37 Of The Best Ways To Tell Someone How Much You Miss Them

how to tell someone you miss them

Telling someone you miss them does not have to be hard, but you don’t want to come across as weirdly obsessive either. 

These days, people often send texts to their love interests and significant others as a way to build emotional connections.

So how can you make a text seem authentic and appropriate?

A basic “I miss you” will get the job done, but maybe you don’t want to be that blunt or have concerns about sounding needy. 

Here are some other ways to express your desire to see someone again that are casual yet thoughtful.

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15 Foolproof Actions To Become A Bolder, More Confident Person

how to be bold

If you’ve ever met someone with a bold personality, you probably couldn’t help admiring them, at least a little.

You knew it wasn’t liquid courage, either.

Boldness was their default setting. 

So, were they born that way?

Or can you (or anyone) learn how to be bold and confident

It’s a bit of both.

Some folks are just naturally bolder than others.

But being bold—or bolder—is within anyone’s reach. 

Read on to learn how.

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Is Your Son Being Disrespectful? Here’s How To Write A Letter To Set Him Straight

letter to disrespectful son

That’s it! You’ve had it with this kid.

And you know, until you talk to your son about his behavior and present his options, he’s likely just to keep on taking advantage of you. 

You just hope he treats his boss better than he treats his parents. 

Writing a letter to a disrespectful teenage son is a job in itself.

So, we’ve put together some ideas to help you get started. 

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9 Ways To Start Living For Yourself and Stop Living For Others

living for yourself

If you’ve been told living life for yourself is unforgivably selfish, you’re in the right place.

It’s time we put that idea where it belongs (far away from you). 

There’s a reason you have a will of your own. 

Living your own life is something only you can do.

Other people have their own lives to live and their own choices to make.

Other people’s lives are their responsibilities. 

Your life is your own. 

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21 Serious Signs That Someone Is Lacking Empathy

lack of empathy signs

Do you know how to tell if someone doesn’t have empathy for others? 

Maybe you’re thinking of someone right now.

You’ve noticed how perceptive they are about other people.

But empathy is about more than noticing things. 

People who lack empathy aren’t necessarily oblivious to what others are feeling. 

They can pick up on the signals that go with another’s emotions without actually sharing those feelings. 

And, unfortunately, that makes hurting people easier. 

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Does Your Husband Think He Does Nothing Wrong? Here’s How To Deal With His Irritating, Hurtful Behavior

my husband thinks he does nothing wrong

How do you deal with a husband who thinks he is always right?

All you have to do is suggest his behavior or his words were hurtful or inappropriate, and he turns on you. 

To him, everything is your fault. You’re the one who’s “overreacting” or “being a hypocrite” or “seeing problems where none exist.” 

Except you know, he’s wrong.

And you’re fed up with the way your husband treats you. 

What can you do?

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Does Your Husband Check Out Women Online? Here’s Why And What To Do About It

why does my husband look at other women online

If you’re here, you’ve noticed your husband looking at other women.

And it hurts. 

It’s fair to ask, “Why does my husband look at other females online (or anywhere)?”

Whether he means to or not, he’s telling you you’re not enough for him. 

But why does he do it?

Does he even notice or even care about what that does to you? 

And what can you do about it?

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Going Through A Rough Patch With Your Husband? Learn To Write An Emotional Letter To Help Smooth The Bumps

letter to my husband during difficult times

You and your husband are going through a whole new level of bumpy

Whatever’s going on between you, though, one of the best ways to deal with it is to write it out.

Put your thoughts and feelings into words. 

Journaling is one way to do this.

But writing a letter to your husband, who shares responsibility for your marriage, can get you even closer to a solution

So, where do you begin?

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