35 Comforting Things To Say When Someone Dies

grieving person, what to say when someone dies

Do you know what to say when someone dies?

Or do you — like many of us — struggle to come up with the right words of sympathy?

Maybe you’ve decided to say as little as possible and show your sympathy with thoughtful actions and gifts. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you want some help putting your sympathy into words that won’t make anyone cringe, we’ve curated this list of comforting things to say or write.

We’ve even thrown in a short list of things not to (ever) say to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

So, what can you say that will send the right message to a grieving friend?

Why It’s Important to Offer Condolences

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It’s Time To Reassess If You See These 25 Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you

You’ve probably landed here because you’re confused about the situation with a guy.

You like him a lot, but he’s hopping from hot to cold and sending mixed signals.

It’s been a few months — maybe longer — but the relationship isn’t progressing as you’d like.

And now you’re wondering if he’s as into you as you are him.

Today, we’re unpacking what it feels like when a man doesn’t want you.

Let’s dive in.

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Worried Your Husband Doesn’t Find You Attractive? 21 Subtle Signs He May Not

couple having problems signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive

When you first met, your husband couldn’t get enough of you.

He complimented you on how you looked.

You caught him checking you out on occasion, and you had a thrilling sex life

Now that many years have gone by, you’re worrying your husband no longer finds you attractive. 

There may be a legitimate cause for concern, but you could also feel down about yourself.

This low self-esteem makes you concerned about your husband’s feelings toward you.

You may think, “I don’t feel attractive to my husband,” though he compliments you often and tries to reassure you.

Getting to the root of the issue can help the situation and prevent marital complications.

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If Your Relationship Partner Doesn’t Make You A Priority, These 61 Quotes Are For You

man on the phone neglecting partner not feeling like a priority in a relationship quotes

Your romantic relationship is where you’re supposed to feel cherished, respected, and loved. 

But what if your partner sidelines you and puts you and your needs on the back burner – behind a job, hobby, time with friends, or any number of other people and activities? 

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be, and it feels awful when you aren’t a priority in your partner’s life. 

Your love relationship should be the centerpiece of your lives together, and if it’s not – well, it’s time to reassess and decide if you want to stay with someone who doesn’t put you first.

Reading through our collection of relationship priority quotes can remind you that you deserve to be number one in your love partnership.

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Your Go-To List Of The Perfect Words To Describe Someone You Love

couple sweet by the beach words to describe someone you love

What’s a deeper word for love?

Is it hard for you to come up with sweet and powerful words to describe love for someone? 

It’s natural to want to tell your special person how much you love them, but sometimes you want to say beyond, “I love you.”

If you have a large vocabulary and know how to turn a phrase, it’s easier to make your beloved feel how much you care.

But most of us don’t have dictionaries in our brains to help us capture just the right words.

To that end, we’ve compiled a massive list as a reference to help you find the words to describe someone special in your life.

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Is Your Separation Is Killing You: 15 Positive Signs That You Will Likely Reconcile

couple hugging watching view positive signs during separation

You and your spouse decided to separate — and now your heart is breaking.

After some time apart, you’re desperate to work things out.

It turns out they truly are the love of your life!

Like most people in this situation, you’re wondering: What are the chances of reconciling after separation?

Or maybe you’re curious about the signs of reconciliation after separation and wonder if you might see them in your situation.

So today, we’re examining the possibility of reconciliation after separation and the associated signs.

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Could Your Husband Be Gay? 9 Signs He Is And Is Hiding It

Is my husband gay?

Has your husband exhibited behavior recently that makes you question whether or not they might be attracted to men? 

While your husband may be a trustworthy and respectable man, there may be some gay husband warning signs that you can’t stop thinking about.

 If the sexual orientation of your husband might not be what you initially thought it was, we have nine signs that point to your husband being gay, and he’s been hiding it all along.

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People Don’t Tell You About These 7 Rebound Relationship Stages, But You Should Know Them

man and woman kissing rebound relationship stages

The label “on the rebound” is a warning about dating someone fresh off of a big breakup. 

People generally see rebound relationships as likely to fail.

Whether the person was the dumper or dumpee, the new connection is often a way to purge the old relationship. 

If you’re dating someone on the rebound or you’re on the rebound yourself, chances are the partnership will loosely follow what is known as a rebound relationship timeline.

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