Are You A Gold Personality Type? 9 Traits That Reveal You Are

According to the True Colors Personality Test, if you’re a gold personality type, what does that mean?

What does gold say about you and your particular strengths and weaknesses

If you’re at least a little curious, check out the list of gold characteristics further down.

Prepare to shine a light on some of your best qualities because you’re about to know yourself better than ever. 

And what you learn could change everything. 

The Gold Personality Type 

If you’re a gold color personality, you’re a natural-born planner who loves to keep things organized. 

You’re also trustworthy and dependable. People can count on you to meet deadlines, keep your space tidy, and get the job done right. 

If you’re a gold personality type, the list of specific traits listed below highlights your key strengths and challenges. 

You’ll see why some things are more of a struggle for you than for others — and vice-versa. 

9 Gold Personality Traits 

Be on the lookout for underappreciated qualities and challenges unique to your personality type.

Those challenges don’t make you a lesser person. And being aware of them can only help you strengthen your relationships and make the most of your gifts.

1. You Are the Ultimate Planner and Organizer

Binders, index-dividers, and Post-It notes were invented with people like you in mind. 

man giving woman a gift gold personality traits

You can whip up a plan for anything, complete with a detailed outline or step-by-step, color-coded flow chart. And it’s fun for you (like… Disneyland fun). You think of everything. 

And seeing everything in its proper place makes you feel warm and at peace. 

2. You Have an Eye for Detail. 

You’re good at spotting things most people miss. You’re not the type to cut corners and sacrifice details just to get things done more quickly. You’re more interested in doing things right, and that means not overlooking the little things. 

You’d probably make a good editor because very little (if anything) gets past your notice. 

3. You Respect and Follow Rules and Procedures. 

Others might describe you as “by the book” or even “anal,” but you appreciate how much your orderliness and planning save you time and allow you to get more done. 

It’s not hard for you to find ways to improve upon the established routine, but you respect authority too much to just do your own thing without regard for your boss or supervisors. 

Instead, you look for opportunities to suggest your improvements. And you always come prepared. 

4. You’re a Natural Leader. 

You’re diligent and serious about getting the job done right. You place a high value on punctuality, organization, accuracy, and decisive action. And you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty. 

If something has to be done, however unsavory it might be, you’re all in. Your energy infects those around you. 

And sometimes, you’re surprised at how willing others are to follow your lead. 

5. You’re the Best at What You Do. 

When you decide to learn something, you learn it so well that you become an authority on it. As a result, others look to you as an example to follow. And you’re always learning how to do it better. 

This quality goes for work as well as for any personal projects you undertake. You don’t do anything halfway. 

men giving each other high fives gold personality traits

If anyone could show newbies how to do the thing as well as possible, it’s you. 

6. You See One (Valid) Way of Doing Things. 

While you pride yourself on your ability to see the best solutions and implement them with mind-boggling efficiency, you’re often blind to other suggestions because you take for granted your way is best. 

You’ve “done the research” and “looked at it from all angles.” If others can’t see what you see, they must not have put as much thought into it. 

And you can’t be bothered trying to catch them up. 

7. You Have High Moral Standards.

Not only do you place a high value on morality and responsibility, but you also take action to honor those values — whether by choosing an employer you respect or by serving as a volunteer for a cause you support. 

Character matters to you, and you look for signs of a solid moral backbone in everyone you meet. You want to see that in every potential friend and anyone you work with. 

Laxity in morals is a weakness you find difficult to overlook or forgive

8. You Can Be Judgy. 

Because of your high moral standards and your respect for doing things “the right way,” you’re less tolerant of ideas and opinions that differ from your own. And you might be quick to criticize those whose behavior doesn’t meet your expectations. 

women in boardroom meeting gold personality traits

“How hard is it?” and “Who does that?” are two of your favorite phrases. The only correct answers, of course, are “I know, right?” and “Only someone clearly not as cool as you.” 

9. You Respect Family History, Beliefs, and Traditions. 

You hold onto shared family beliefs and traditions, even when they create friction in some of your relationships. Those beliefs are so deeply-ingrained, you don’t know who you’d be without them. 

So, you’re unlikely to question those beliefs and traditions, much less discard them for new ones. 

And your self-confidence rests on your ability to quickly put down any challenge to them.

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FAQ For Gold Personality Type 

Enjoy the following Q & A on gold personalities — whether you are one or you know someone who fits the description. 

1. What emotion does gold represent?

The color gold is associated with the sun and represents joy, cheerfulness, and energy. In the gold personality, that energy often goes toward achievement, illumination, wealth, and prestige.

You care about success and happiness — for yourself and for those you love.

2. How do you deal with Gold personality?

If you live or work with a gold type personality, respect their gifts and do what you can to avoid friction.

If there’s no need to discuss your differences in belief, don’t go there. But respect yourself enough to stand up for your beliefs when it is necessary. 
Mutual respect goes a long way. Arguments don’t have to make enemies of you. 

3. What jobs are good for gold personality?

Finance — Finance jobs generally require accuracy, attention to detail, and organization skills, as well as a preference for routine and predictability. 
Public Service — Jobs in this field give you a chance to put your values into practice, earn the respect of others, and become indispensable. 

4. What celebrities have a gold personality?

Here are just a few well-known golds:

-Connie Chung
-Henry Ford
-Margaret Thatcher
-Joan Rivers
-George Washington
-Winston Churchill
-Florence Nightingale.

Do You Have a Gold Personality?

Now that you have a better sense of what it means to have a gold type personality, what qualities stood out for you? 

If you identify with this true color personality type, what place does the color gold have in your world? 

Maybe you feel drawn to articles of clothing that have this color. Or you’re more likely to pick up a bouquet of flowers that has something gold and sunshiney in it. 

Honor that connection. It’s part of who you are.