21 Serious Signs That Someone Is Lacking Empathy

couple hugging lacking empathy signs

Do you know how to tell if someone doesn’t have empathy for others? 

Maybe you’re thinking of someone right now.

You’ve noticed how perceptive they are about other people.

But empathy is about more than noticing things. 

People who lack empathy aren’t necessarily oblivious to what others are feeling. 

They can pick up on the signals that go with another’s emotions without actually sharing those feelings. 

And, unfortunately, that makes hurting people easier. 

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21 Signs Of Emotional Invalidation In Your Relationship And How This Behavior Affects You

emotional invalidation

Is your partner opinionated to the point of dismissiveness?

Or perhaps a family member ridicules and questions every feeling you express. 

Instead of engaging in conversation or just listening, they pelt you with quips like “stop being so sensitive” and “you always overreact!”

These types of relationships are often rooted in emotional invalidation, a toxic dynamic that sprouts mental health issues.

To help you understand and navigate the landscape, let’s explore the warning signs and behavioral effects of psychological invalidation.  

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35 Disturbing Gaslighting Examples In A Relationship

unhappy couple, gaslighting in a relationship

Have you been in a relationship where you often questioned your feelings, instincts, or sanity?

For example, let's say you find a personal email your partner wrote to a co-worker, and you think it's inappropriate and hurtful.

You approach your partner about it, but he or she insists you misinterpreted the email or that you're overreacting.

Your instincts are telling you otherwise, but you may second-guess yourself enough to give in and go along with the story your partner is telling you.

Or maybe your spouse breaks a promise to take care of the kids for the day and then blames you for making him or her feel bad about it.

These are classic gaslighting examples in marriage or a relationship.

One partner uses manipulative tactics to gain power over another and makes the victim of gaslighting question reality.

This form of persistent manipulation causes you to doubt your beliefs and eventually lose your sense of perception.

In this article, we will cover all of the signs and examples of gaslighting in a relationship.

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Ever Heard of a Vulnerable Narcissist? 11 Red Flag Signs To Watch Out For

vulnerable narcissist

Vulnerable narcissism is an insidious mental health condition. 

For starters, most folks struggling with the issue cannot recognize their faults and are less likely to seek help. 

On the off chance they get therapy, their version of “the truth” is usually wildly off the reality mark, rendering the counseling useless. 

Secondly, vulnerable narcissists are prone to damage others' self-esteem — all while casting themselves in the role of victim. 

Let's begin unpacking it all.

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15 Of The Best Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist

how to disarm a narcissist

Need to know how to shut down a narcissist?

Everyone has a tendency to show some narcissistic traits at times.

This tendency comes in varying degrees with different people, and sometimes you can't tell if someone has a heaping serving of this personality trait until you’ve spent a significant amount of time with them.

What's more, the qualities that initially attracted you to this person may be the very qualities that end up annoying you.

You may meet someone confident and proud of their accomplishments and who seems exciting and well-versed in life.

But after getting to know them, you realize that all they talk about is themselves, and they are starting to drain your energy with all of the self-absorption.

This is when you may realize you're dealing with a narcissist.

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It Hurts When Family Talk Behind Your Back: These 43 Quotes Will Validate Your Pain

young woman whispering to older woman family talking behind my back quotes

Someone in your family is throwing you shade behind your back, and you feel betrayed. 

Why would a family member, someone who is supposed to love you, want to spread unkind gossip about you?

We feel your pain.

Discovering that you’ve been disparaged or dissected is an atrocious feeling.

So we’re here to boost your spirits with a few dozen validation quotes to help you realize they’re the problem, not you. 

After all, gossiping about family members behind their backs is just mean.

If you have questions or concerns, be mature and talk it out instead.

You aren’t alone in this toxic situation because you wouldn’t believe the number of “fake family talking behind my back” quotes you can find online.

Others are hurting too.

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Do You Know Someone Who Constantly Plays the Victim? Here Are 13 Strategies to Deal With Them

Plays the Victim

You're likely here because you are at your wits' end with someone who always plays the victim. 

The soul-sucking, mood-dampening, eye-roll-inducing behavior impacts your personal and professional life and can chip away at your own self-esteem. 

If you try to help, you're attacking a victim.

If you passively accept it, you're stuck in their rut.

If you try to cut them off, you've victimized a victim.

Allow yourself one good scream at the top of your lungs, and let's dive into some strategies to help you with someone who plays the victim. 

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28 Most Glaring Traits of a Female Narcissist

Woman yelling, female narcissist

Do you know a woman who is self-absorbed, often cruel, jealous, and critical?

She may be a narcissist.

Female narcissists are often overlooked.

Because they exhibit some of the same behaviors as typical teenage girls, female narcissists can go unnoticed and be passed off for simply being a “mean girl” — or a grown woman.

It's often assumed that mean girls grow out of their bad behaviors. However, habits like gossiping, excluding other people, and sabotaging relationships can be more common among females with existing narcissistic traits.

Dominant females who are narcissists are almost as threatening as their male counterparts, but females have a certain protection through stereotypes such as “sweet young girl,” a “nurturing mother,” and the “kind little grandma.”

No one thinks the sweet older woman can be vindictive, menacing, and ruthless.

Nor do people expect mothers to be so self-centered that they are willing to abandon or abuse their own children.

The difference between a female and a male narcissist is that females tend to be in competition with other females for superiority, while male narcissists use their charm and appearance to meet their goals.

The truth is, female narcissists never “grow out” of their childhood behaviors.

Instead, they develop more effective aggressive behaviors in their adult years, using their manipulative traits to employ their selfish agendas and to exploit other people.

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