Does It Feel Like Your Wife Hates You? 15 Signs She Does And What To Do About It

Everyone marries for different reasons. 

Some are hoping for stability, and some are looking for their happily ever after

A successful marriage is an effort even at the best of times, and very few relationships have equal input from both people all of the time. 

But if an imbalance continues for too long, resentment builds. 

It is this resentment that leads to stronger feelings of dislike and distrust. 

But when your wife hates you, the situation can become unbearable.

Why Does My Wife Hate Me? 

There are always signs when your wife resents you. They may be little things or blatant neon signs. Chances are these signals have been there for a while, but you have chosen to ignore them. 

But you are noticing them now. So what do you do? Luckily, these actions may be misplaced anger rather than hatred. And, with a bit of forethought and a lot of work, it is possible to regain the original spark.

You don’t listen.

You may hear what she is saying, but are you listening? It is a common issue in a marriage; sadly, most people are not good listeners. 

Being a good listener is not just about hearing words but her thoughts and feelings as well.

You need to take the time to hear what is between the lines. Luckily, some proven listening techniques may help. You can also apply these tools to social or business settings.

You don’t do enough.

One of the top reasons wives resent their husbands revolves around marital chores. These include daily activities of cooking, cleaning, and the kids.

problematic couple going through counselling

Believe it or not, roughly 25% of divorces are due to unbalanced household tasks. Chances are you have had this fight – you’ve taken out the trash and then gone right back to the game. Believe me, that is cause for Resentment 101 and likely one of the reasons your wife now hates you.

Studies show that wives who feel more supported around the house are happier and more sexually turned on. 

There’s no intimacy with sex.

When it comes to sex, all three aspects, physicality, intimacy, and romance, are necessary for a healthy relationship. 

Unfortunately, intimacy and romance are most often overlooked because they take time and effort. 

If you think your wife hates you, it may be as simple as unmet intimate and emotional needs. She is hurt that you do not take the time for the tenderness that you once did.

She feels overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Marriage is hard work and brings numerous responsibilities to both partners. 

Add in children, caregiving, careers, or major events such as moving or remodeling a home, and it can be overwhelming. 

If your wife is shouldering the burden single-handedly, she is bound to resent you for it. And that is why you are now feeling as if she hates you.

She feels betrayed.

You probably promised your wife anything when you proposed because you wanted to make her happy. And you loved her and wanted her to feel special. 

Maybe those promises were a luxurious home, children, travel, or more time with you. If things have not worked out as you both planned and you feel she hates you, it may stem from her feelings of betrayal.

She is disappointed.

It is easy and almost expected for men to be loving and romantic when dating before marriage. But unfortunately, after marriage, people change. 

They don't try as hard; the chase is over. If you set the bar unusually high before marriage but haven't delivered lately, she is probably disappointed with you. And she could harbor growing feelings of regret and resentment. 

She feels neglected.

You may be so busy with your work or kids that you have no time for your wife. You don’t notice or even appreciate your wife’s efforts. 

The sacrifices she has made to be with you feel wasted because you don’t acknowledge them. And again, regrets surface. 

If you hear yourself saying my wife hates me, but I love her, do something about it before it is too late.

She is depressed.

If you think your wife hates you, consider this: it may not be about you. Perhaps the distance is due to a personal loss or general sadness. 

It could also be depression or some other form of illness. She probably does not understand what is going on any more than you do. Now is when you have to be proactive and listen to her needs.

She is dissatisfied with herself.

Humans are complex beings, and it is sometimes difficult to tell when a relationship is going wrong or if your wife is just unhappy with herself.

 Maybe it is work or her looks, and she is projecting her displeasure onto you. She cannot confront her issues, so she blames you.

15 Sure Signs Your Wife Hates You 

If you are wondering how to tell if your wife hates you, look for the little things. Sometimes, we notice the change in a person's behavior first.

If her actions and words are overwhelmingly negative, consider looking for additional signs to determine if your wife hates you and what you can do to turn the marriage around. 

1. She is verbally abusive.

Verbal insults are indicative of apathy. When your wife insults everything you do, it's a sign that she hates you. And she doesn't care if she hurts you. The insults are purposeful – she’s getting back at you for some past hurt. 

2. She doesn't want to talk.

If you find it hard to engage your wife in a conversation, it could be a sign she has lost interest in the relationship. She may offer short answers or utterances or completely ignore you.

A lack of communication is a telltale sign that she does not care what you say, and she may be past the stage of pretending.

3. She is controlling.

People use emotional manipulation to control a person or situation. A wife who hates or disrespects you may turn to controlling behavior

If your wife deliberately blames you or implies you should feel guilty or shame for your actions, it may be an attempt to control. 

Another way a wife can control a husband is to play the victim and be passive-aggressive. These are not displays of affection but of disdain.

4. You continuously fight. 

Is your wife constantly picking fights? It can be a strong sign that she doesn’t love you. Most conversations end up in a yelling match

Often anger is used as a cover. She may be tired and done with the relationship; fighting is a way out. 

Or this is frustration turned to resentment. Just remember that there wouldn't be such hate if there weren't love at some point. Sit down and start listening to her. It might help turn things around. 

5. She avoids you.

If your wife constantly avoids you, it is a red flag that she is fed up and strongly dislikes your presence. Humans crave attention and social interaction. Spending time together reinforces the relationship. 

Unfortunately, if you have chosen fishing with the boys one too many times, even if she didn't object, it may be a difficult road back. You may have to now choose between your hobbies and your wife.

6. The sex has stopped.

Ceasing all sex is one of the most apparent signs your wife hates you. This lack of intimacy differs from being too tired or not in the mood. 

