29 Must-Try Winter Hobbies To Make The Cold Months Bearable

Wondering what to do when you’re bored in the winter?

Beautiful as the winter landscape is with the snow and hoarfrost, its effects on road travel can limit your options for fun.

And freezing temperatures can restrict some of your favorite outdoor activities.

As you’ll see in our list of 29 wintertime hobbies, though, those limits are nothing compared to the options you still have — many of which result in creations worth keeping or sharing with others. 

Whether you create treasured items or learn something new that can change your life, you owe it to yourself to consider the options. 

29 Winter Hobbies You Must Try 

You might already have what you need for some of the following hobbies, while others will require a shopping trip (online or in-person).

If you feel pulled in a specific direction, go with it and see where it leads. 

Best Winter Hobbies for Adults

Whether you’re staying in or finding a quiet corner in your favorite public spot, these winter hobbies are ideal for staying warm when you’re spending time alone. 

1. Taking Online Classes

Check out the offerings on Masterclass, Udemy, and Skillshare and find something that piques your interest. Browse their categories or use their search field to narrow down your options.

Who knows what your next class might lead to? 

2. Tackling Home Improvement Project

Think of projects around your home that you’ve put off because you didn’t have the time (or you did, but you just weren’t feeling it).

man measuring wood winter hobbies

Set a timer for a chunk of time and tackle a project on your “do it later” list. See how much you can accomplish before your time is up. 

3. Playing Chess or Other Board Games 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn chess. Or perhaps you’re more interested in other board games. As long as you have a game partner who’s as keen on playing as you are, you can spend hours enjoying it together. 

4. Watching Documentaries

Search YouTube for “documentary,” and you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy.

Better yet, narrow down the options by adding a search term (like “plant-based,” “aliens,” or whatever comes to mind. Then grab a hot drink and settle in. 

5. Listening to Podcasts

If you’re not sure what podcasts to listen to, try searching for“best podcasts” plus whatever category interests you, whether that’s parenting, marriage, sports, nutrition, health, economics, politics, or something else. Try starting your day with a short episode.

6. Learning a New Language

With an app like Duolingo or Babbel, you can practice a new language every day, having fun while you pick up new vocabulary, parts of speech, and common phrases, as well as read stories and build a learning streak you won’t want to break. 

7. Making Vision Boards

Learn how to create your own vision board. From there, you can either create new ones for different themes or even throw a vision board party for family members and close friends. If you’re not keen on messy projects, you can even make one online

8. Volunteering Online

Check out all the options for volunteering online and pick something that interests you.

Choose the impact you want to make and do what you can to serve a cause you believe in. When volunteering in person isn’t an option, you can still do good things. 

9. Watching TED Talks

Skim the offerings on their home page or search specific topics to narrow down your options. You can also sign up for “TED Recommends” to receive emails with tailor-made suggestions based on your interests. 

10. Creating a Fitness Plan

Think about where you want to be in a year or three to six months from now and make a plan based on what you know you’ll be able to stick with and what works.

If you’re still learning about the second thing, consider joining an educational fitness app like FitOn.

11. Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

You can find online tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere (Udemy, etc.) if you’d like to learn to play a musical instrument, whether that’s the piano, the ukelele, the tin whistle, or something else.

Start small and go for mastery and rhythm over speed. 

Indoor Hobbies for Winter

It’s no surprise most (if not all) these hobbies are best for indoors, but some feel more indoorsy than others. Look through these and imagine yourself cozy and entertained. 

12. Journaling

A journaling hobby can easily become a daily journaling habit, which gives you a place to articulate your thoughts and feelings, prepare for an important conversation, plan a new project, or create lists that help you get things done. 

13. Starting a Blog

Your blog doesn’t have to be a professional, self-hosted blog, though it can be. Make it whatever you want it to be.

woman working on computer winter hobbies

You can start small and use it as an online journal or choose a popular niche and build a blog that could generate a side income. 

