7 Stages Of Healing From Emotional Abuse

sad woman, stages of healing from emotional abuse

You finally did it. You ended it.

You left your abuser after years of manipulation, verbal assaults, control, and unkindness. Now it's time to face the stages of healing from emotional abuse.

You had the courage to say, “Enough is enough,” and make the excruciating decision to say goodbye to this person you once loved, maybe even still love in spite of everything.

Part of you feels exhilarated. You are free — free from walking on eggshells, feeling anxious in your own home, spending night after night wondering what you should do.

Your life is now your own.

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The 11 Best Ways to Know If A Married Woman Likes You More Than A Friend

woman at work, how to know if a married woman likes you more than a friend

You’re picking up some clear hints that a married female coworker is interested in more than a professional relationship.

Or are you just imagining it?

After all, some people are friendlier than others.

Maybe she sees you as a real friend at work, so naturally she shows you more attention than she does to others.

You have a connection of sorts. You’re just not sure what she expects.

And you don’t want to give her the wrong idea.

So, what are the signs a married woman is attracted to you?

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The 13 Best Ways To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

sad woman, how to stop feeling sorry for yourself

When going through a tough time, you may find yourself on a downward spiral, looking for comfort with self-pity.

Whether you’ve been wronged by someone else or certain choices have taken you down a bad path, it’s in our nature to fixate on blaming or feeling sorry for yourself.

This pattern might feel inescapable.

Similar to a monkey swinging through a forest, grasping vine after vine, humans have a tendency to grab onto one self-pitying thought and swing to the next.

It’s not until we are deep into the dark jungle, feeling too scared to jump down, that we start looking for a way out.

To help take those steps back home, we have found 13 ways to overcome self-pity. 

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Your List Of The Best Careers For ENFP Personality Types

woman speaking, ENFP careers

If you’re an ENFP, what are the best, most satisfying careers for your personality type?

We're here to answer that question and help you understand more about who you are and how you best express yourself on the job and otherwise.

If you're wondering, “How rare is an ENFP?” you'll be interested to know that you are one of the rarest personality types.

At roughly 7% of the population, ENFPs have a way of standing out (in a good way). And while they love building new connections, they need more alone time than most other extraverts.

They use this time to process their experiences and explore the deeper meanings behind them.

The ideal ENFP careers take this into account, addressing key interests and avoiding unnecessary constraints on the ENFP’s passion and creativity.

So, what does that look like, exactly? And what types of careers should an ENFP focus on?

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111 Of The Best Speed Dating Questions Ever Asked

man and woman talking, speed dating questions

You’re new to speed dating, and you’re not exactly sure of the right questions to ask.

Sure, you have some ideas, but once you’re in front of your date, your mind goes blank. 

And before you know it, you’re talking to someone else. 

Welcome to our list of 111 speed date questions, including some examples of questions you should definitely avoid.

Because you need to know that, too. 

Look through your options, and choose the questions that interest you most. And be ready to answer them yourself. 

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Is Positive Thinking Just Wishful Thinking? 11 Facts To Know

man thinking, positive thinking is basically wishful thinking

Do you ever wonder if positive thinking is basically wishful thinking?

Maybe you've tried to be one of those positive thinkers, but it doesn't seem to change your life in any significant way. Or does it?

You may not know the impact of positive thinking and how making slight tweaks in your thinking habits can benefit you profoundly.

You also may not know how hard it is to maintain positive thinking. Your seeming lack of success with it may have made you question it or wonder if there are disadvantages of positive thinking.

Are there days when your thoughts are so constantly positive, self-affirming, and confident that you feel upbeat and happy all day? Probably not. But let's explore why it's much more than wishful thinking.

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11 Damaging After Effects Of Emotional Abuse

unhappy couple, after effects of emotional abuse

Have you or has someone you love suffered from an emotionally abusive relationship?

Even if that relationship is now over, you may still be living with the long term effects of emotional abuse. The relief that comes of no longer being subject to abusive treatment doesn’t erase its impact on your psychological well-being.

A Canadian study involving 1,000 women aged 15 and up resulted in the following statistics:

  • 35% of the women had experienced emotional abuse growing up
  • 43% had suffered some form of abuse as children or adolescents
  • 39% had experienced emotional abuse in a relationship within the past five years

Whatever you’ve been through with an abusive spouse, partner, relative, or friend, you have a right to call the abuse what it is, to fight for your independence, and to experience peace again.

And your awareness is the first step toward learning how to recover from emotional abuse.

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15 Top Reasons You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

woman thinking, why can't I stop thinking about him?

You’ve spent more time than you’d like to admit fantasizing about someone you can’t have. 

Your whole sense of self is tied to the idea that you two should be together.

By chasing that carrot, you’re getting further away from the gold. You’re leaving yourself behind.

But if you know the reasons why you can’t stop thinking about him, it’s easier to see how your life could improve if you let him go. 

The more clearly you can see the path you’re on, the sooner you can get back to becoming the person you want to be. 

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