41 Games to Play with Your Girlfriend to Make Your Next Date Night Legendary

Laughing, teasing, bonding – game night with your significant other is a fun way to connect. 

But finding creative games that spark joy, conversation, and closeness can be tough when you're deep into a relationship. 

Don't let the spice and unpredictability fade away! 

With these simple, engaging games to play with your girlfriend, you can ignite new passion and bring a sense of adventure to your next date night or anytime you want to surprise your partner with something playful. 

Turn any night into a lively celebration of your love and relationship.

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41 Games to Play with Your Girlfriend to Make Date Night Memorable

Date night is supposed to be special, but sometimes you get stuck in a routine rut. 

Switch things up and make date night fun again with these 41 games that are sure to create laughter, conversation, connection, and memories you'll treasure forever. 

couple outdoors playing backgammon  on picnic table games to play with your girlfriend

Get ready for some playful competition, spicy questions, and lots of smiles and kisses!

Fun Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

1. Charades 

Take turns silently acting out movies, books, songs, celebrities, and more without speaking or making any sounds. Try using creative gestures and facial expressions to get your partner to correctly guess what you're performing. See who can act out the most obscure references!

Charades bring out your silly, theatrical sides as you mime and ham it up. It's a lively game that gets everyone laughing.

2. Two Truths and a Lie 

Making each other guess which of three statements is a lie, Two Truths and a Lie reveals surprising facts and creates intimate conversation as you take turns sharing three statements about yourself, making one a complete lie. Try to stump your partner! It's a great way to spark conversation and learn new or unexpected things about each other as you explain the truths and lies.

3. Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger hunts build excitement as you race to solve clues leading to hidden surprises around your home. Get creative with clues that will lead your partner to funny items or places you've hidden! See who can sleuth out all the surprises first. Scavenger hunts build anticipation and competition as you dash around looking for clues. Writing the clues also lets you showcase your creativity.

4. Paper Airplane Contest

Channeling your competitive spirits, a paper airplane contest tests your aerodynamic folding skills and aiming accuracy as you make planes together and compete to see whose flies the farthest or most accurately. Add challenges like flying through hoops! It brings out your crafty sides as you fold and fuels friendly rivalry as you test designs.

5. Hot Seat 

Sitting in the “hot seat” and answering spontaneous questions, you'll learn new things about each other with Hot Seat's revealing prompts. Take turns being questioned and see who can stump their partner! Get creative with your questions. Hot Seat opens you up to vulnerability and intimacy through unexpected questions that require quick, honest responses.

6. Board Games 

Chatting while competing, classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit are engaging bonding fun. Dig out those old board games and enjoy teasing each other while playing. Feel your competitive sides come out! Interactive games give great opportunities for conversation and collaboration despite the competition.

7. Mini Golf 

Promoting friendly rivalry in the fresh air, mini golf gets you outdoors while you flirt and focus on beating each other's scores. Head to a course and enjoy a relaxed competition. Mini golf is active fun with plenty of room for goofing around. The fresh air and laughter make for an uplifting date!

8. Karaoke

You can let loose with karaoke by belting out songs, whether you have pipes of gold or voices of tin. Perform duets or solo songs! Who cares if you're off-key when you're just being goofy and having fun? Karaoke is about being silly and vulnerable. The performance builds connection.

9. Cooking Together 

The kitchen provides tasty bonding time when you whip up meals or sweet treats together. Try new recipes or bake cookies and see who can decorate them most elaborately. Preparing food as a couple makes for quality time with delicious results.

10. Backyard Camping Games 

Pitch a tent in your backyard for an easy outdoorsy adventure without leaving home. Pretend you're explorers, cuddle in sleeping bags, and cook s'mores at a mini campfire. You can set up games like corn hole, badminton, or darts to add to the outdoor fun.

couple sitting on floor playing games games to play with your girlfriend

11. Paint Night 

Following along with a painting tutorial, canvas painting gives you quality creative time as a couple. Sip wine and paint together, but don't worry about skill. Just enjoy expressing yourselves artistically and see what funny paintings you end up with. DIY paint nights offer a unique way to unwind and be creative together.

