Be the Best Boyfriend Ever with These 35 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Want to make your girlfriend feel like the luckiest girl in the world? 

With these simple, romantic gestures, you'll have her smiling from ear to ear. 

It doesn't take much to show your girlfriend how much you care when you make the extra effort. 

Surprise her with sweet notes, cook her favorite meal, or plan a thoughtful date night. 

She'll feel so appreciated knowing you took the time just for her. 

With just a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can find little ways every day to make your girl feel special.

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What Makes Women Happy?

Often, it's the simple, thoughtful gestures that mean the most. While every woman is unique, some general themes speak to many female hearts. 

Surprising her with unexpected acts of love and knowing the little details about what makes her smile can go a long way.

  • Surprise herUnexpected small gifts or ideas show you are thinking about her when she least expects it.
  • Know her favorites – Giving her favorite flowers, cooking favored meals, or doing preferred activities shows you pay attention.
  • Compliment her – Sincere compliments about how she inspires you or how beautiful she is will make her beam.
  • Listen attentively – When you actively listen to her share thoughts, concerns, or dreams, she feels respected.
  • Show affection – Both verbal and physical displays of affection make her feel cherished.
  • Make her laugh – Bringing humor and playfulness to your interactions lightens her spirit.
  • Be supportive – Encouraging her goals and interests with words and actions shows your care.

With these kinds of thoughtful words and deeds, you're sure to bring more delight and happiness into her days. 

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: 35 Pro Tips to Melt Her Heart

Making your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated is easier than you think.

With just a few thoughtful gestures, you can brighten her day and bring a smile to her face. 

man hugging woman outdoors Make Your Girlfriend Happy

From romantic date ideas to simple everyday acts, these are easy ways to show her you care.

Read on for inspiration to become the best boyfriend and make your girl swoon!

1. Surprise her with flowers.

There's no better way to make your girl smile than by surprising her with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. Pick them up on your way over to her place or have them delivered for an extra special surprise. Adding a sweet note expressing how much you care about her makes the gesture even more meaningful. She'll be so touched that you thought of her spontaneously. 

2. Cook dinner together. 

Instead of going out to eat, stay in and cook a meal together. Find a fun new recipe you can tackle as a team. Cooking together is a great bonding experience, plus you'll get to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Have fun prepping side-by-side, steal tastes of the ingredients, and sip wine while you cook. She'll love the quality time.

3. Give an impromptu massage.

After a long day, your girlfriend would probably love an impromptu massage. While cuddling on the couch, offer to rub her shoulders or feet for her. Your hands can work wonders on those tense muscles. She'll be thrilled by your initiative to help her unwind. For extra relaxation, add soothing music, candles, or essential oils. 

4. Plan a picnic date.

For a refreshing date idea, surprise your girl by planning a romantic picnic in a scenic spot. Pack a basket with her favorite foods, a comfy blanket, flowers, and anything else to make it special. The change of scenery and chance to bask in nature together will be a welcome treat for you both. End the evening by watching the sunset in each other's arms.

5. Make her a personalized gift.

Adding a personal touch always makes gifts more meaningful. Make something for her yourself instead of buying it. Ideas include a photo album or scrapbook of your relationship, a mix CD of couples' songs, a poem, or even an artsy home-cooked meal. She'll be amazed you put in the time and effort. Your personalized creation will melt her heart.

6. Plan a sentimental visit back to where you first met

Make your girlfriend's heart melt by planning a special visit back to the location where you first met, whether it was at school, work, through friends, or on an app. Take her during the same time of day if you can remember. The nostalgia and significance of returning to the place where your love story began will deeply touch her. Make the visit extra special by recreating details or bringing a gift to commemorate the occasion.

7. Take a couples' dance class together.

Stepping out on the dance floor together is a fun way to bond. Sign up for a couples' dance class like salsa, ballroom, or swing dancing. Learning a skill together brings you closer, and you can practice your new moves at home. Let loose, laugh at any missteps, and enjoy the creativity of moving together. She'll be thrilled that you're willing to try something new as an activity for just the two of you.

8. Plan an outdoor adventure date. 

Get out and enjoy nature together by planning an outdoor adventure date. Go for a hike, rent kayaks, or schedule a ziplining excursion. Being active side-by-side outdoors creates wonderful shared memories. Pack a camera to document your experience. End the day around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and reflecting on the highlights from your adventure. 

