Do You Have More Than Friendly Feelings For Your BFF? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Have you ever wondered if those feelings you have for your best friend go beyond simple friendship? 

Do you find yourself daydreaming about taking your relationship to the next level or wondering what it would be like to date them? 

If you can't stop thinking about your BFF in a romantic way, it's time to take our revealing quiz! 

Answer these simple questions to finally get clarity on whether you're truly in love with your best friend or if it's just a small crush. 

The answers may surprise you!

Am I in Love with My Best Friend Quiz: 21 Questions to Help You Know for Sure

Ready to gain clarity on how you really feel about your best friend

Take our insightful 21-question quiz below!

The mix of fun, lighthearted questions, and deeper ones will help you determine if your feelings go beyond friendship.

Be honest – the truth will set you free!

couple laughing sitting in Love with My Best Friend Quiz

Instructions: Here are questions 1-5 for the “Am I in Love with My Best Friend Quiz” with A-D answer options. 

For each question, choose the answer option that best resonates with you. Tally up your A, B, C, and D answers at the end to reveal your results!

Question 1: I find myself looking for reasons to hang out with my best friend:

A) All the time! We're attached at the hip.

B) More often than my other friends. 

C) About the same amount as my other friends.

D) Not really. 

Question 2: When I imagine my future, my best friend is:

A) By my side as my life partner! 

B) Someone I expect will always be close.

C) In the picture, but not necessarily by my side.

D) Not really part of it.

Question 3: I feel happiest when I'm with my best friend because:

A) We have an amazing connection!

B) We always have fun together.

C) I'm comfortable with them.

D) I like all my friends.

Question 4:I think about my best friend:  

A) Constantly! I can't get them off my mind.

B) At least once a day. 

C) Occasionally, no more than other friends.

D) Rarely, if ever.

Question 5: When I'm apart from my best friend for a long time, I feel:

A) Like a part of me is missing! 

B) Sad, I miss them a lot.

C) A little bummed, but it's no big deal.

D) Totally fine. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Question 6: I get jealous if I see my best friend flirting or dating someone else:

A) Extremely jealous – I can't stand it!

B) Jealous, yes. I wish they flirted with me instead!

C) A little jealous, but I want them to be happy.  

D) Not jealous at all.

Question 7:  When I'm stressed or upset, I want to:

A) Call my best friend immediately for comfort.

B) Reach out to my best friend more than anyone else.  

C) Talk to a few close friends, including my bestie.

D) Keep it to myself.  

Question 8: I daydream about: 

A) Going on romantic dates with my best friend!

B) Cuddling with my best friend. 

C) Normal friend things, like trips and hangouts.

D) My career goals and hobbies.

Question 9:  I get butterflies in my stomach when my best friend:

A) Holds my hand, hugs or cuddles with me.

B) Smiles at me or laughs at my jokes.  

C) Gives me a high five or a friendly pat on the back.

D) I don't really get butterflies.

Question 10: If my best friend needed help, I would:

A) Drop everything in a heartbeat! Their needs are my top priority.

B) Rearrange my schedule to be there.  

C) Try my best to help when I can. 

D) Offer support emotionally, but I have my own life, too.

woman standing close looking at phone in Love with My Best Friend Quiz

Question 11:  I feel like my best friend just gets me in a way no one else does:

A) Yes, they totally understand me! 

B) More than most people in my life.

C) About the same as my other close friends.

D) No, there are other people who get me better.

Question 12:  I fantasize about having physical intimacy with my best friend:

A) Frequently! I really want to be with them that way.

B) Yes, definitely – I'm very attracted to them.  

C) Occasionally, I've thought about it.

D) Never crossed my mind.

Question 13: When I need someone to talk to about something really important, I go to:

A) My best friend immediately.

B) My best friend more than anyone else.

C) A few people, including my bestie.  

D) Other people besides my best friend.

Question 14: I feel happy and energized after hanging out with my best friend:

A) Every single time – they give me life!

B) Most of the time.

C) Sometimes, but sometimes, I also feel drained.

D) Not really. 

Question 15: If my best friend's romantic partner wasn't treating them well, I would:

A) Confess my feelings and try to win them over!

B) Subtly suggest they could do better. With me!

C) Listen and be supportive as a concerned friend.  

D) Nothing – it's not my place to get involved. 

Question 16: I would be excited if my best friend told me they have feelings for me:

A) Absolutely thrilled – it's what I've been dreaming of!

B) Nervous but interested in exploring those feelings.

C) Flattered, but I'd need some time to process it. 

D) Uncomfortable. I'd kindly explain I see them as just a friend.

Question 17: When I think about my ideal romantic partner, my best friend comes to mind:

A) Yes, they have all the qualities I want in a partner!

B) There are some similarities and compatibility there.

C) Not really; we're too different. 

D) I don't think about my best friend in a romantic sense.

Question 18: I feel like my best friend, and I have amazing chemistry: 

A) Absolutely! The sparks between us are undeniable.

B) We have a very natural, easy chemistry.

C) We have pretty good chemistry as friends.

D) Not really; the chemistry is mostly platonic.  

Question 19: If my best friend started dating someone, I would feel:

A) Completely devastated and heartbroken!