12. Outdoor Movie

Snuggling up to watch movies under the stars, outdoor movie nights make for dreamy at-home dates; Project a movie against your house and cuddle on comfy chairs with snacks, picking a genre you both enjoy for a film under the romantic night sky. Outdoor movies bring entertainment to your yard.

13. Stargazing 

Gazing at constellations, stargazing prompts perspective on your place in the universe. Lay a blanket outside, get cozy, and see who can name the most stars. You can also identify constellations with a star map to inspire conversation about astronomy. Stargazing inspires awe and closeness.

14. Bake-Off 

A friendly bake-off challenge lets you showcase your skills through scrumptious creations; Plan a baking competition and see who can make the best cookies, cakes, pies, or other treats, taste-testing each other's sweets. Bake-offs make for collaborative cooking fun.

15. Handmade Gifts 

Craft handmade gifts like romantic coupons, mixtapes, and photo collages to give thoughtful surprises. Make a game of it by challenging each other to be the most creative or funny with the gifts. Making personalized DIY gifts for your partner shows creativity, effort, and sincerity – and can be the source of a lot of laughs between you.

16. Skinny Dipping Water Games

If you have privacy, a daring midnight skinny dip offers the thrill of swimming naked under the stars while enjoying some fun competition. Strip down and plunge into a secluded beach or pool together if no one can see you, feeling the excitement of swimming in the buff. Play a game of Marco Polo, pool Ping Pong, or swimming races.

Video Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

17. Just Dance 

With its upbeat dance songs and colorful graphics, Just Dance is a lively way to be active and silly together; Take turns picking fun tracks and compete to mirror the on-screen dancer's moves precisely and score the most points. See who has the best dance moves, and don't be afraid to get goofy!

18. Mario Kart 

Select cute characters like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach, then compete in zany, arcade-style racing through Nintendo's creative tracks; With power-ups, you can use to jokingly bump each other off course and vibrant colors, Mario Kart brings competitive joy; Race go-karts against each other's characters and enjoy playful trash talk as you jostle for first place.

19. Animal Crossing 

Build up adorable virtual islands together, help each other decorate dream homes by trading furniture or gathering materials, and design fun custom outfits; Promoting cooperation, creativity, and imagination, Animal Crossing is a cute, relaxing world you can fully customize together.

20. Overcooked

With chaotic cooking stages and tasks that demand cooperation, Overcooked rigorously tests your teamwork skills amidst hilarious obstacles. Communicating and collaborating are crucial as you cook meals against the clock in unconventional, moving kitchens.

21. Tetris 

Tetris is a classic puzzle game that requires spatial reasoning and quick reflexes as you strategically stack descending geometric blocks; Take turns or battle head-to-head to see who can stack tetrominoes the longest before the screen fills too high and ends the game.

couple laughing using wireless micrphones games to play with your girlfriend

22. Lego Games 

Solving puzzles hand-in-hand, gathering collectibles, and customizing characters, Lego games encourage imagination and cooperation without high stakes; Play together in a lighthearted Lego world built from the iconic bricks – creativity and teamwork come naturally.

23. Super Smash Bros 

With its outrageous battles between beloved Nintendo mascots with unique attacks, Super Smash Bros brings fast-paced button-mashing fun; Choose silly characters like Kirby or Pikachu and laugh wildly as you punch each other off platforms in this over-the-top fighting game.

24. Sims 4 

The Sims spark creativity as you build customized dream homes, control cute virtual characters, and collaboratively create stories and scenarios; Shape life stories by directing their careers, relationships, and day-to-day routines.