9. Create an at-home spa day.

For an indulgent at-home pamper session, set up a DIY luxury spa day for your girl. Draw her a bubble bath with candles and flowers around the tub, give her a facial mask, and give a foot massage with lotion. Make healthy smoothies to sip while you lounge in robes afterward. Pull out all the relaxing stops to help her de-stress. 

couple sitting at candlelight dinner Make Your Girlfriend Happy

10. Make a relationship memory book. 

Take a sentimental stroll down memory lane together by creating a scrapbook devoted to your relationship milestones and memories. Include photos, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and little notes that reflect special moments you've shared. She'll love flipping through and reminiscing over the highlights from your journey as a couple so far. The personalized gift will touch her heart.

11. Recreate your first date.

Take her back to the beginning stages of your relationship by recreating details from your first date together. Go back to the same location, order the same food, play the same music, and wear similar outfits. Reminiscing about the night you first fell for each other is a nostalgic way to show you still remember all the special moments. The thought you put into planning this will mean the world.

12. Write her old-fashioned love letters.

In today's digital age, receiving an old-fashioned, handwritten love letter is a rare and extremely thoughtful surprise. On nice stationery, write your girlfriend a long love letter professing why you care so deeply for her. List your favorite things about her, cherished memories you share, sweet compliments, and hopes for your future together. Pour your heart out by writing, not typing. She'll be amazed by this romantic, personal gift to treasure.

13. Surprise her with concert tickets. 

Give your girlfriend the gift of live music and memories by surprising her with tickets to see her favorite band or artist in concert. Look up tour dates for someone you know she loves. When you present the tickets, watch her eyes light up in excitement. At the show, sing along and dance with her to all her favorite songs. She'll be so grateful you thought to give her this experience gift.  

14. Plan a weekend trip together.

Plan a romantic weekend getaway, just the two of you. Find a cozy cabin to rent nearby or book a night or two at a charming bed and breakfast. Make it a road trip to explore a new place neither of you has been before. Waking up together away from home, without the distractions of everyday life, will strengthen your connection. She'll cherish the quality time exploring and relaxing.

15. Cook her favorite childhood meal. 

Warm your girlfriend's heart by cooking a nostalgic meal from her childhood. Ask her mom for the recipe if you need to. When you serve up this blast from the past, it will transport her back to fond family memories. Thoughtfully remembering food she has loved since the beginning will mean so much. This act of love is sure to make her smile.

16. Write out all the reasons you love her.

On a beautiful piece of paper or card, thoughtfully write out all the reasons why you love your girlfriend so much. List big and small things that come to mind, from her contagious laugh to her compassion for others. Read the list aloud to her by candlelight. She'll be incredibly touched that you took the time to recognize and express details you cherish about her. 

17. Make her a gift basket of her favorite things. 

Treat your girl by putting together a gift basket full of her favorite things. Include things like her go-to candy, scented lotions, luxury coffee, fancy tea, face masks, comfy socks or slippers, and a soft blanket. Also, add a sweet note from you. This curated collection of items you know she loves will show how well you know her tastes.

couple laying on table getting massage Make Your Girlfriend Happy

18. Take a pottery class together.

Get creative and make something from scratch together by taking a pottery-making class. At many local art studios, you can learn how to shape bowls, mugs, or vases on the wheel from an instructor. Getting your hands dirty as you shape clay vases side-by-side makes for great bonding time, plus you get matching sets of handmade pottery to take home.  

19. Book a professional photo shoot.

Hire a local photographer to do an artistic photo shoot starring just the two of you. Let her get beautified with some light makeup before the shoot, then pose candidly, dance together, kiss, and just have fun in front of the camera. The professional pictures will beautifully capture your connection. She'll treasure the images forever. What a thoughtful memento to look back on.

20. Bring her breakfast in bed.

One morning, surprise your girlfriend by spoiling her with breakfast in bed. Make her favorites like pancakes, fruit, and coffee, arrange them nicely on a tray, and serve them up in bed when she wakes up. Let her relax and enjoy it. Taking care of these morning details so she can lounge will make her feel like a queen. It's a simple gesture, but it means a lot.

21. Frame your favorite photo of you two. 

Pick out your very favorite photo of you and your girlfriend together and frame it beautifully. Display it prominently in your home so you can both enjoy the happy memory daily. Alternatively, print it and frame it to gift to her for her own space. She'll be delighted that you want to showcase a special moment from your relationship. 

22. Write her a song and perform it.

If you're musically inclined, write an original song about your love for your girlfriend and perform it for her. Pour your heart and soul into songwriting lyrics that speak to her personally. When you sing and play this intimate, artistic piece just for her, it will deeply touch her heart and remain one of her most precious gifts from you.  

23. Make DIY personalized mugs for the two of you. 

Make morning coffee or tea even more special by creating matching personalized mugs or cups for the two of you. You can sharply write your names or draw designs on plain ceramic mugs before baking them in the oven. Or, use an artsy stamp set to imprint designs along with your names or initials. She'll love sipping from these everyday reminders of your love.  

