23 Must-Know Signs A Cancer Man Is Serious About You

Are you dating a Cancer man — born between June and July 22nd — and wondering if they’re serious about you?

Since cancer is a water sign, folks who fall under the “crab” stars can be difficult to read. 

Although, they’re also known for being nurturing, dependable, and sentimental.

So to help you wrap your head around your situation, today we’re breaking down astrological signs that a Cancer man has feelings for you.

What do they say?

How do they act?

We’re unpacking it all below.

Let’s dive in.

How Do Cancer Men Express Their Love? 

How does a Cancer man madly in love behave? We’re all different, and zodiac signs aren’t as straightforward as we may like to think.

However, a classic Cancer man is usually:

  • Traditional 
  • Family-oriented
  • Nurturing and kind
  • Loyal and dependable
  • Sentimental
  • Supportive 
  • Moody
  • Secretive

As you can surmise by their traits, Cancer men are usually excellent partners.

They’re like loyal puppy dogs who will treat you well if you do the same.

They show their affection by being present and supportive in the good times and bad, and you can always count on Cancer men to be direct but thoughtful.

23 Must-Know Signs a Cancer Man Is Serious About You 

Cancer men don’t always wear their emotions on their sleeves, and it can take them a while to open up. But when they do, you’ll know it.

So to help you assess your situation, let’s take a look at signs a Cancer man is in love at various stages in the relationship.

1. He Will Go Out of His Way To Drop You Off Safely

Dating Status: Early Days / Getting To Know Each Other

You were hanging out with a group of friends. You planned to take public transportation home, but he insists he’ll drive you instead. You protest and say it’s too far or out of his way. He won’t hear it. As far as he’s concerned, he’ll be your chauffeur for the night.

He doesn’t care that you live miles away and in the opposite direction. After all, it will give him more time alone with you to chat.

And when he drops you off, he’ll ensure you get in the door safely before driving off. 

2. He’ll Even Go Out of His Way To Help You Move

Dating Status: Two or Three Months Into the Relationship

You’re moving, but don’t want to be presumptuous and assume he’ll help. So, you play it cool and mention your move, but you don’t outright ask for help.

sweet man giving flowers to girlfriend signs a cancer man is serious about you

He responds by enthusiastically offering to hand. And when moving day arrives, he’ll be the guy who leans in and gets the job done — and not complain for a single second. 

Why is your crab being so generous with his energy and time? He’s showing off and letting you know he cares.

3. He Always Knows When Something Isn’t Right in Your World

Dating Status: Together for at Least Six Months

Did you have a terrible day at work? Get in an argument with a friend or family member? Or perhaps you just don’t feel like yourself or have had a chaotic day at work.

Whatever the case, a cancer man who is serious about his partner will know the moment he sees them as crabs are highly perceptive when it comes to the people they love.

Not only will they notice, but cancers will go out of their way to fix whatever is troubling you. 

4. He Spoils You

Dating Status: At Least Three Months Together

Cancerian men are usually traditional by nature and love to play the role of providers who spoil their partners.

When they're into someone, they'll shower them with gifts, big and small.

Plus, Cancer males will make huge deals out of all your wins. They'll throw surprise parties for your birthday, graduation, and other milestones.

Even if their budgets are tight, they'll find a way to stretch a dollar and fete you.

5. He Promptly Answers Text Messages

Dating Status: Early Days / Getting To Know Each Other

While prompt text replies are a tell-tale sign that someone is into you no matter the sign, it’s especially true for cancers.

When lukewarm about a relationship, their moody side takes over, and they may not rush to return your texts. But if they’re serious about you, they will be on top of that text within seconds. 

If you send him a crying or sad emoji, he’ll be at your door faster than superman if he’s smitten.

6. He’s Vulnerable With You

Dating Status: At Least Three Months or More

Cancer males are often reserved and stoic and usually don't air their dirty laundry to people they merely “like.” To put it another way: If he shares, he cares.

Vulnerability is a sign of profound affection for men who fall under the sign of cancer, and they don't dole it out haphazardly. So if he opens up, take it as a positive sign.

7. He’s Clear About How He Feels

Dating Status: Early Days / Getting To Know Each Other

We’ll mention this fact because it’s a massive part of the Cancer male personality: They’re straightforward with people they genuinely care about.

If he’s looking for something serious, you will know. He will tell you, point blank. If he’s interested in a casual “situationship,” he’ll also let that be known.

In other words: Believe what he tells you.

8. Doesn’t Play the Jealousy Game

Dating Status: Early Days / Getting To Know Each Other / Long-Term 

Loyalty is a hallmark of crabby men. As such, they don't play games and are allergic to faux jealousy. Instead of trying to manipulate a situation, they're upfront. Cancerians aren't interested in testing your affection.

If they don't feel you're interested in them, they'll move on instead of trying to game the situation.

9. You’re Good Friends

Dating Status: Very Early Days of Interest

Cancer males usually have close friend groups, and there’s a chance you’re a part of that crew. After all, crabs tend to go for people they know as it’s more comfortable.

But note how he treats you. Does he value your opinion above others in your group? Does he always make a point to be near you when everyone is hanging out? If so, he is probably committed to taking things to the next level.

10. He’s Protective of You

Dating Status: At Least One Month Together

Chivalry is part of a Cancerian's code. Sure, moodiness is also a big part of their personalities, but they're knights in shining armor when it comes to people they genuinely care about.

And their concern is both physical and emotional. If someone lays a hand on you, they'll hit back. If someone talks down to you or hurls abusive language your way, they'll fire up their tongue in defense. And if anyone tries to take advantage of you – well, watch out.

