Is Your Man Emotionally Immature?, Wondering When He’ll Grow Up? Learn The Facts And 17 Signs Of Maturity

man with confetti what age does a man emotionally mature

We humans have a long history of jumping into things before we’re ready — often finding out, later on, that waiting would have been better. 

Maybe you’re in a relationship with a man you love, but you can’t help asking, sometimes, “When do men emotionally mature?”

Because, as wonderful as he is, he’s not there yet.

It’s not his fault.

But you’re just not in the same place.

And it’s frustrating for you both.

So, what do you do?

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37 Powerful Quotes To Remind You That Actions Speak Louder Than Words

actions speak louder than words quotes

Abraham Lincoln knew a thing or two about human nature and how we can often deceive ourselves and others with hypocrisy and broken promises.

When he used the popular idiom, “Actions speak louder than words” in the form we use today, he reminds us that it’s not what we say but what we do that reveals our character.

Words are cheap and have become a dime a dozen in recent years.

You don’t know whose words to believe or even what they mean sometimes.

It’s only when someone follows up their words with matching actions that we can trust them. 

Our collection of actions over words quotes would make even old Abe Lincoln smile, knowing his wisdom has lasted through many decades.

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Want To Be A Better Wife? 31 Actions To Improve Your Marriage And Show Your Hubby How Much You Care

how to be a better wife

According to the stats, 50% of marriages end up in divorce.

But the upshot is that 50% of marriages stand the test of time.

So how do the people who stay together do it?

Some folks will insist it’s “hard work.”

But in reality, a good marriage is really about adopting the right mindset and implementing a few lifestyle changes.

So today, we’re tackling one side of the coin and looking at how to be a good wife.

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Do You Do The Right Thing Even When No One Is Looking? Why You Should And How To Do It

do the right thing when no one is looking

Doing the right thing is a good thing, but it becomes great when no one is looking.

In today’s world of personal branding and social media, “doing good” has become a marketing tool.

We’ve gotten to a point where influencers claim to raise money for causes and pocket the proceeds or build inauthentic personalities around what they think people want to see and hear.

You may think: phoniness is a harmless affectation — a facade. Who cares if people fake their motivations? Good is being done, and that’s all that matters.

But phoniness breeds anxiety, which ultimately impacts your mental health.

When we only do the right thing for other people’s approval, it has the power to make us miserable.

Let’s look at why creating a personal kindness habit is the right thing to do — for you and the world.

Heck, it could significantly improve your life!

Some points have a spiritual bend, and some don’t.

Take what works for you and leave the rest.

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Do You Have Abandonment Issues? 23 Signs You Should Pay Attention To For Your Mental Health

sad woman, abandonment issues

The question is there even when you’re busy with other things, “Do I have abandonment issues?” 

Maybe someone else has asked the question for you. 

Or maybe you’ve wondered why your relationships end with painful break-ups. 

Maybe the most disturbing thing about those endings is how little they surprise you. 

Look up “how to know if you have abandonment issues” and you’ll find plenty of content because you’re not alone in this. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

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All Empaths Aren’t The Same: 9 Types Of Empath Personalities

relaxed woman blowing dandelion, types of empaths

You know roughly what it means to be an empath — to feel what others are feeling.

But did you know there are several different types of empaths?

Maybe you’ve read about levels of empaths, but the word “levels” can be misleading.

We’re not here to compare one empath’s abilities to another’s as if they’re in competition.

Empathic ability is meant to connect people on a deeper level. 

It’s just that there are different ways to do this. 

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Sensing That Someone Is Thinking Of You? 21 Signs Your Senses Are Spot On

signs the universe that someone is thinking of you

Ever feel like someone you know is thinking of you — or even talking about you in your absence?

Maybe you’ve even come to associate it with a specific sensation in your body or a sudden change in your mood. 

Or maybe you just want to know whether your intuitions are correct.

What are the signs that someone is missing you or thinking about you? 

And how is it even possible for you to know one way or the other?

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They Won’t Talk About It? 13 Reasons Never To Force Anyone To Talk When They Don’t Want To

Never force anyone to talk to you

Communication is vital.

Without it, we humans would never have been able to coordinate efforts and build –.well, civilization itself!

However, just as you cannot force someone to love you, pushing folks to speak with you is also problematic.

Caveats, of course, abound.

But as an everyday, general rule of thumb, coercing anyone into doing something they don’t want to do is often unhelpful.

Today, we’re breaking down 13 reasons why it’s a bad idea to force people to talk to you.

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