24. Surprise her with her celebrity crush. 

Find out who your girlfriend's celebrity crush is, and then surprise her with something autographed or personalized from her favorite star. It could be signed memorabilia or a personalized video message. She'll be over the moon that you arranged such an incredible surprise just for her. 

25. Make her a book of love coupons. 

Make your own adorable book of love coupons that your girlfriend can redeem for fun treats, favors, or quality time together. Include coupons like “Good for one free back massage” or “Redeem for a dinner date planned by me.” She'll have so much fun turning in the coupons to enjoy little perks and see how much you care.  

26. Plan a romantic scavenger hunt. 

Plan a romantic scavenger hunt with sweet notes guiding her to her next surprise along the way. Leave clues hidden around your home or out in your city for her to find and piece together. At the end, meet up for a romantic dinner you planned. She'll be utterly charmed by this creative experience.

27. Cook her favorite dessert just because. 

Everyone loves being treated to their favorite dessert. The next time you want to surprise your girlfriend and make her smile, bake or whip up her favorite sweet treat just because. Cookies, cake, creme brûlée – whatever you know she can't resist. 

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28. Organize a game night just for the two of you.

Organize a private game night for the two of you for quality bonding time that's playfully competitive. Think of activities like Battleship, Monopoly, trivia games, or video games. Order or make her favorite snacks. Spending the evening laughing together over games shows you want to connect and have fun. 

29. Make a video montage of your happiest memories.

For an incredible sentimental gift, compile your favorite photos and videos of special moments together into a video montage. Set it to a meaningful love song. Pop some popcorn, cozy up together, and play the video for her on the TV. She'll be so emotional and touched seeing your relationship highlights replayed in one artistic, visual love letter. 

30. Surprise her with tickets to her favorite show or exhibit.

If there's an art exhibit, play, musical act, or comedian your girlfriend is dying to see, surprise her with tickets. On the day of the event, present them to her and enjoy watching her eyes light up. She'll be so excited you made her dream of attending come true. You'll both make lasting memories at this culturally stimulating date.

31. Make her a candlelit dinner.

Treat your love to an intimate, romantic, candlelit dinner that you plan and prepare yourself. Cook her favorite meal, get out fancy dishes, pour wine, light candles everywhere, and put on soft music. Really set the mood. She'll feel so spoiled and adored by this classy, thoughtful experience orchestrated just for her. 

32. Write “Open When…” letters for special moments. 

Write a series of sealed “Open When…” letters for your girlfriend to open on certain occasions. Like “Open When… it's our anniversary” or “Open When… you're stressed.” Inside, write long notes expressing your love, appreciation, and encouragement for those situations. She'll treasure these heartfelt letters to open and read over the years.

33. Volunteer together at a charity she cares about. 

Make your girlfriend's heart melt by spending a day volunteering together for a charity or cause she's passionate about. Seeing you work alongside her doing good will mean so much. You get to help the community while also showing your dedication and support for something that's important to her. 

34. Make an Instagram just for her.

In the social media age, make your love public by creating an Instagram account devoted just to her. Every day, post cute candid shots, sweet quotes, lyrics, poems, or inside jokes. Tag her to share glimpses of your world together. This digital stream of love notes will blow her away.   

35. Tell her all the things you admire about her.

To make your girlfriend feel truly cherished, tell her everything you genuinely admire about her. Compliment her kindness, her resilience, her intelligence, and her talents. Open up about how she inspires you to be better and how you've grown from being with her. Your words and your true heart will touch her deeply.

Why It's Important to Try to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Putting in consistent effort to increase your girlfriend's happiness is so important for the health of your relationship. Though it may seem obvious, there are profound reasons you should actively work to make her feel loved. When she is happy, both you and the relationship thrive.  

Builds Trust

The more you demonstrate loving care for your girlfriend consistently, the deeper trust will grow between you. She'll feel secure knowing she can rely on you to be there.

Creates Positive Energy

When your girlfriend is happy and upbeat, it creates positive energy between you. In turn, you'll also feel lighter and more fulfilled.

Strengthens Your Bond 

Doing little things just to make her smile strengthens the bond you share. Thoughtful gestures remind her of what makes your relationship special.

Makes Her Feel Valued

Above all, taking action to increase her happiness makes your girlfriend feel truly valued. Knowing you care this much feels meaningful.

By prioritizing her joy, you'll be rewarded with a stronger foundation and deeper connection. When both of you feel happy and cared for, your partnership flourishes.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it's often the small, simple gestures that have the power to make your girlfriend feel truly loved and valued. Consistently doing thoughtful things just to see her smile will melt her heart. By actively bringing her more joy and nurturing your bond, you can strengthen your relationship in profound ways. Show her she's your priority.