37 Of The Best Quotes About Finding Your Passion

Have you found it yet? That thing that lights you up? That makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? That gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life?

We’re talking about your passion — whether you enjoy it in your career, a hobby, volunteer work, or some kind of side gig.

And we want to inspire you to embrace your passion with a list of the best “follow your passion” quotes.

Having something you feel passionate about is life-altering, even if you only pursue it part-time or after work. Having a passion can :

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The Ultimate Guide To Making A Powerful Vision Board

woman cutting, how to make a vision board

You’ve heard about vision boards and how powerful they can be.

You may have even heard you can manifest your dreams and attract wealth and success by using them.

But a vision board isn’t about magic or wishful thinking.

Rather, it’s a practical tool to help you reach your goals and make positive change in your life.

It’s more about clarity, visualization, and daily, purposeful action.

It’s about knowing what you want for yourself and your future, and showcasing those goals and dreams on a visual inspiration tool.

Welcome, then, to the ultimate guide on how to make a vision board that will help launch you toward the life you want.

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Do You Ask Yourself: “What Am I Doing With My Life?”

man sitting, what am I doing with my life

If you do, you probably also ask yourself, “What am I supposed to do with my life?”

Those shoulds have a way of creeping in when we’re feeling lost.

But what is the reason of asking, “What am I doing with my life?” if not to examine things more closely?

And when we do that, assumptions fall away, taking most of the shoulds with them.

If we do it right, all that remains is the truth.

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Want To Make A Vision Board? Try These 29 Unique Ideas

woman with magazine, vision board ideas

You might think vision boards are sort of like the poster equivalent of a scrapbook.

They do look a bit like that, don’t they?

But instead of using them to remember something you’ve already done, you use them to inspire you to work toward the goals and dreams you have now.

There are so many ways to create a dream board — because you have so many things you want for your life.

When it comes to what to put on a vision board, all depends on your purpose for it and what you want to achieve.

The best vision board ideas for you are those that help you reach your goals and make your visions reality by inspiring action.

Before we delve into all of the various types of boards, here’s a reminder of why you’re making the effort to create one.

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How to Change the World in 75 Simple Steps

I’d love to change the world. But I don’t know what to do. So I’ll leave it up to you –  Ten Years After

Can you relate to these song lyrics?

I think we’ve all thought about changing the world at one point or another.

Of course, as the song implies, while many of us are eager to make a difference, not a lot of us know where to start.

The good news is that change is very much possible, but like so many things in life – it doesn’t happen overnight.

Change is a process, one which requires a lot of dedication, effort and self-sacrifice. So, before you rush into this and start making plans for global revolution, try to keep in mind these two words:

Baby steps.

And today, you’ll learn what you can do to improve the world by following these 75 simple steps.

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What To Do When You Feel Lost In Life

Have you found yourself thinking, “Life should be more than this?”

If so, maybe you’re feeling lost and depressed about the difference between your current life and what you hoped your life would be.

Author and creativity coach Eric Maisel coined the term “existential intelligence” to describe the weight carried by those with a high sensitivity to the inherent meaning in everything they do.

If you don’t see your daily activities as a meaningful contribution to your life’s purpose, the discord can make you feel anxious and depressed.

If your job makes you feel dead inside, if your love relationship is stuck in a negative spiral, or if you look in the mirror and want to cry at your reflection, you’re probably feeling lost and wondering how to get to the life you wanted.

Or maybe you’ve already told yourself, “I feel lost in life. But there’s nothing I can do to change that.”

The good news is you’re wrong. There’s always something you can do.

Whether that something will change your life overnight isn’t for me or anyone else to say, but everything you do matters.

Before we address what to do when you feel lost, you need to know why you’re feeling this way.

And that starts with asking a few questions.

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The Life Passion Journal: Journal Your Way To Your Dream Life

Life Passion Journal, find your passion

“I’m making a ton of money. I have a job other people would kill for. I can buy anything I want. But I’m miserable.”

Those were the words of one of my coaching clients a few years ago who was searching for his life passion.

From all appearances, he was in an enviable situation. He had a great job, making a lot of money. He had all of the trappings of a fabulous lifestyle.

But it just wasn’t fulfilling. He wasn’t passionate about his work, and he was discovering that money and things weren’t enough to sustain him.

Fortunately, he could afford to hire a coach to help him find his passion, and he could comfortably make a transition to his passion once we worked together to find it.

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How To Find Your Passion And Do The Work You Love

Hey, what’s happening with your life right now?

Are things going pretty well?

Are you happy with your job?

Most days do you feel fulfilled and enthusiastic about what’s going on in your world?

I hope you do — but if you don’t, you’re not alone.

Most people would give their lives a C+.

Things are okay. Nothing terrible is happening.

Some parts of life are pretty good, but on the whole, your day-to-day is rather ho-hum.

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