49 Of The Best Hobbies For Couples Who Want To Have Fun

Are you and your partner in a routine that's starting to feel a bit predictable?

Is the excitement of those early days together beginning to fade, and you want to try something new to add more fun back into your life?

Feeling bored doesn’t mean you love your partner any less. It might just mean you need to add novelty to break the routine of everyday life, and engaging in hobbies for couples is a good way to start.

Starting a fun couples hobby together will give you something new to talk about and can strengthen your bond. You can get away from the stressors of life and experience carefree time together.

Take a look at these 49 hobbies for couples that you and your beloved might want to enjoy together.

Here Are 49 Of The Best Hobbies For Couples Who Want To Have More Fun:

Most Romantic Hobbies For Couples

Check out these 18 romantic couples hobbies:

1. Sierra Design Portable Massage Table

Get on YouTube or grab a book from the library to learn how to give a great massage.

Teach your partner by showing them what you have learned so you can give each other massages.

This relaxing hobby for couples certainly has its benefits to both your mind and your body.

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2. Candle Making

Why not enhance your intimacy by adding some homemade candles?

Candle making has been around for centuries, but now it's become an art form that adds to your home decor and ambiance.

You can add essential oils to your homemade candles to make them smell good and design them in sizes and shapes that work for each room.

The most romantic part of this hobby will be using the candles later on for a candlelit dinner or a bath for two.

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3. Go Snorkeling

Everything you need to start this couples hobby that can be bought for less than $100.

It’s also an incredible opportunity to see all types of wildlife living in the ocean and spend some time in the water with your partner.

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4. Host Dinner Parties

If you enjoy going out with your other couple friends to dinner, start hosting a monthly dinner party for everyone.

This will be fun and inexpensive compared to everyone going to a restaurant. Share the romantic nights you have at home with your friends by doing this.

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5. Have More Sex

You may not think of sex as a hobby, but if you're not doing it regularly, maybe it should become one!

If you've gotten into a rut with your sex life, or you just want to up your game, approach your physical intimacy as something you want to

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6. Go Canoeing or Kayaking

There is a lot of room for you and your partner on a canoe or kayak so you can slowly drift around a lake or paddle vigorously down a river.

Take a picnic or a few drinks and go out for an afternoon on the water. Enjoying the scenery will always be a romantic outing and fun hobby to do.
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7. Discover Essential Oils

Learn about the different health benefits of various essential oils and start using them with your spouse or partner.

Whether you just diffuse them to get the health benefits, mix them in with your massage lotion, or use them topically with a carrier oil, there is a lot to learn about essential oils.

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8. Learn Reiki

This hands-on approach to healing uses a technique called “palm” healing. After learning how to do Reiki, you and your partner can heal each other through a “universal energy” that is transferred from the palms of the healer.

This practice is said to encourage both emotional and physical healing. Even if you don't quite get the concept of Reiki, using your hands to heal each other is pretty romantic and a fun couples hobby.

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9. Learn the Salsa

Take Salsa lessons with your partner! Not only is this very exciting, but you can't have a more fun hobby than dancing the Salsa.

Once you get the hang of it, put your own little twist on it to make it unique for the two of you.

Make a date to go out to a Salsa club and practice the moves you've learned in class. All of your friends will be envious once they see you dancing so well together.

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10. Learn Sign Language

Wouldn't it be cool if you and your partner could secretly talk to each other without friends or family knowing what you're saying?

Learn sign language together so you can convey romantic messages to one another when you are out in public.

This is an interesting hobby idea but also a great skill to have in life because there is a large population of people in the deaf community who need translators or just someone new to talk to.

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11. Try Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a form of exercise that you can do in your own home. Just purchase a spring pole to put up in a room and then research some moves to learn with each other.

This is a great strength training exercise that is also fun for couples to learn and very romantic. It may look easy, but it definitely takes some practice to get the hang of it — and guys shouldn't be hesitant to try it out!
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12. Walk Through Local Parks

Stroll through the parks in your area with your partner and people watch while you enjoy some exercise.