B) Jealous and sad I missed my chance.

C) Happy for them but sad to lose exclusive time with them.

D) Happy for them, and nothing would really change.

Question 20: I secretly hope my relationship with my best friend could become romantic someday:

A) Yes! I'm just waiting for the right time to confess my feelings. 

B) It crosses my mind sometimes. 

C) Not really, I'm happy with the friendship as-is.

D) No way, I only see them as a friend.

Question 21: I prioritize my best friend over other people in my life:  

A) Absolutely, they are #1 in my life!

B) Often, yes. They are one of my top priorities.

C) No more than other important people in my life.  

D) Not at all; I have other priorities.

How to Interpret Your Answers to This Love or Friendship Quiz

So you've completed the quiz – now what does it all mean? Here's a quick guide to interpreting your responses:

If you answered mostly A's: It's likely you've fallen head over heels for your BFF! You daydream about being with them, prioritize them over everything, and imagine a future where you end up together. Tell them how you feel – they may just feel the spark, too!

If you answered mostly B's: There are definitely some romantic stirrings happening on your end. You're attracted to your bestie and may imagine scenarios where you become more than friends. Before confessing your feelings, think carefully about whether it's just a crush or a deeper connection.

If you answered mostly C's: You love and care for your best friend but are pretty content with the current friendship. While you may have fleeting romantic thoughts, you likely don't feel strongly enough to risk changing the friendship. Enjoy the special bond you share!

If you answered mostly D's: It seems clear you have strictly platonic feelings for your bestie. As long as you nurture the friendship, it sounds like you have a healthy, reciprocal relationship free of romantic complications. Cherish the friendship!

Can You Be Lovers and Best Friends?

Having a romantic partner who is also your best friend is often seen as the ideal relationship. But is it really possible to blend both roles seamlessly?

  • The upside is that you already have amazing friendship chemistry. You trust each other, make each other laugh, and enjoy spending time together. Transferring that into a romantic partnership can feel organic.
  • However, physical and sexual chemistry isn't always guaranteed, even with an incredible emotional bond. Navigating physical intimacy with your BFF can be challenging.
  • Setting boundaries and adjusting the friendship to meet each other's romantic needs requires adaptation. Communicating desires openly while preserving the friendship is key.
  • While sharing both love and friendship with one person can be rewarding, it’s crucial to make space for other friendships, too.

Overall, it’s realistic for best friends to become lovers as long as both nurture intimacy, attraction, and openness in the evolving relationship. With care, trust, and friendship as the foundation, a lovers-and-friends dynamic can flourish.

I'm in Love with My Best Friend — What Should I Do?

So you've caught major feelings for your BFF! Before you panic, know that you've got options. Here's our advice on navigating this delicate situation:

Search Your Feelings

Take some time to reflect honestly on your emotions. Is it a surface-level crush or a deeper romantic love? Don't confess undying love if it's a fleeting infatuation. Make sure your feelings are real before proceeding.

Consider The Friendship 

Really think about what's at stake here. How long have you been friends? How close are you? Are you willing to risk the friendship if your feelings aren't reciprocated? Make sure you’re ready for any potential outcome.

Look For Signals 

Has your BFF been giving any hints that they feel the same way? Do they get flustered if you compliment their looks? Or did they recently reveal they’re questioning their sexuality? Subtle signs like these could mean they’re just as smitten.

Confess Your Feelings 

Once you’ve reflected, pick a time to share your emotions openly and honestly. Don’t confess feelings out of the blue! Have a sincere chat, letting them know you value the friendship but would be open to something more.

Respect Their Reaction  

Regardless of how they respond, thank your BFF for hearing you out. If they need time and space to process, don’t pressure them. Above all, respect their feelings as you would want them to respect yours. 

Preserve the Friendship

No matter what happens, focus on preserving what’s most important – your wonderful friendship. If you can both be mature, you can get through this and stay close. Good luck!

How Likely Is It to Fall in Love with Your Best Friend?

Contrary to popular belief, developing romantic feelings for your best friend is not entirely uncommon. In fact, research shows that up to 70% of people report having had some amount of romantic attraction to their best friend at some point. 

With the intimacy and trust that best friends share, it makes sense that those bonds could deepen into romantic love over time. 

Still, it's important to tread carefully before acting on any amorous feelings, as you want to preserve the friendship if possible. Take things slowly and communicate openly.

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What Is the Thin Line Between Love and Friendship?

The line between platonic friendship and romantic love can often seem blurry. Strong friendships and romantic relationships both involve deep affection, trust, passion, and intimacy. 

However, romantic love usually also includes physical and sexual attraction, whereas friendship does not. The key distinction lies in whether the connection and chemistry feel strictly emotional and mental or if it is also expressed physically. Both forms of love are complex, meaningful bonds. 

When navigating that ambiguity, open communication and self-reflection are essential to determine if crossing the line from friends to lovers feels right.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, only you can decide if risking your friendship is worth potentially gaining romantic love. Listen to your heart, but also use your head to reflect realistically. If you do decide to reveal your feelings, do so, coming from a place of care and honesty. Trust that your bond can withstand the truth. Whatever happens, cherish the unique friendship you share.