Your Answers Will Change Everything

“I am a little pencil in the hand of God who is writing a love letter to the world.” ~Mother Teresa

That quote from Mother Teresa jumped off the computer screen from a page of quotes and landed right here on my blog post.

She is expressing exactly what I'd like to be for my readers, for you — a little pencil offering something worthwhile and inspired to make your life measurably better. Although I guess in my case, I'd be a little keyboard.

My post today is a request. It is a request for you to help me in my work to help you.

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A Simple Guide to Making New Friends

Our old friends are like comfortable blue jeans. They are worn in, reliable, non-binding, cozy, patched in places, but still a perfect fit. We've had them so long, they are like second skin.

Old friendships are worth tending, nurturing and growing because these are the people who love us and see the best in us in spite of our flaws.

Over the course of a lifetime, you may have a handful of really deep and intimate friendships.

Sometimes these few friendships are enough. They are so comfortable that the idea of making new friends seems unnecessary — and even a little intimidating. But what happens if you move to a new city you?

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5 Things the Spanish Can Teach Us About Living Well and Having Fun

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~Marcel Proust

If you have ever traveled out of the country, think for a moment about what you brought back with you — other than souvenirs or a stomach bug.

What did you learn about yourself and the world by leaving the comforts of home?

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5 Rules for Relationship Peace

This is a guest post by Hugh DeBurgh

Dear Friend,

It was an ugly scene.

She had just thrown something at the wall.  I could tell from the sound that it did some damage.  For a second I imagined that sound being my head.  And I wondered how we had gotten to this point.

It was a stupid argument.  I don't even remember what started it.  And I had no idea how to end it.

Sound familiar?

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8 Life-Altering Medical Breakthroughs on the Horizon

The next ten to twenty years will be an astounding time for medical breakthroughs.

Advancements are happening right now that will change the quality your life, probably extend your life, and definitely make the lives of your children healthier and longer than ever thought possible.

It sounds like the stuff of a science fiction novel, but these advancements are already underway and will be considered commonplace in the not-to-distant future.

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A Quick Guide to Paradoxical Intention

Welcome to the world of Paradoxical Intention, a wonderful technique pioneered by Victor Frankl who wrote a book called Man's Search for Meaning (a definite must-read).

For anyone unfamiliar with him or his work, Viktor Frankl was a psychologist who was a Holocaust survivor and was in the concentration camps during World War II.

He ultimately lived to the age of 92.

His book is an account of his experiences while imprisoned, and the discoveries he made about human nature when we are put through such extreme and dire conditions.

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How to Live Boldly When You Are Scared as Heck

This is a guest post by Lisa of Privilege.

Hello. My name is Lisa, and I write a blog called Privilege. It's mostly on style, with some rapture and anxiety thrown in for good measure. Barrie did me the great honor of asking me for a guest post about, of course, how to live boldly and without fear.

I have no idea. Seriously.

I'm afraid of so many things. Flying. Heights. Losing my memory. Wearing the wrong shoes or too short jeans. Telling a complete stranger my life story in an inappropriate manner.

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