What Are Your Most Prized Possessions? (51 That Are On Most Lists)

What are your most prized possessions

And what makes them so? 

You might say, “my prized possession is an old espresso maker my mother gave me when I moved out.” 

Or you might jealously guard an heirloom collection of coins, vinyl records, or vintage jewelry because they remind you of departed loved ones. 

Most people have something they treasure so much that losing it would cause them pain.

But what makes your prized possessions so precious to you? 

And what are the benefits and downsides to your attachment?

What Is a Prized Possession? 

A prized possession is something you value more than others because of an emotional attachment. There’s something special about it — even if it’s only special to you. 

In most cases, there’s nothing shady about having prized possessions. We all have them or have had them. There are situations, though, when your attachment can be less benign: 

  • When you’re willing to harm someone else to hold onto or reclaim the object
  • You panic or are unable to fulfill your duties due to fear of losing the object
  • Losing the item triggers a deeply painful and lasting grieving process 

Your attachment to a prized possession can also fade with time or as your priorities change, and you learn to prize other, less tangible things more. 

That said, you still might hold onto a few unique treasures, even if no one else understands why. 

Can a Person Be a Prized Possession?

You’ll find people conspicuously missing on the list of prized possession examples further down because people cannot be possessions. 

You may treasure your relationship with someone, but you don’t own them. They’re not your property. And that includes your children, though you are responsible for them until they’re able to be responsible for themselves. 

variety of keepsakes most prized possession

If you owned them, you would have a right to use them however you pleased or even destroy them. No one has that right when it comes to other people. 

Why We Value Prized Possessions 

As mentioned earlier, you prize your most prized possessions because you feel an emotional attachment to them. They have meaning for you that goes beyond their physical properties.

They connect you to something precious. Think of the possible reasons why:

  • It belonged to someone you love
  • It was given to you by someone you love
  • It reminds you of an important moment in your life
  • It reminds you of an important person in your life
  • It calls out to you — as if it were made just for you

Your Most Prized Possession? 51 of the Most Common

Keep in mind all 51 of these prized possession examples are material objects. And some of the items on your list of things you hold precious may be less tangible — like your closest relationships and your health. 

We’re still willing to bet you found some delight in at least one of the following. 

1. Photographs of loved ones (living or deceased)

2. Family photos (professional or informal groupings)

3. Photos of your significant other

4. Books (a few favorites or an entire collection)

5. Baby book/s (with photos and recorded milestones)

6. Collection of personal journals (yours or someone else’s)

7. Engagement ring

8. Wedding ring

9. Wedding dress

10. A child’s memory box

11. A child’s artwork

classroom of students most prized possession

12. Handcrafted gifts from children

13. A favorite item you made in school

14. Houseplants

15. Homes (something owned)

16. Jewelry

17. Jewelry box

18. Parents’ wedding rings

19. Family heirlooms

20. Scrapbooks

21. Cars

22. Smartphones 

23. Tablets

24. Laptops (esp MacBooks)

25. Gaming system (Xbox, Wii, etc.)

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26. Motorcycle, Moped, or Scooter

27. Bicycle 

28. Favorite (expensive) blender

29. Shoes 

30. Favorite jacket/s

31. Favorite handbag/s

32. Comfortable undergarments (so underrated)

33. Vinyl records and turntable

34. CD collection

35. Favorite chair

36. Sewing machine

37. Quilts (especially those made by a loved one)

38. Hand-knit or crocheted items (scarves, hats, shawls, etc.)

39. Favorite vase/s

40. Wall clock

41. Crystal/stone collection

42. Comic book collection

43. Dolls or action figures

44. Favorite wall art pieces

45. Favorite rug (pulls the whole room together)

46. Favorite travel mementos

47. Set of artistic tools (paintbrushes, pottery wheel, etc.)

48. Teapot with strainer and teacups 

49. Coffeemaker (one that makes particularly good coffee)

50. Pocket knife or whittling/wood carving tools

51. Favorite serving ware or dishes

What Possessions Do You Prize the Most?

Now that you know what we mean by “prized possessions,” and you know 51 of the most familiar favorites, which ones stood out for you? 

Prized possessions usually find their way to a spot where you can see them (except, maybe, for #32). 

The more you declutter your space, the more you can give pride of place to the things you hold most precious. 

Allow those things to remind you of the people and memories they represent. The place you call home will feel all the homier for it.