14. Writing Stories or Poems

Write down some of those stories circulating in your head and develop them into finished works others will enjoy reading. Then, take a risk and submit your best work to writing contests. Or submit them for publication with a magazine or literary journal. 


If you’re interested in joining a book club, but you’d rather enjoy the benefits from home, there are plenty of online options and even apps like Reese’s Book Club. Or look up book recommendations by Oprah, Bill Gates, or Barack Obama. 

16. Cooking or Baking

Experimenting in the kitchen is a fun way to pass the time. And if you can eat the results — and enjoy them — so much the better. Find some recipes you’d like to try and see what happens. Try to add a new menu item every week, and enjoy the variety. 

17. Coding

There are plenty of ways to learn computer languages online, either by taking an online class, learning through sites like w3schools.com, or taking classes with your local school district or at a community college. Learn to design your own interactive website. 

18. Decluttering and Organizing

Read or listen to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo or check out 10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home. Make your home all you want it to be by removing what doesn’t serve you and making what you love more visible.

19. Scrapbooking 

Gather up all those family pictures or snaps from your latest trip and create memory books with your favorites, using keepsake albums and carefully chosen pages and added details. Create works of art the people in your family will treasure for decades. 

20. Studying Philosophy

If you’re not sure what you believe, spend some time studying the works of those who knew and published their own.

The more you expose yourself to different philosophies, the more you think about your own. 

21. Playing Video Games

With the wide variety of video games to choose from — whether on the internet or using a gaming platform like Xbox or Wii — you can easily spend hours playing solo or with a fellow gamer. A simple internet search can help you find recommendations for each genre.

22. Starting a YouTube Channel

If you’re comfortable with vlogging or creating screen-based videos, why not start a YouTube channel to share your knowledge or reach out to a specific community. Researching YouTube niches can help you choose one with a solid chance at popularity. 

23. Yoga

Whether you learn it from a video, an app, or a local class, yoga is one hobby that will benefit you for as long as you practice it — improving your muscle tone and flexibility while it helps you calm yourself, whatever the day brings. 

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Winter Hobbies for Guys

While the following hobbies aren’t exclusive to men, they have a particular appeal to many. The results are often useful as well as pleasing to the eye (or ear). 

24. Woodworking or Whittling

With a set of carving or whittling tools, you can make good use of scraps of wood or pieces you buy from a local supply store.

woman using electric drill winter hobbies

With practice and some tutorials (online), you can create anything from spoons, trivets, and figurines to canoes, chairs, and cabinets. 

25. Building a Ham Radio

Amateur radios (“ham radios”) are a popular pastime for many and offer a break from smartphones and the internet.

Once assembled, they can pick up radio signals from your neighborhood, all around the world, or even from space. 

26. Stone Carving

Create stone figurines for your own chess set or another favorite board game. Or create small, polished keepsake figures for friends and family. The more you learn, the better able you’ll be to choose the best stones and create long-lasting treasures. 

27. Home Brewing (Beer)

Brew your own beer at home using a kit and easy-to-find ingredients. Try your hand at different recipes for lagers, ales, and stouts, and once you find your favorites, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll share any of it. 

28. Leather Working

Create belts, bags, jewelry, decor, clothing, or book covers. Or use your developing skill to upholster chairs and stools with tanned and treated leather.

If you’d rather avoid using animal hides, you can start your own line of faux leather crafts. 

29. Metalworking

Working with metal, you can create large objects like sculptures or smaller items like decorative hinges, metal figures, or even jewelry. Try your hand at whatever appeals to you, using the metals best suited to the project. 

Did you find a winter hobby you might try?

Now that you know 29 good winter hobbies, which of them are you most eager to start? And what will you do this week to make the colder weather more enjoyable? 

Even with spring on the horizon, you’ll have days when the snow seems to come out of nowhere. And just when you thought it was safe to pack away your winter coat, the weather turns cold again. But now you know several ways to make the most of it. 

What will you create before another week passes?

Prepare for the winter and avoid boredom by giving yourself a new hobby. Check out these winter hobbies you surely need to try.