Get Him Good! The Top 25 Hilarious Pranks Your Boyfriend Will Never See Coming

Pranking your boyfriend can be tons of fun – when done right. 

There's nothing quite like getting a silly reaction out of your guy with a well-executed prank. 

The secret is coming up with tricks he'll never see coming. 

If you go too mean, you risk actually upsetting him, but go too tame, and you won't get the hilarious reaction you want. 

The key is finding that sweet spot of pranks that catch him off guard just enough to get him good but not so over-the-top he feels genuinely freaked out. 

Read on for 25 prank ideas guaranteed to surprise your man and give you both a good laugh!

Things to Consider Before You Pull a Prank on Your Boyfriend

​​Before executing any prank on your unsuspecting boyfriend, it's important to think through a few key factors first.

  • Consider his sense of humor – Make sure the prank aligns with what he would find funny vs. upsetting or mean-spirited. Know his boundaries.
  • Timing is everything – Don't prank him when he's stressed, tired from work, or in an important meeting. Pick a time when he's relaxed and more likely to appreciate the humor.
  • Involve others wisely – Recruiting friends or family he's comfortable with will ensure better reactions. Don't involve strangers.
  • Record his reaction – Making a video gives you memories to laugh about later. But ask permission first.
  • Make it reversible – Choose pranks that don't cause permanent damage or mess. Anything you can reverse quickly will go over better.
  • Plan your escape – Anticipate his reaction so you can get out of the way quickly if needed.
  • End on a positive note – After a good laugh, do something nice so he doesn't feel “pranked on” all day.

27 of the Best Pranks to Do on Your Boyfriend

From innocent and playful to downright devious, these 27 pranks range from effortless to more time-intensive. 

man sleeping with ink drawing on face pranks to do on your boyfriend

But they all deliver big laughs and reactions he won't soon forget. Get ready to prank your man good!

Fun, Easy Pranks on Your Boyfriend

1. Fake Parking Tickets

Print out fake parking tickets and place them on his car windshield for when he comes out. Make sure to use bright colored paper and write violations like “Failure to Be Awesome Enough” or “Unlawful Levels of Handsomeness.” For an added touch, crumple the paper a bit so it looks like it's been under the windshield wiper.

2. Switch Out Food Items

Swap healthy items in the pantry for junk food or vice versa. Replace protein powder with cake mix or sub in cauliflower for his white rice. Watch his reaction when he takes a big, unsuspecting bite of “rice.” For bonus points, replace Oreos with cucumber slices.

3. Wake Up Prank

If he sleeps in late, rig devices around the room to go off at various times. Set an alarm on his phone, program Alexa to play music, and use a timer for the TV. He'll think he's awake for the day only to be woken up again! For a gentler option, lightly tickle his feet or hands.

4. Fake Love Notes

Leave cute love notes in random spots, but sign them from a fake secret admirer like “Your Secret Crush” or “Your Shy Neighbor.” Add lipstick kisses for a realistic touch. Watch him puzzle over who his new admirer could be!

5. Wrong Trousers

Substitute a pair of his regular pants or jeans with an identical-looking pair in a smaller size. Watch him hilariously struggle and wonder why his pants suddenly won't button. Choose a much smaller size for extra comedy so he can barely get them over his knees.

6. Fake Lottery Tickets

Purchase losing scratch tickets and lightly scratch off a few squares to make it look like he just won big. Place them where he'll easily find them. Watch his excitement when he thinks he's rich suddenly turn to confusion and disappointment when he realizes it's fake. Make sure to reward his hopes with an actual prize in the end!

Cute Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend

7. Sweet Surprises

Hide cute little love notes in strange places – tuck one under the toilet seat, stick one in his underwear, or roll one up and insert it in his toothpaste. Jot down all the things you love about him or appreciative moments to make him smile. For extra romance, write several and strategically stick them on various parts of your body so he can pluck them off, one by one.

8. Picture Swap 

Temporarily swap out framed photos of you with pictures of other girls he’s never met or a funny celebrity headshot. For bonus laughs, recreate the exact same pose and framing. Wait to see how long it takes him to notice “you” look a bit different.

9. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Lead your boyfriend on an adorable scavenger hunt around the house with a series of love notes, each guiding him to the next spot. Include clues about special moments or inside jokes you share. At the end, surprise him with his favorite meal, movie night, or romantic slow dance.

woman covering man's eyes pranks to do on your boyfriend

10. Compliment Banner 

Design a long banner paper filled with loving compliments, cute doodles, or photos from your best times together. Hang it somewhere he'll see first thing in the morning. Add balloons and his favorite breakfast treat waiting below for an extra feel-good moment.

11. Sappy Playlist 

Make a playlist filled with cheesy love songs and sappy romantic tunes. Sync it to his phone and car, so it automatically starts playing as soon as he turns on the radio. Watch him chuckle each time a song like “Always and Forever” randomly comes on. 

12. Romantically Ruined Dinner

Let your guy know you’re planning a special, home-cooked dinner for him. Come up with the worst, most distasteful menu you can think of. Think fried spam, canned peas, and powdered mashed potatoes. Serve the candlelit meal beautifully – with so much pride that he thinks you’re serious and tries not to hurt your feelings. Then, let him off the hook by taking him out to dinner.

April Fools' Day Prank for Your Boyfriend

13. Hilarious House Swap

On April 1st, sneak into your boyfriend's place while he's out and swap items around to unexpected rooms. Place the couch cushions and TV remote in the bathroom, his toothbrush and shampoo in the kitchen, and cereal boxes in the bedroom. Watch his confusion grow as he discovers nothing is where it should be.

14. Hilarious Voicemails

Change your boyfriend's voicemail recording to something funny and embarrassing. Say he's away “taking ballet lessons until further notice” or that he “has dysentery and can't answer calls.” For an advanced prank, recruit friends and family to leave playful voicemails throughout the day along a similar silly theme.

15. Soap Switch 

Switch out his regular bar of soap for a funny gag soap that turns his hands blue or makes fake body odor bubbles. Other silly April Fools' soap options include ones shaped like gears or food items. Wait for the surprised shout from the shower when he lathers up.

16. Talking Alarm Clock

Set your boyfriend's alarm clock time ahead a few hours. Then prerecord yourself saying, “April Fools! Time to get up!” so he thinks it's morning. For an advanced option, rig devices around the room to turn on when the clock goes off.

17. Pop-Up Scares 

Hide yourself or recruit friends to jump out and yell “April Fools!” when your boyfriend enters different rooms. For added fright, have them wear masks or hold scary props. Just beware of scaring him too much if he's easily terrified! 

18. Hilarious News Stories 

Write fake outrageous news headlines like “Hawaii Bans Pineapple on Pizza” or “Millennials Officially Outlawed from Saying ‘Ok, Boomer'” Print them out formatted like real articles and leave them for your boyfriend to find and read. Convince him as long as possible that the silly stories are real.

Fun and Devious Pranks to Play on Boyfriends

19. Hilarious Browser Hijack

Change your boyfriend's browser homepage and tabs to silly fake websites like “” or “” For advanced pranks, create fake error pages saying things like “404: Boyfriend Not Found” or sites that won't let him exit. Watch him struggle with the internet going haywire.

20. Pop Quiz 

Type up fake trivia quiz questions with incorrect answers for categories your boyfriend thinks he knows well. Quiz him at random times throughout the day and insist he's getting the answers wrong, even for basic things. Watch him second-guess his knowledge.

21. Laundry Mishaps

Sneak a red sock in with his white laundry loads or swap boxers for funny patterned ones. For more advanced laundry pranks, sew socks shut or wrap rubber bands tightly around pant legs so he struggles to put them on.

22. Wild Goose Chase

Send your boyfriend on a quest to find his lost precious item – phone, wallet, watch – which you've actually hidden yourself. Leave cryptic clues guiding him on a complex search around the house to retrieve it. 

