Friday Night With Nothing To Do? 39 Fun Activities To Make You Say TGIF

Things to Do on a Friday Night

Friday night rarely lives up to its reputation as a night of wild parties or hitting the clubs. 

Especially as you get older, those types of activities lose their appeal. 

That leaves you with time on your hands if you don’t plan ahead.

If you don't want to spend another Friday night binging a mediocre TV series, consider one of the following Friday night activities that do far more than just take up time.

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Best 9 Convertible Backpack Purses

Raise your hand if the inside of your closet looks like a window shop of an Italian store with a fine selection of purses, handbags, totes, and backpacks.

What if you didn’t have to purchase a new bag for every event that pops out?

What if there was a way to use your casual backpack as a stylish purse?

Impossible? Not quite.

Delve deeper into the wonderful world of convertible bags where we introduce you to the best convertible backpack purses suitable for just about any occasion.

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7 of the Best Heated Gloves for Winter

If you are a human person then you know that having cold hands is no fun at all.

And sometimes it can be excruciatingly painful.

Even when we are engaged in extreme outdoor sports and our body temperatures are through the roof, our poor little fingers can still be frozen solid.

Luckily for us, some smart people have come up with the solution. So, stay tuned as we walk you through the best heated gloves available.

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Best 9 Toddler Travel Beds

Gone are the days of sleeping in the backseat of your car parked next to a highway in the middle of nowhere.

While those arrangements might have worked when you were traveling solo or in pairs, things tend to change when you’re on the road with family.

For all your adventurers traveling with a toddler in tow, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best toddler travel beds that’ll save you plenty of time, money and most importantly – patience.

God knows you’ll need it!

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6 Of The Best Packable Down Jackets

Nothing screams versatility like a great down jacket.

Whether you are heading into the mountains, off on your travels or are looking for something light, warm and comfortable, we have taken a look at the best packable down jackets to save you the time.

And when we say packable, it is a pretty big understatement, as the heaviest jacket we feature weighs in at a feather-light 17 ounces.

One of them even folds up into its own pocket. How cool is that?

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8 Of The Best Dual Voltage Curling Irons

In a perfect world, your hair would look fantastic no matter what.

Your hair would never be ruffled by extreme heat, extreme cold, or other stresses to your tresses.

But when you travel frequently, you don’t really have much time for a full-blown hair care routine.

All you can do is grab the best dual voltage curling iron you can find, and use it in a way that’ll transform your hair from flat to fab.

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Best 7 Packable Rain Jackets for Men

man standing by lake in rain Packable Rain Jackets for Men

What’s worse than getting caught in a storm in the middle of vacation?

Not being prepared, of course!

No matter where you're heading next, a rain jacket should definitely find a way onto your packing list.

This list of best packable rain jackets for men will help you find the most suitable one for you!

Best part? They’re compact and portable and won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

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9 Of The Best Travel Humidifiers For 2021

Imagine waking up in your hotel room, all excited for the day.

Suddenly, your head starts spinning, your nose starts leaking like a faucet, and your throat feels like something is clawing on it from the inside. Ugh!

That’s what happens when humidity levels are low.

Low humidity means there’s not enough moisture in the air, which dries out the mucous membrane in your respiratory tract.

That, in turn, makes you more vulnerable to airborne bacteria/viruses which make you sick. 

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