Fantasize about your future or reminisce about your past together and take time to notice the beauty of the great outdoors.

Make a date of it by bringing a beautiful picnic with a bottle of your favorite wine.

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13. Learn to Play Hacky Sack

Learning this couples hobby with your partner will be both fun and challenging, and it will be bonding as you try to work together to keep the hacky sack off the ground by moving close to each other.

This can be an addictive game that you can bring to the park with you when you go for your walks. Fortunately, it is also very inexpensive!

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14. Learn to Forage

Research the foods you can and cannot eat that may be growing in the wild. Then take a trip to the countryside with your partner and find mushrooms that are safe to eat and different types of edible berries.

Some other foods that are popular to forage are garlic, elder, seaweed, dandelion, hawthorn, and nettles. Try to make dinner with the things that you find!

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15. Paint Together

Don't worry if you aren't great at painting.

It can be amusing to just express yourself through colors with your partner. You can paint the scenery around you or you could try to paint each other.

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Painting is relaxing and there are very few rules for just having fun with it. Don't judge yourself or your partner when it comes to artistic talent. Just enjoy this hobby idea.

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16. Collect Seashells

If you start a hobby of collecting seashells, it will encourage you and your partner to go to the beach!

Taking long walks on the beach with your partner is always romantic, and if you have the goal of looking for the best seashells, it will be rewarding at the end as well.

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17. Practice Meditation

Couples are always trying to figure out a work-life balance as they balance work with their social lives, self-care, family, and household responsibilities.

Practicing meditation with your partner will allow you to relax your mind and focus on the present moment while you release negative thoughts and distractions.

Try to take time at least once a day to meditate as a couple. This will bring you closer to each other while also allowing you to introduce more gratitude to your life and peace into your home.

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Fun Hobbies for Couples at Home

Take a look at any of these 17 fun hobbies for couples:

18. Start a Blog

There have been many couples over the years who have created very successful blogs.

What is something unique about your relationship with your partner that you want to share with the world?

Maybe you have worked together to design your home in a unique way, or you often go out to restaurants to eat and want to write some reviews for other potential diners.

Writing together about something you both enjoy could be a fun couples hobby.

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19. Host a Game Night Together

Buy some games that you can play with your partner to create a little friendly competition.

Once you find some of your favorite games, invite some mutual friends over for a game night so you can enjoy some company as well.

The great thing about this hobby is that you don't have to spend a lot of money once you buy the games. When you invite your friends over, ask everyone to bring one of their favorite dishes so you can all have something to munch on while you have fun.

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20. Interior Decorating

Interior decorating is a fun hobby that you can do at home that has benefits when you're finished. Work with your partner to beautify your home and create some new, functional space together.

Reorganize your furniture, paint a few rooms, and give your house a makeover. One of the best things about this is that if you do something that you don't like, it is always fixable!

Play around and get bold with your colors– nothing has to be permanent.

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21. Read the Same Book

Make a book club with just the two of you. Read (or listen to) the same book and then talk about it with each other.

Try to pick one that is thought-provoking to ignite a new conversation with your partner that you have never had before.

You can even pick out a mystery and talk to each other as you go along to see if either one of you can solve the mystery before the book is finished. You can make a fun game out of the challenge!

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22. Learn How to Play an Instrument

Whether you learn the same instrument as your partner or a different one, learn music together so you can play together.

Once you get the hang of it, make up your own songs.

Some options are the guitar, keyboard, drums, and even just training your voice so you can learn to sing and play together.

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23. Home Brewing

Learn to brew your own beer with just a little bit of equipment and join a 9000-year-old tradition that dates back to the Neolithic period.

Even novices can make beer that's as delicious as the craft beers you find at breweries. You and your partner can learn the processes and ingredients that create different flavors and aromas.

In moderation, beer is even good for you. It contains antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamin B, and is an excellent source of silicon.

If you find that you enjoy it, you will end up saving money by creating your own brews at home.

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24. Play Chess Together

This intellectually stimulating game is competitive and fun. You can play this game with each other for years and still learn new things as you go.

