Does Your Husband Turn Everything Around On You? 9 Ways To Respond To His Habitual Behavior

my husband turns everything around on me

My husband misinterprets everything I say!

It’s a common complaint.

In manageable situations, breaking this habit is a matter of retooling your spousal dynamics.

More extreme circumstances may lead to aggressive gaslighting.

Whichever the case, learning how to talk to someone who turns everything around is a valuable skill, both personally and professionally.

To that end, today, we’re focusing on husbands who blame their spouses for everything instead of maturely admitting they’re wrong.

Why do they do it?

And more importantly, how can you mitigate the problem?

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15 Must-Do Actions When The Narcissist In Your Life Knows You’ve Figured Him Out

when the narcissist knows you have figured him out

What happens when narcissists know you’re onto them?

Reactions largely depend on the person, situation, and the severity of their mental health condition.

However, in nearly all cases, when a narcissist realizes you are done with a relationship, they don’t react well.

The same goes when you confront them with accusations or threatening facts.

Therefore, it’s wise to prepare before engaging a narcissist with challenging information.

But before we unpack the nuts and bolts of dealing with a narcissist who knows you’re onto them, let’s make a distinction.

Everyday narcissism — aka self-centeredness — is a common human trait we’re all afflicted with due to our hardwired survival instincts.

In fact, most of us are more self-centered than we realize. 

However, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) — which affects about 5% of the population — is an extreme behavioral condition rooted in childhood trauma that causes carriers to cling to a grandiose sense of self.

People with NPD aggressively reject criticism of all kinds, and things typically grow tense when they’re confronted with hard truths. 

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Does A Narcissist Have Any Self-Awareness About Their Narcissism? Your Questions Answered

do narcissists know they are narcissists

Narcissists are expert manipulators and users, even abusers.

Their tactics are so well-crafted with a web of lies, excuses, and selfishness that people wonder whether they are aware of what they are doing.

One of the essential things that victims of narcissists want to know is, “Do narcissists know they are hurting you?”

And if they are aware, do narcissists care?

Read on for the answers to all of your burning questions about narcissistic self-awareness and caring about others.

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35 Toxic Family Quotes To Remind You That Blood Isn’t Always Thicker Than Water

family having meal toxic family quotes

Welcome to our collection of 35 quotes about toxic family, each written by a soul with a unique insider’s perspective.

If you’re here, you can probably add to this list with insights of your own. 

If you’re looking specifically for leaving toxic family quotes because you’re ready to go after a life of your choosing — or you’ve done precisely that — we’re confident you’ll find some new favorites here.   

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Don’t Understand Why She Strayed? 13 Psychological Facts About A Cheating Woman You Should Know

psychological facts about cheating woman

Let’s first let go of the idea that all women who cheat are irredeemable, selfish monsters.

Generalizing is lazy thinking dressed up (often enough) as cleverness.

It’s not that simple. 

There’s more to cheating women and the reasons behind their infidelity than most people bother to understand.

You’re here because you want to. 

Let’s start with some simple facts about cheating and go from there. 

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57 Heartbreaking Toxic Parent Quotes To Overcome Your Painful Past

Toxic Parent Quotes

It can be hard enough to admit to yourself, “My parents are toxic.”

The trauma of toxic parenting goes deep.

And you might wonder if, without that chunk of your identity, there isn’t much left of you to know. 

You didn’t get the chance to see who you might have become without your parents’ damaging influence.

So, it’s understandable you might think there’s nothing behind the damage worth knowing. 

It’s also wrong. 

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63 Painful And Telling Quotes On The Ways A Husband Can Hurt His Wife

husband hurting wife quotes

No matter how you spin it, marriage is challenging.

Even if you love one another to the moon and back, you’re still bound to face difficulties with your husband over the years. 

But sometimes, your husband can say and do deeply hurtful things.

By ignoring or neglecting you, your husband shows he’s taking you for granted.

Over time, his neglect can leave you broken-hearted and numb.

It’s hard to express how profoundly it hurts when your husband doesn’t respect and cherish you.

That’s why we’ve curated these 63 “unhappy marriage, bad husband” quotes.

Maybe seeing these quotes will help validate your feelings and give you the courage to take action.

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15 Eye-Opening Examples Of Text Messages From A Narcissist

examples of narcissist text messages

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of narcissist text messages, the examples given here should sound familiar

Communicating with a narcissist may seem easy at first since they generally like to do most of the talking.

Eventually, though, you get to experience narcissist texting games.

So fun!

Except, they’re not—at least not for anyone but the narcissist. 

So, what are these games of which we speak?

And how do you spot them?

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