11. He’s Transparent About Finances

Dating Status: Things Are Getting Serious

Cancer men are usually very responsible people who are on top of their finances. That doesn’t mean they’re all wealthy, but they know what they have and work within those confines.

When they’re serious about a relationship, they share their financial situation with their partners. Keeping you informed is one of the ways they express trust.

12. He Only Flirts With You

Dating Status: From Early on in the Relationship

When a cancer man wants you, he doesn’t play games and only flirts with you. For example, let’s say you’re out with a big group. While he’ll be pleasant with others, the only flirtations will be directed toward you. 

So make a note of how he treats others when out. Is he reserved with others but takes the time to wink and lightly touch your hands and back? If so, you can rest assured that he’s into you.

13. He Asks To Meet Your Family

Dating Status: At Least Two Months Together

Being traditionalists, crabs care a lot about family and maintaining those bonds. He’s the kind of person who dreams about having a family and loves being around his own.

So if he asks to meet your family, he likes you a lot. And when he does meet them, he’ll go out of his way to be polite and try to impress them.

14. You Settle Into a Routine

Dating Status: Together for at Least Six Months

Traditional people tend to prefer stability, which is absolutely the case with Cancerians. So if you two have fallen into a comfortable routine, and you always know where the other is, interpret that as an excellent sign.

Of course, there will be times when life throws a curveball. But overall, to the crab population, settling into a routine with a partner is an excellent sign.

15. He Will Perform for Your Attention

Dating Status: All Stages

Arguably, Cancers are a “needy” sign when it comes to romantic relationships. They want your attention and affection and will work for it.

They’re the guys who will plan an elaborate “prom-posal.”  And if you don’t want a flash mob marriage proposal, let him know well in advance (though he may be disappointed).

16. He Wants To Be Involved in Your Life

Dating Status: At Least Three Months Together

As we’ve mentioned, the Cancer male sometimes come across as “clingy.” Some people find it irritating, but if you’re with a crab man, he’ll want to be involved in every aspect of your life — if he’s serious about you.

When we say “involved,” we don’t necessarily mean he’ll want a say or be physically invested in everything, but he will want to know about everything. Try not to take it as him being controlling. It’s just how he shows he cares.

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17. He’s Always Appreciative

Dating Status: All Stages

We’ve mentioned a couple of times these men love attention from loved ones. The other half of that is that they’re always appreciative.

They take note when people do things for them — even little things, like making coffee in the morning — and genuinely appreciate every tiny effort made on their behalf. They’re the guys who enjoy a daily morning text.

So if they’re always thanking you for every little thing, they like you a lot.

18. He’s An Incredible Listener

Dating Status: All Stages

Crab men are incredible listeners when the person talking is someone they care about. You can gripe, vent, and confide in them, and they won’t betray your trust.

Need to talk all night long? If that’s what you need, that’s what he’ll do.

19. He’ll Make Sure You Know He Cares for You

Dating Status: Once He Knows He’s Into You

Have you ever dated someone who was always angry and used his emotions to manipulate? You likely won’t have that issue with a Cancerian man who’s serious about you.

Sure, he may get angry, upset, or disappointed, but he won’t use it as a weapon. Instead, a classic cancer man will state his issues clearly, while simultaneously letting you know that he still has feelings for you but is upset at the moment.

A cancer man rarely, if ever, goes to bed angry if he clashes with a partner he loves.

20. He Performs Romantic Gestures

Dating Stage: Together for at Least One Month

Cancers may be crabby — but much less so when they’re smitten. With their loved ones, they’re big mushy teddy bears who believe in the power of romantic gestures.

Moreover, his actions will be thoughtful. He’ll remember things you say and act on those. He aims to please you, not impress other people.

21. You’ve Met His Circle of Trust

Dating Status: At Least One Month

Again, men born under crabby stars are all about friends and family. In fact, there’s a good chance you and the Cancer guy you’re dating started as friends.

But if not, know he doesn’t take friend and family introductions lightly. So if you’ve made the cut and have met the most important people in his life, you can bet he’s very interested in seeing where things go with you.

22. He’s Open About Past Relationships

Dating Status: After Three Months

A Cancer may not open his “vault of time past” immediately, but if he’s interested in taking things further, he will. And if he’s deeply interested, he’ll tell you about past relationships.

Take note of how he talks about them, though. Does he always blame the endings of past relationships on his ex-partners? If so, be cautious. A trustworthy Cancerswill also cite mistakes they made. 

23. Doesn’t Play Games

Dating Status: From the Start

Ultimately, Cancer males don’t play coy. Neither will they make you guess how they feel. Their actions align with their words, and they’re loyal to a fault. 

If there’s a mutual spark and you respect his personhood, dating a Cancerian man can be a wonderful experience.

How Do Cancer Men Show Affection?

Each zodiac sign has certain traits for which they’re known. Cancers usually make headlines for their moodiness.

And though many are mercurial, Cancers can be phenomenal partners to people they genuinely love. The operative word in that sentence is “genuinely,” though. 

So how do they show affection? 

  • They say it. Cancers don’t like to play games with people they love.
  • They’re organized. When in a partnership, crabs are often “on the ball” regarding routines and responsibilities.
  • They’re around. Cancers like to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible.
  • They ask questions. Men who fall under the sign of cancer want to know everything they can about their partners and will ask a lot of questions.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide to men born under the sign of cancer has shed a little more light on your situation. The main takeaway is that “crabby” men show interest and affection to their loved ones.

So if he’s showering you with attention, he’s probably serious about the relationship.