12 Proven Habits Of Happy People

habits of happy people

When I was in my twenties, I wrote a happiness list. I remember clearly writing the list and believing once I attained those things, I would feel content and free to enjoy life.

I’m embarrassed to tell you everything I put on the list.

It seems so materialistic to me now.

But let’s just say it included a particular type of car, a certain sized house, the decor to fill the rooms of the house, and other stuff I believed reflected success and happiness.

As time went on, I was able to check off many of the items on my list.

For a short while, the attainment of one of these items brought me happiness.

But over time, the shine and sparkle wore off, and I grew bored and restless again. I kept repeating this pattern, moving the bar of happiness farther and farther out in hopes that some “thing” or success would fulfill my longing.

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How To Break Bad Habits By Forming Good Ones

Break bad habits

Bad habits creep up on us.

One day we smoke that first cigarette, eat that first bag of Cheetos, or discover how easy it is to charge things on a credit card.

Before you know it, that one decision has mushroomed into big, bad habit. We become physically or mentally addicted to substances, food, spending, nail biting, and any number of actions that don’t reflect our best selves.

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How to Create Habits That Stick [Updated]

create habits

Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.  ~Horace Mann

Isn’t it amazing that every day, we have the ability to reinvent ourselves? We can learn new skills and create habits that make us healthier, more interesting, more productive, and more valuable in the eyes of those around us.

New habits can improve our careers, our financial success, and our relationships — and they give us a huge boost in self-esteem and confidence.

I’m sure you have a habit in mind that you’ve been attempting for several years. Maybe it’s exercise, losing weight, eating better, learning something new, meditating, writing, or de-cluttering your house. Maybe you’ve wanted to take a course or add a new professional skill.

The only problem with self-reinvention through habit creation is this: it’s really hard.

As much as you want to create habits and sustain them (and you really, really do), your desire to keep at it begins to fade away after a few days or weeks. At first it’s fun, then it’s challenging, then it’s work, and finally, it’s forgotten.

Why does this happen?

It has nothing to do with your will power or energy. It has to do with brain chemistry. You haven’t given your brain enough time to fully rewire itself to incorporate your habit as part of your daily routine. And that’s what has to happen — you actually have to retrain your brain.

This may feel like a Catch-22. How can you give your brain enough time to rewire itself if you can’t sustain the motivation to give it time?

It comes down to understanding exactly how habits are formed — and this is truly an art and a science!

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42 Bad Habits That Suck Your Energy

Ever have those days when you feel you’re dragging a ball and chain behind you?hea

Everything is a struggle. Your productivity has tanked, your energy is at rock-bottom, and you just want to crawl in a hole and suck your thumb.

Sometimes it’s easy to identify why we’re so lethargic. We might feel physically ill, the weather is bleak, or the stars are out of alignment. Conditions out of our control can vaporize our energy and smack down our motivation.

Most of the time, however, our fatigue and burn-out is the result of our daily habits. We sabotage ourselves with thoughts and behaviors that create a toxic environment for vitality, well-being, and achievement. You may not even be aware how your own habits are affecting you.

If not, here are 42 bad habits that suck your energy:

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10 Positive Life Changes You Will Never Regret

positive life changes

After reading this sentence, close your eyes and think about how many proactive, substantial life changes you’ve made in the last year.

Got it?

Now I’m not talking about deciding to change your hair color or getting a new car.

I’m talking about those big life changes that shift the course of your life in entirely. They cause a ripple effect in everything else in your world and require commitment, daring, and some amount of discomfort.

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