I love you,” your partner just isn’t getting the message? 

Well, that hug-starved hottie in your life probably speaks the love language of physical touch. 

Yup, while sweet nothings might work wonders for some, others crave an intimate squeeze of the hand or cuddle on the couch to really feel loved. 

So if your snuggly significant other longs for your loving touch, read on for 17 tender ways to speak their language—straight from the heart’s handbook on romance. 

With just a few loving caresses, you’ll have them feeling all warm and fuzzy faster than you can say, “Come here often?”

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Help! I Have No Desire For My Husband: Here’s Why and 15 Ways to Reignite Your Mojo

couple laying in bed. Woman has arms crossed no desire for husband

Has your husband become just another roommate you share bills with instead of the lover who used to set your heart on fire? 

If you’ve noticed that your desire for your husband has diminished, you’re not alone. 

Many long-term marriages go through periods where that spark seems to die. 

But don’t panic! 

Reigniting intimacy in a marriage takes effort, but it is absolutely possible. 

You can rekindle physical and emotional closeness so you can fall in love with your husband all over again. 

There are many ways to reconnect and revive the passion, even after years of marriage.

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Your Love Letter Ideas Toolkit: 118 Examples and Samples for Romance

woman writing, love letter ideas

Want to add a spark of passion and romance to your relationship? 

Crafting the perfect love letter can reignite the flame, connecting you to your loved one like nothing else. 

But where on earth do you start? 

From romantic love letter ideas and topics to letter templates that melt hearts, this complete toolkit will give you everything you need to write meaningful love letters full of tenderness and devotion. 

Learn tips used by history’s greatest writers to put your deepest feelings into words. 

With a little creativity, these ideas and suggestions will help you rediscover romance one thoughtful note at a time.

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He’s All Yours! 25 Telltale Signs He’s Staking His Claim with You

couple standing face to face very close Signs a Guy is Claiming You

Have you ever wondered if that guy you’re seeing is as into you as you’re into him? 

How can you tell if he’s ready to take things to the next level and really make you his one and only? 

Reading the signs can be tricky, but there are subtle clues that suggest a man is staking his claim. 

From small gestures like holding your hand in public to big steps like introducing you to his closest friends and family, a man who is ready to commit will find ways to show you how he feels. 

Pay attention to the little things he does that suggest you’re the only girl for him.

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107 of the Nicest Things to Say to Your Best Friend That’ll Make Them Smile Ear-to-Ear

woman hugging and smiling for camera Nice Things to Say to Your Best Friend

Got a bestie who’s always there for you through thick and thin? 

Someone who knows you better than you know yourself sometimes? 

Then you gotta make sure they know how much you appreciate them! 

Nothing makes a BFF’s day brighter than a sweet text reminding them how amazing they are. 

We’ve put together a mega list of caring and thoughtful things you can say to make your special person smile from ear to ear. 

From funny inside jokes to sincere words of affirmation, these simple phrases will help you express just how cherished your friendship is.

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13 Relationship Contract Templates to Build a Binding Bond of Trust

man sitting beside woman smiling Relationship Contract template

Have you ever felt like you and your partner were on totally different pages? 

Trying to navigate a relationship when you disagree on the terms is no fun. 

A relationship contract could be the solution you need to get everything out in the open. 

While it may sound super formal, these agreements can help couples define boundaries, manage expectations, and align on shared goals. 

Crafting one together fosters communication and understanding and can ultimately strengthen your bond. 

So don’t be afraid to lay down the law of love with a mutual relationship agreement.

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