Freelance Writing Jobs: How To Start And Where To Find Lucrative Gigs

Freelance Writing Jobs

Do you love to write?

Do you wish you could write more?

Would you like to get paid for your writing?

If you answered "yes" to some or all of these questions, here's one more for you: what's been holding you back?

For a long time, I didn't think of myself as a "writer." Sure, I wrote a lot for my work in public relations. I wrote speeches, press releases, promotion plans, and business correspondence.

But I didn't write for pleasure or for the benefit of educating or entertaining other people -- or even for the experience of becoming a better writer.

I thought creative writing was for, well, creative writers, and I didn't put myself in that category. What I didn't realize is that all creative writers start out as mediocre or even poor writers until they have some experience and work at it.

Once I began writing for my own blog, for other blogs, for books, magazines, webinars, social media, and courses, I realized, "I am a creative writer!" And I also recognized how my writing improved with practice and experience.

Maybe you have some of the same limiting beliefs.

You might not think of yourself as a writer. Or maybe you're scared of rejection or think that you don't have what it takes. Maybe you think no one would hire you, or you wouldn't make any money with your writing.

One of the best ways to improve your skills, build your confidence, and create a steady income stream is through freelance writing jobs.

According to the most comprehensive survey of the U.S. independent workforce in nearly a decade,“Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the New Workforce,” more than one in three workers in the U.S. (53 million people) are now freelancing.

With more businesses and contractors looking online to find writing support, the need for writers continues to grow. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the demand for writers and authors is projected to grow six percent from 2010 to 2020.

As a freelancer, you can determine your writing niche, set your own rates, determine your own schedule, and grow your business by outsourcing work to other independent contractors.

Anyone thinking about freelance writing jobs should consider these trends before getting started: (more…)

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