25. Jackbox Party Games 

These games provide engaging, low-pressure laughs as you use phones to answer goofy prompts, draw silly pictures, and come up with witty wordplay together.

26. Among Us

Finding the imposter tests your deductive reasoning and guile without being too complex as you perform tasks and suss out clues together; Keep your wits about you as you try to spot sneaky sabotage and lies before being ejected yourself with Among Us.

27. Trivia Games 

Test the trivial knowledge you share as a couple by competing in Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, Scene It, and other quiz challenges; Trivia games create mental stimulation and friendly rivalry – winning feels great, and you'll learn more about each other's mental strengths.

28. Guitar Hero 

Act out your rock star fantasies by taking turns shredding the plastic guitar controllers along to famous rock and pop songs, showing off your skills; Channel your competitive showmanship, trying to perfectly nail fast-flying notes in Guitar Hero.

29. Portal 2 

Solve clever physics puzzles by opening portals and maneuvering through challenging 3D test chambers; Think outside the box and communicate creative strategies to escape together – Portal 2 necessitates teamwork, imagination, and resilience.

30. Mario Party 

Mario Party combines strategy with lots of unpredictability and sabotage potential to deliver an engaging board game experience; Take turns rolling dice to move around the board, playing zany minigames at stops to collect coins until someone wins.

31. It Takes Two

 Play cooperatively as a couple trying to save your fractured relationship in this whimsical platformer. Guide fantasy characters through imaginative worlds filled with meta, moving moments. It Takes Two explores relationships playfully.

Phone Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

32. Words with Friends

With its Scrabble-like board, Words with Friends lets you challenge each other's vocabulary and spelling skills from anywhere as you take turns forming words on the board. This classic word game offers mental stimulation to enjoy together on the go.

33. Draw Something 

Showcasing your artistic abilities in a simple, portable form, Draw Something gets creative as you take turns drawing pictures on your touchscreens for your partner to identify. Test your pictionary skills on the move.

34. QuizUp 

Letting you test your mental strengths against your partner's, QuizUp enables selecting categories you're knowledgeable in and battling head-to-head answering trivia questions. See who dominates different topics.

35. Ball Pool

Enjoy this portable, physics-based pool for friendly competition. The game gives you a touchscreen pool table to take shots by aiming your cue. Pocket more balls than your partner anywhere, anytime.

36. Psych! 

With its photo scavenger hunt lists, this game encourages teamwork and silliness as you take turns coming up with challenging snapshots for your partner to find and photograph. Unleash your creativity by devising funny photo challenges.

Games to Play with Your Girlfriend Over Text

37. Would You Rather 

Proposing absurd and amusing scenarios, Would You Rather lets you get to know each other's preferences, values, and humor through silly questions asked over text. Take turns posing funny “would you rather” dilemmas.

38. 20 Questions

By asking yes or no questions, 20 Questions challenges you to use logic, deduction, and strategy to guess what the other is thinking of. Going back and forth, you'll sharpen your reasoning skills, trying to discover the secret word or phrase.

39. Story Time

Build suspense together, crafting an imaginary tale line-by-line over text. One of you starts the story, the other continues it with the next line, and so on until you reach the end. Story Time strengthens your shared creativity and imagination through collaborative writing.

40. Emoji Pictionary 

Translate random words and phrases into convoluted sequences of emojis for your partner to decipher and interpret. Emoji Pictionary encourages goofy, cryptic translations and comprehension as you describe things only with images.

41. Lyric Ladder 

Go back and forth, gradually changing song lyrics one word per text while keeping the theme intact. Lyric Ladder builds focus, tests your lyric memory, and gets creative remixing musical lines.

Why Playing Games Is a Great Way to Spend Time with Your Girlfriend

Playing games together is a fun, engaging way for couples to connect, bond, and make memories. While movies or dinner dates have their place, interactive games provide unique benefits for strengthening your relationship.

