67 Of The Best Christmas Icebreaker Questions For The Holidays

Plan a memorable holiday party this year by supplying your guests with Christmas icebreakers.

These are questions designed to jumpstart conversations.

They help people in group settings get past any nervousness or uncertainty that they might be feeling. 

Holiday icebreakers save people from boring chitchat about the weather.

Just print out some pages of Christmas questions to ask and pass them out.

Your guests will soon have plenty to talk about.

67 Christmas Icebreaker Questions for the Holidays

Choose your icebreaker questions according to the nature of your party.

Some questions work better for family gatherings, whereas others are well suited for loosening up co-workers and their dates at a company party who may not all know each other very well.

1. Do you prefer a white, snowy Christmas, or do you want to celebrate on a beach with palm trees?

2. What's your earliest Christmas memory?

3. Have you ever gone house to house singing Christmas carols?

4. Were you ever in the hospital on Christmas?

5. Did you ever get stuck at an airport while trying to get home for the holidays?

6. What was your favorite television Christmas special growing up?

Christmas Icebreaker questions

7. What Christmas gift did you cherish the most as a child?

8. Tell us about your worst holiday gift ever.

9. If you could only have Christmas or New Year's Eve off work, which one would you want most?

10. Which is better? Cash or actual presents?

11. What holiday food or drink do you like the most?

12. Was there ever a year when Christmas got ruined in your family?

13. What is the best last-minute gift that you can buy at a store on Christmas Eve?

14. Do you think the Elf on the Shelf is creepy?

15. Do your parents still have any of the Christmas ornaments you made in grade school?

16. What gift that you really wanted ended up disappointing you?

17. Do you spend too much during the holidays?

18. How is Christmas different now compared to when you were little?

Christmas Icebreaker questions

19. Christmas music – do you love it or hate it?

20. Are you one of those people who leave up the Christmas tree for months and months?

21. On which side of the controversy are you concerning whether “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie or not?

22. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

23. When you were a child, did you ever believe that you heard or saw the real Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

24. Have you ever lived through a natural disaster on Christmas, such as an ice storm or flood?

25. Fill in the blank: It wouldn't be Christmas without ________.

26. Which do you like best: Christmas dinner or Christmas cookies?

27. Do you decorate your home: Not at all? The normal amount? Or WAY more than the usual amount?

28. Do you shop for gifts primarily online or at stores?

29. Do you love to hit the clearance sales after the holidays?

30. How often do you return your gifts?

31. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or an artificial one?

32. If you were visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, what would they say to you?

33. Who cooks Christmas dinner in your family?

34. Have you ever snooped for your gifts?

35. Did you write a letter to Santa Claus as a child?

36. Have you ever mislabeled gifts and given them to the wrong people?

37. What would a perfect Christmas be like for you?

38. As Rudolf, how much resentment would you bear toward the mean reindeer even after you saved Christmas?

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39. What would you do if you forgot to get a gift for someone close to you?

40. Have you ever stood in line overnight to shop on Black Friday? If so, what were you hoping to buy?

41. What was the worst thing that ever happened to you at a job during the holidays?

42. Would you wear an ugly Christmas sweater outside of an ugly sweater party?

43. What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever seen at a workplace Christmas party?

44. Do you want to travel for Christmas or stay home all cozy?

Christmas Icebreaker questions

45. Is there something you like to do for the holidays but your family thinks is lame?

46. Do you know how to wrap a Christmas present, or does it turn out like a crumpled mess? Be honest.

47. What traditional Christmas food do you think is yucky?

48. What is something that you hate about the holidays?

49. If you could only have Christmas or Thanksgiving, which would you choose?

50. Does your family have a quirky holiday tradition?

51. Do you like to go to the movie theater on Christmas night?

52. Have you ever succeeded in getting a great present for someone hard to buy for?

53. Do you think that traffic gets extra stupid during the holidays?

54. What are you grateful for this Christmas?

55. Did you ever make a big sacrifice so that Christmas would be nice for your loved ones?

56. Have you ever made a Christmas present by hand?

57. Did you ever forget a present that you hid and then found it weeks or months later?

58. Have you ever helped someone in need on Christmas?

Christmas Icebreaker questions

59. Would you rather buy a new car for Christmas or a great vacation?

60. As a little kid, were you distressed when Frosty the Snowman melted?

61. Have you ever made a gingerbread house?

62. Would you put reindeer antler decorations on your car?

63. Do you leave treats or gifts for the mail carrier and other delivery people during the holiday rush?

64. Have you ever been robbed during the holidays?

65. What is your best holiday memory?

66. What's something that you like to do just for yourself during the holidays?

67. Has a particularly overindulgent Christmas ever motivated you to start exercising?

Get the Party Started

Many people at many holiday parties are well acquainted, but their spouses and dates might feel a bit awkward.

Like funny Christmas questions, icebreakers loosen people up and create a comfortable setting where everyone can share interesting opinions and memories. 

They create opportunities for shy or uncertain people to speak up. Icebreaker questions with a holiday theme are less intimidating for people than the standard tell me about yourself questions.

The subject matter is relatively safe and adds to the festive atmosphere that you want to encourage as the host.    

Reduce the dull moments and quiet times with these Christmas icebreaker questions you could surely have fun with.