12 Of The Best Ways To Overcome Fear Of Being Alone

Lonely woman, fear of being alone

If you’re like most people, you enjoy being by yourself sometimes, but you also have times when you crave time with your friends and family.

You may dread being alone in certain situations, like going out to dinner or attending a party where you don’t know anyone.

You want to have a friend with you to make it more comfortable.

This is normal, as a lot of us like to have someone with us in situations we aren’t familiar with or when we are doing something new.

But sometimes, just wanting company isn’t the problem.

Some folks can’t be alone at all without feeling deeply uncomfortable or even afraid.

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Strong, Independent Women Never Do These 21 Things

independent woman

Even if you don’t realize it, you have incredible strength and independence as a woman.

Although we still have a long way to go, women have more control today than ever before over their careers, bodies, finances, and lifestyles.

Women are capable of supporting themselves and their families and are breaking old stereotypes of traditional female roles.

Gender discrimination still exists, but 53% more independent women are participating in the workforce than fifty years ago, giving women a louder voice in society.

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Want To Be Fearless? 23 Mindsets And Actions To Embrace

woman with surfboard, how to be fearless

Fear. You experience it everyday in small and large doses.

It’s the little demon that sits on your shoulder, holding you back from growth, success, fulfillment and happiness.

We love the idea of being fearless, but knowing how to have no fear when your body is about to explode with anxiety is another matter.

In our modern world, most fear is unfounded.

Sure, it’s normal to be afraid if you are being mugged or in some other situation that causes real or potential physical or psychological harm.

But we are generally safe from that kind of danger.

Our most common fears come from baseless things.

  • Events or situations that haven’t happened or may never happen.
  • Negative thinking patterns we’ve created and habituated.
  • False beliefs and reinforced mediocrity.
  • A child-like desire for comfort and safety.

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What Is Fear Of Success And11 Sure-Fire Ways To Conquer It

anxious woman, fear of success

Have you ever had an experience where you sabotaged your own success, even when you longed to be successful?

It’s a strange and disconcerting situation in which to find yourself.

On the one hand, you dream of accomplishment and glory.

On the other, you overtly or passively subvert your every effort.

What’s up with that? And why are we afraid of the very thing we all long for?

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How To Keep Going When Life Is Hard

man leaning on wall why is life so hard

Why is life so hard?

Or why does it so often seem as though, no matter what we do or how much we accomplish, bad things keep happening to us and to the people we love?

When life is hard, what do you tell yourself? Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

  • “If so-and-so had/hadn’t done X, this wouldn’t have happened!”
  • “Oh, well. Such is life (and then you die).”
  • “I only expect bad things, anyway, so I won’t be disappointed.”
  • “What did I do wrong?” or “Can I fix this?”
  • “What can I learn from this?”

Whatever you think and do as a habit when life is hard, it affects your ability to grow, to be happy, and to become the person you want to be.

And even when every fiber of your being is telling you, “Life is too hard,” there are things you can do to get back on your feet and keep going. The alternative is quitting.

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32 Of The Best Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles In Life

woman on bridge, overcoming adversity quotes

Everyone would be able to achieve success if there were no obstacles standing in their way.

But the reality is that there is always some type of barrier standing between you and the things you want in life.

These barriers may be very simple to step over, but many are more complex and test your willingness to persist. This is certainly not always easy, but there is always a way.

Obstacles can manifest themselves in three ways.

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Overcoming Self-Doubt: How To Believe In Yourself To Accomplish More

Overcoming Self-Doubt

A guest post by Sarah Peterson

Have you ever had a dream, desire, or idea that you wrote off because you didn’t believe that you could accomplish it?

I have.

This was my mantra of early 2014:

“Nobody knows who I am. I don’t have an Ivy League education. I’ve never done anything exceptional. Who would care what I have to say?”

I had been blogging and building businesses online for three years, and I had just noticed a trend in the types of questions I was being asked.

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