21 Poems About Love and Pain That You Will So Relate To

poems about love and pain

It’s a tough question even for poetry buffs: “What is the saddest love poem ever written?”

As you’ll see with the collection of painful love poems in this post, there are many contenders for that mark of distinction. 

If you’ve ever written a, you’ll find plenty here that resonates.

Even if you learn to let go of the people you love most, time doesn’t always ease the pain of losing them.  

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Treat Yourself Kindly With These 31 Self-Care Affirmations

self-care affirmations

Most of us need reminders of how valuable it is to make time for self-care.

If you’re here, maybe you need those reminders daily – because someone or something else always needs your attention. 

Early on, the world trains us to put the urgent before the important.

And self-care is just not critical enough—until it is. 

If that sounds familiar, we’ve collected 31 self-care mantras to help you get back on track. 

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Keeping Track Of Your Moods? Try These 15 Free Mood Tracker Printables

Mood tracker printables

A big part of living more mindfully is practicing awareness of your moods.

It might seem like extra work, but a printable mood tracker can make a huge difference. 

Being mindful of your moods and how they affect you is essential to living the life you want.

And it’s about so much more than checking items off a daily to-do list.

That said, finding the best mood tracker printable for you can be a challenge. 

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13 Science-Backed Reasons It’s Normal To Talk To Yourself

woman in mirror It’s Normal To Talk To Yourself

Is it weird to talk to yourself? You’ve seen the looks. You’ve heard the whispers.

You know some of your coworkers have expressed concern (or annoyance). Are they right to? 

You’re not just saying random one-liners, after all.

You’re having conversations with yourself.

And folks are acting as though you’ve crossed the line from quirky to certifiable. 

The thing is, talking to yourself helps you in ways your critics clearly haven’t discovered yet.

So, how do you sell them on the virtues of “thinking out loud”? 

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7 Ways Your Choices Have Consequences

choices have consequences

How do bad decisions affect your life? Do you look back to a time before a particular decision and wish you could go back and choose differently?

While not all of your choices have negatively impacted your life, you sometimes wonder why a single ill-advised choice should hold so much power. 

Some choices affect more of your life than others.

But every time you face two very different options, your choice is likely to impact one area of your life more than others. 

How does that work? Read on to find out. 

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How To Be Your True Self In 11 Doable Steps

woman looking in reflection, how to be yourself

“Just be yourself.” Have you heard that before?

It sounds so simple, yet it often seems unattainable. You’d love to just be yourself if you knew exactly who that is.

We get so caught up trying to be somebody else, somebody better, that we lose ourselves in the process. Or never find ourselves at all.

Sometimes, what we think is our real self is just a facade we use to show off to the world or to cover our flaws.

So, how do we become our true and authentic selves?

How do we regain our sense of being in a world so engrossed by false idols and insincere personalities?

Let’s talk about simple yet effective things you can do to become yourself again.

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21 Reasons And Solutions Why People Don’t Like You

feeling left out, why don't people like me

It happened again. And one of the loudest thoughts in your head right now is saying, “People don’t like me.” You wonder if they ever did. 

Maybe you’re not always easy to be around. But you do have redeeming qualities.  So, you don’t know why people don’t like you. 

And you’re not sure what you can do about it. 

Read on to learn the reasons why people scuttle or make unhappy noises when they see you coming.

Then choose a solution to focus on today. 

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Are You Constantly Psyching Yourself Out? Here’s How To Stop

psyching yourself out

It happened again.

You were about to do something scary but good.

And then, you didn’t. 

And you’re thinking, “This is what I do. Just when I’m on the brink of accomplishing something amazing, I psych myself out.”  

That’s why you’re here — to learn how to not psych yourself out.

Because you know your life could be better than it is. 

And you’re not afraid to learn how to make that happen. 

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