  • Games build intimacy as you get to know each other better through playful competition, cooperation, and revealing new sides of yourselves. Your communication, trust, and understanding grow.
  • Participating in a shared activity together, whether a board game, video game, or made-up challenge, creates new “inside jokes” and shared experiences that bring you closer. You're creating relationship history through fun gameplay.
  • Friendly rivalry and playing on the same team fosters bonding. You get fired up striving together toward a goal or vying for the top spot. Working together or competing, you feel united.
  • Games inspire laughter, which relieves stress and leads to greater openness, vulnerability, and affection between you. Playfulness and amusement come naturally during games.
  • Being creative, strategic, and silly – gameplay lets you engage different aspects of your personalities. You get to know the way each other thinks.
  • Variety and trying new games side-by-side prevent boredom and provide fresh ways to interact. Your relationship stays exciting when you engage in novel shared activities.

The social, lively nature of games makes them a perfect way to nurture your romantic connection. So try out new ones together and reap the relationship rewards!

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Tips for Making a Game Date with Your Girlfriend More Fun

Planning a fun game night with your girlfriend? The activities you choose are important, but your attitude and approach matter too. Follow these tips to ensure you both have the best time playing games together:

1. Don't Get Too Competitive 

By all means, try your best to win during competition. But avoid trash talk or gloating that could dampen the fun. Keep the mood lighthearted – it's about bonding, not winning.

2. Go for Variety 

Mix up the genres and types of games you play over time. Alternate between physical games, video games, board games, made-up challenges, etc. Variety keeps things interesting.

3. Add Thematic Touches 

Enhance games with thematic decor, snacks, or music to set the mood. Dim the lights for suspenseful games or play tropical music during island simulation games. Get creative with themes!

4. Take Breaks

Schedule occasional breaks for snuggling, conversation, snacks, or bathroom trips. Breaks give you time to reconnect in between focused gameplay.

5. Establish House Rules 

Encourage silliness and customize games by establishing unique “house rules” for more laughs. Adjust rules to suit your preferences.

6. Don’t Force It 

If you or your partner just aren’t feeling a particular game, switch to something else. Go with the flow based on your moods.

7. Focus on Fun 

Above all, avoid pressuring each other and remember the purpose is to enjoy quality time together. Keep the date light and playful.

Following these suggestions will lead to an awesome games date guaranteed to bring you closer and create great memories! What games will you play first?

Frequently Asked Questions About Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

Wondering what kinds of games best strengthen your bond and how to get the most out of gaming together? Here are answers to some other common questions:

What If One of Us Is More Competitive?

If you're more competitive than your partner, focus more on the fun of the activity than winning. On the other hand, if she's very competitive, assure her you care more about the quality time.

Should We Take Game Suggestions from Friends?

Absolutely, consider recommendations! Other couples may offer great game ideas you haven't thought of. But make final choices based on your tastes.

How Do We Decide Who Gets to Pick the Game?

Take turns choosing games, flip a coin, or randomly draw a game name out of a hat. This keeps it fair and gives you both power over the selection.

Can Games Help Strengthen Our Communication?

Definitely, games encourage clearer communication, listening skills, compromising, and expressing yourselves. Any game that involves teamwork or negotiating will help build communication abilities.

What If One of Us Gets Frustrated During a Game?

If tensions rise, suggest taking a quick break to cool off. Remind your partner it's just a game, and you're there to have fun together, not get worked up. Lighten the mood.

How Do We Make Time for Game Nights?

Schedule game nights into your calendar like regular date nights. Make gaming together a consistent priority like other quality time. It will quickly feel natural.

Playing games together provides amazing relationship benefits. Following this advice will help you make the most of your game time as a couple!

Final Thoughts

Playing games gives couples special time to laugh, unwind, get creative, and strengthen their bond away from life's stresses. The shared joy and memories from gaming will bring you closer. So pick some games you both enjoy, set the scene, and start playing your way to a tighter relationship!