When love-making has completely stopped, it is probably a sure thing that her feelings for you and toward the marriage have changed.

7. She no longer confides in you.

Has your wife stopped telling you about her day or what is happening at work? When daily communication stops, it is a sign that she no longer cares what you think or if you are even listening. 

At this stage, she is showing her resentment and dislike. But, if you still love your wife, don't wait; seek help now.

8. There is constant criticism.

Do you feel like you can't do anything right? If your wife constantly criticizes you, it may cause you to wonder if she loves you. 

Criticism usually stems from annoyance or disdain and signals that she is frustrated and fed up with everything about you. There are even times when she wants to be civil, but the criticisms just flow out. 

Recognizing this point is a big step, but it might be too little too late unless you work hard. But at least she is still talking to you.

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9. She stops arguing.

When you no longer get any response, emotional or otherwise, this is one of the strongest signs that your wife hates you. 

You may even begin to miss the scolding or criticisms. Her indifference is a red flag, letting you know she has checked out of the relationship. You are on your own.

10. She says she doesn’t love you.

You may want to hide from this, but if your wife tells you clearly and distinctly that she doesn’t love you anymore, it is a sign that the marriage is over. It is usually the last step before separation and divorce. 

Hopefully, you have caught some of the precursor signs, and you never get to this point. But in the end, you can't make someone love you.

11. You are complacent.

Married couples who successfully achieve major life goals, such as buying a house or raising kids, become complacent, tired, and bored. 

If your wife still has dreams, this can lead to resentment and a desire for a new phase in her life. Your journey together was for life, not just until the mortgage was paid or you had two kids and a dog. 

There are so many things left to do and places to see. Sit down and ask her about her dreams and what she wants to do next. 

12. You allow outside influences.

Outside influences can destroy a marriage. Or at least make everyone miserable. When these influences are connected to you, whether they are family or friends, she will expect you to side with her. 

Check your wedding vows – this is what the “forsaking all others” part means. If you choose not to act, then resentment and even hate arise. Put her needs and opinions above those of others. Your life together should always be a priority.

13. You don’t spend quality time together.

Life is hectic. But when you were dating, you made the time, and you made her laugh. So why not now? Over the years, life has crept in, and making her happy is now on the back burner. And she resents you for it.

You won her heart once; you can do it again. 

14. She is teaching your children contempt.

Children should never be used as a weapon. Kids need emotionally mature parents and as much love as they can get. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. 

One of the signs that your wife no longer loves you is that she uses your kids to get back at you. At this stage, she is over the edge. If you still love your wife, seek professional help either with a marriage counselor or a lawyer. 

15. She avoids eye contact.

People in love look at each other. Avoiding eye contact may suggest she is uncomfortable or shy. But if you have been married for a time, and she avoids making eye contact or can't stand to look at you, it is a sure sign she’s lost that loving feeling. 

Her lack of eye contact might also reveal that she’s involved with someone else and feels guilty when she looks at you.  

What to Do When Your Wife Hates You 

People grow apart. It happens. But if there is still love, then you may save the marriage and the relationship with a bit of work and faith. 

1. Talk to her.

Lack of communication is at the root of many of the issues listed here, so communicate with your wife. If she is angry, ask for forgiveness. If you hurt her, apologize and show remorse. 

Listen, don't just hear her words, but note her posture and expressions. Do not argue, no matter how much you want to defend yourself. This is her time to express her anger and pain.

2. Spend time together as a couple.

Life can take a toll. Plan time together for just the two of you. Suggest a date night or just some quiet time without the kids to talk and catch up. 

Try a hobby that is new to both of you. Spending time together will reduce the stress on the relationship and strengthen your bond.

3. Show her she is not alone.

Keeping a house, kids, and a career can be overwhelming. Take the load off of her now and then. Let her know she is not alone in the marriage. 

Send her to the movies or a spa for the day, and let her read a book uninterrupted. These small gestures show her you’re paying attention and listening to her needs.

4. Show her appreciation.

Thank her for her efforts and show gratitude for her part in your wonderful life. She will love it if you notice her contributions and compliment them. 

Also, offer both silly and tender affection. It matters more than sex, honestly. Emotional intimacy is the key to sexual desire for a woman.

5. Be present more.

Being away too much can have negative consequences. Your wife may feel unworthy of your time, developing self-doubt, resentment, and hate. 

Communicate with her daily. Even if the distance is due to work or other unforeseen circumstances such as deployment, letting her know she is an essential part of your life is key.

6. Follow through with your promises.

If you have gone so far as to discover the root cause of her resentment, don't just let it sit. Make a conscious effort to improve the situation. 

Your efforts will go a long way in changing her feelings and rekindling her affection.  

7. Take a break from each other.

Sometimes, distance alleviates the pressure and provides clarity to a messy situation. 

If you think your wife hates you, then a short break from each other can help you reassess what you both want from the marriage. 

8. Control your reaction.

There is a chance that the hostility and resentment have nothing to do with you. Your wife may just need a safe space to vent. 

Try to control your reaction. Give her the support she needs to voice the issue. Let her know she can trust you and your reactions.

9. Seek professional help.

The human mind is complex. If you have tried, but the situation has yet to improve, then it may be time for a fresh perspective with a professional. 

Marriage counseling is a safe space for you to express your feelings and work through the issues that have led to your wife feeling hate toward you.

Final Thoughts

Casual tiffs in a marriage are common, and effort and communication can resolve many issues. Even if the relationship has deteriorated, there are ways to help you reconnect with your spouse. 

However, when a spouse turns hateful, you may need help to navigate life's daily challenges. Don’t ignore your wife’s feelings, hoping they will just go away.

Take action now to save your marriage, reconnect with your wife, and make your bond stronger than ever before.