The Only List You’ll Need Of 311 Likes And Dislikes

If you’re looking for something to talk about, few things are as useful as knowing the other person’s random likes and dislikes — particularly those you share with them. 

“So, I hear you have a special love for bees.” And you’re off and running.

This could be the start of a unique and lasting friendship

Even if you don’t know their particular leanings, though, the likes and dislikes list in this post will give you plenty of ideas.

311 Likes and Dislikes 

We’ve broken up this list into two to focus separately on common likes and dislikes. That said, what one person likes might repel another, and vice-versa.

We’ve done our best to make the following lists as useful as they are entertaining. 

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Looking For A Psychology Podcast? Here Are 9 Of The Best

best psychology podcasts

What are the top psychology podcasts to check out as we head into 2022?

So glad you’re here!

We’ve combed through all the podcasts about psychology we could find to create this list.

Because everyone can benefit from getting better acquainted with the way their minds work. 

What’s really behind your most life-changing decisions?

And what breakthrough discoveries will you make about yourself by this time next year? 

What to Look for in Good Psychology Podcasts 

Before we dive into the list, it helps to know what qualities to look for in a psychology podcast. The key here is to identify what you want to gain by listening to a psychology podcast. 

Once you know that, it makes sense that the following qualities would make some podcasts stand out from the rest. 

  • An engaging host who’s an expert or who interviews knowledgeable guests; 
  • A clear focus for the podcast, which can include a variety of related subtopics;
  • Guests with deep and relevant knowledge or experience;

For example, you might be interested in how the brain influences mental health and our daily decisions and moods.

Or you might prefer a podcast that focuses on the power of the unconscious and the real reasons behind your most impactful decisions.  

Whatever your particular interests, we think you’ll find more than one podcast below that will pique your curiosity. 

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Is He Throwing You Shade? 11 Signs of Disrespect From A Man You Should Never Put Up With

signs of disrespect from a man

When a relationship is brand new, you sometimes ignore red flags because you are so excited to fall in love.

Mutual respect is a vital part of a healthy relationship.

Every couple will have their fair share of disagreements, but don’t excuse disrespectful behavior.

Maybe you’ve started to notice some recurring disrespectful behavior from your boyfriend after being together for a while.

The signs of disrespect in a relationship can be challenging to spot at first, but they were always there.

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Want To Know What Turns A Guy Off? 21 Actions That Can Send Him Running

biggest turn offs for guys

This guy is worth it! 

You find yourself saying this after years of failed relationships, one after another.

But this is the man for you, and you don’t want to screw it up.

Now that you’ve found that perfect connection and want to ensure it sticks, don’t fall victim to those same patterns of the relationships in your past. 

Bring these 21 most common turn-offs for guys into view so that this relationship is “the one” that lasts. 

What Is a Turn-Off?

A turn-off is hard to describe for most people, but generally, it’s that lack of connection, the feeling in a guy’s stomach that’s so intense he ends the relationship. 

Typically, this feeling stretches from some kind of action – a behavior their partner does frequently.

These things that turn guys off might seem normal and reasonable to you, but timing and balance are everything. 

Let’s be clear, you need to be yourself in a committed relationship, but some things that you are doing may need to change. 

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71 Encouraging Quotes To Reinforce That You Are Enough Just As You Are

you are enough quotes

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that occasional (or constant) feeling that we fall short in some way.

We don’t rate high on the “good enough” scale.

We’re flawed, while everyone else seems to be more than enough.

Or at least more than us.

Maybe we look in the mirror and don’t see perfection staring back at us.

Perhaps we were passed over for that job promotion and feel certain it’s because we lack something essential.

Or it could be that we have a general condition of unworthiness.

Who would want to be our friend or lover, given all of the gaping holes in our very being?

Who would be with someone who is so . . . not enough. 

Does it help to know that everyone struggles with these feelings from time to time?

And that feeling not good enough has absolutely nothing to do with your actual worthiness

You ARE enough, just as you are, and these “I am enough” quotes will help you reframe your view of yourself. 

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Why Is Your Ex Pretending To Be Over You When It’s Crystal Clear He’s Not? You Might Be Surprised By These 11 Reasons

signs your ex is pretending to be over you

So your ex dumped you not too long ago, or maybe you left him.

It was painful for both of you because there really was chemistry and connection between you.

Maybe even love. 

You’ve pondered the idea of getting back together, but your ex is acting weird.

You’ve seen him at parties or run into him at Starbucks, and he’s trying to act distant and cool.

But you know him, and there’s something behind the facade that says he still loves you (or at least isn’t entirely over you).

Is all of the bravado for real?

Or is there a wedge in his heart that wants to be pried open?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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Don’t Have Any Hobbies? Here Are 9 Ways To Find A Hobby You Love

i have no hobbies

The moment you say something like, “I don’t have any hobbies,” you can see it in their faces: pity… skepticism… disbelief.

Suddenly, you’re just not that interesting. 

But, really, how important is it even to have hobbies?

Other people’s hobbies sound dull, exhausting, or both. Who needs that? 

And yet, if you’re thinking, “Nothing interests me enough that I’d want to make a hobby of it,” you might be wrong about that. 


Read on. 

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41 Starting Over Quotes To Inspire You To Take The First Step

starting over quotes

Are you at the precipice of an ending or about to take the first step toward a new beginning?

Either way, it’s a scary place to be when you aren’t sure what the future holds.

But nothing is more consistent in life than endings and beginnings, and when you embrace that reality, starting over doesn’t seem so daunting.

It will happen with or without your buy-in, so take the reins and go for it — on your own terms.

If you need a little nudge to motivate you, our list of quotes about starting over is meant for you. 

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