7 Steps To Find Yourself When You Feel Lost

Find Yourself

There was a period in my life when I felt completely lost.

I had plenty of responsibilities and endless lists of things that had to be done. But none of these things afforded me any sense of purpose or prolonged joy.

It seemed like I was on a treadmill, doing the same things every day and trying to fill my time with distractions and busy work. I started to feel like a stranger to myself, unsure of what I was meant to do and who I was supposed to be.

The most difficult part of this time was feeling completely powerless to change my situation. I had no idea what I wanted or needed to make things better, and I didn't have a clue about how to find out.

In retrospect, I recognize that I was in a life transition period, shedding the person I once was while trying to figure out who I was to become. These periods of life can feel very scary and lonely.

Have you ever felt like you are lost and stuck in a rut? Have you ever felt lost to yourself, like you are a stranger inhabiting your body?

Whether it is in your personal or professional life, if you feel like you are living the wrong life, or that what you are doing each day lacks meaning and authenticity, you are likely to feel lost.

As isolating and lonely as this situation feels, you certainly aren't alone. Everyone goes through periods of disconnection, uncertainty, and apathy.

It doesn’t mean your life is over if you aren't sure how to find yourself again. It just means that you are in a transitional phase that you have to work your way out of.

The key to finding yourself again is to step out of your rut, take action, and work to create a life you love again. Like me, though, you may have no idea how to go about that.

Here are seven steps on how to find yourself again when you feel lost:


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