23. Fake Contacts 

Sneak his phone (if you can access it) and program your number under an odd fake name, like “State Police” or “County Health Department.” Then, give your phone to a friend and ask them to call him with a bogus issue that seems serious but requires him to do something confusing, funny, or silly.

couple laughing together pranks to do on your boyfriend

24. Powder Power 

Coat doorknobs, his phone, or the TV remote with powdered substances like flour, baking soda, or cornstarch. When he touches them, the powder will coat his hands and leave a messy residue. For bonus laughs, coat ceiling fan blades for a “snowfall” effect when turned on.

Ways to Prank Your Boyfriend Over Text

25. Fake Celebrity Numbers 

Use a temporary phone number app and text your boyfriend pretending to be his favorite celebrity. Say you got his number from a mutual friend and have always “secretly admired him.” See how long you can convince him he's texting with his idol.

26. Emoji Stories

Craft funny and bizarre stories using only emojis. The cryptic pictographs will leave him thoroughly confused yet amused as he tries to decipher the emoji narrative. For advanced storytelling, make it an interactive game where he adds emojis to continue the plot.

27. Wrong Number Texts 

Send a series of texts saying you think you have the wrong number. Start normally but progressively get weirder, like you're sharing personal details with a stranger. Bonus points if you can get him to respond before revealing it's just you pranking him.

28. Fortune Teller Prediction 

Take on a fake fortune teller persona and text eerily accurate predictions about his day, like, “You will eat a ham sandwich for lunch. At 2 pm, you will knock over a glass of water. Avoid cats today.” Freak him out with your psychic abilities before letting him know it's just you.

29. Absurd Argument

Start an absurd argument over text about something ridiculous, like whether water is wet or which way the toilet paper should hang. Playfully debate it for hours, citing fake experts and studies defending your silly stance. Refuse to concede until he's near exasperation.

30. Song Lyrics 

Send your boyfriend the wrong lyrics to songs he knows by heart. For example, change Springsteen's “Born in the USA” to be about his love of kale. See how many incorrect verses he can read before realizing you pranked him.

31. Fake News Alerts

Send fake breaking news alerts about hilarious made-up events happening in your area, like pandas escaping the zoo or the mayor banning all pants. Describe the “chaos” unfolding and see how convinced he is by your phony journalism skills.

32. Wrong Number Secret

While you’re at dinner with your boyfriend, suddenly look at your phone worriedly and then excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. While there, text your boyfriend, but pretend you think you’re texting your best friend. Discuss how you still haven’t told your boyfriend you’re secretly in the CIA and involved in a global operation to break up a spy ring and suspect your boyfriend’s a member. Mention how you’ve fallen in love with him and don’t know what to do. 

33. Pretend Problems

Text your boyfriend pretending to be someone else who has a ridiculous dilemma they need advice about – like your “grandma” asking him how to sign up for TikTok or a “neighbor” needing help setting up a dating profile. Give an exaggerated thankful response in character after each suggestion.

Should You Pull Pranks to Make Your Boyfriend Mad?

Pranks are a fun way to tease and bond with your boyfriend. However, some types of pranks risk genuinely upsetting or angering him. It's important to know his boundaries for humor. Steer clear of pranks that:

Embarrass him publicly – Tricking him into silly behaviors around other people can humiliate him and damage trust.

Mess with his belongings – Altering expensive items like his car, phone, or prized possessions could make him furious.

Feel cruel – Pranks that make him think you're injured, cheating, or breaking up go beyond playful for most.

Waste his time – Anything that causes him to miss work or important events will likely upset him.

Disrupt his sleep – Getting woken up repeatedly when he needs rest will irritate most partners.

Scare him excessively – For boyfriends who startle easily, terrifying pranks could really upset them.

The best approach is to start small and gauge his reaction. Discuss boundaries, too. With good communication, you can pull pranks that create laughs and connections. Avoid taking it too far into mean or harmful territory, as that will only breed resentment. Focus on lighthearted fun that brings you closer together.

Final Thoughts

Pulling the perfect prank on your unsuspecting boyfriend can lead to huge laughs and fun reactions when done right. Just be sure to tailor tricks to his sense of humor, know his limits, and end any jokes on a loving note. With the right prank spirit, you can give your guy a good-natured surprise and create playful memories together.