Time flies while you are playing chess because you are always thinking a few moves ahead of your opponent and planning how you will take them down.

Make a bet so that the winner gets something special from the loser. It could be fun for both of you!

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25. Learn Martial Arts

Learning martial arts will give you a lifelong skill that you can use to protect yourself and your partner.

It will also improve your physical and your mental health, as well as your focus and self-confidence.

There are various types of martial arts that you can look into, so find the one that works the best for both of you. Practicing together could lead to other contact sports.

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26. Practice Minimalism

Go through your house and get rid of everything that you haven't used in the past year. Either trash or donate things that you no longer have a use for and restart with a minimalist mindset.

Living in an environment that is not cluttered with stuff will help relieve stress off of both of you.

It will also make you feel good to be able to donate some things that once meant a lot to you but you have no use for anymore. Other people are likely to find a great use for them!

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27. Start Couponing

This might not sound exciting, but once you and your partner have a decent book of coupons ready to go with you on your next shopping trip, it will make it exciting to find those items.

Once you get to the register and see how much your savings added up, you will be hooked — and you will have some extra cash for your next date night.

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28. Try Out Canning

If you have a vegetable garden, you'll inevitably have times when you have too much of a certain vegetable.

Don't waste your hard work. Use these fruits and vegetables to make preserves, salsas, chutneys, and relishes.

It's inexpensive to learn how to can your produce, and it will be so nice to enjoy your summer harvest in the cold winter months.

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29. Learn Philosophy

This will certainly give you something new to talk about over dinner.

Each week, decide on a new philosophical topic to study and then come together to discuss it at the end of the week.

Your new knowledge will spark some interesting conversations and help you get to know your partner on a new, deeper level.

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30. Explore Your Genealogy

Learn more about yourself and your partner by researching your genealogy.

You never know, you may have some ancestors from the same area of the world!

Make a family tree for each of you that goes back as many generations as you can find.

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31. Learn Origami

Origami is the art of paper folding which is associated with Japanese culture. You can create endless decorative shapes, animals, and other figures.

This is a quiet and mindful hobby that you and your partner can do together. It develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration.

You can surprise each other with your creations and build a collection of origami art to display.

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32. Do Puzzles Together

Enjoy those cold and rainy nights with your partner by doing crosswords, Sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles.

You can either work together, or you can make it into a friendly competition against each other.

If you work on a jigsaw puzzle, get a giant one that you can leave set up to work on over time.

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33. Learn How to Invest

Most people think that investing is complicated, but it certainly doesn't have to be. Couples can educate themselves about investing and enjoy it as a hobby.

Researching different stocks and financial products, becoming educated on how businesses interact with one another, and understanding how the market works can be quite enlightening.

There are a lot of ways you can make an investment, and it doesn't require a lot of money to get started. Plus, investing is fun — and if you are successful, you can make a good amount of money.

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34. Grow a Garden

This may sound like work, but it can be both relaxing and fun. Gardening is actually an essential life skill because it helps you learn how to be self-sufficient.

You and your partner can have fun with it and plant flowers in your yard, or you can learn about the produce that grows best in your area and start a vegetable garden.

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Classic Hobbies For Couples

Take a look at any of these 14 classic hobbies for couples:

35. Ballroom Dancing

It's ok if you don't have much dancing experience. Learning how to ballroom dance can help you and your partner build teamwork skills while getting a bit of physical activity in.

Ballroom dancing will help increase your intimacy and it will definitely make you laugh while the two of you are trying to figure out the moves.

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36. Take Cooking Classes

Taking couples cooking classes together will not only bring you and your partner closer but also you'll have fun while you learn something useful.

Whether you already feel comfortable in the kitchen or you are a beginner, you can enjoy taking cooking classes and getting messy in the kitchen with your partner.

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37. Enjoy Classic Movie Nights

Watching classic movies is a timeless and fun hobby for couples to enjoy with your partner.

Pick a night every week that you cuddle up together with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite adult beverage and make your way through all of the golden oldies.

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38. Volunteer

There is nothing classier than giving to others and expecting nothing in return. Volunteering your time will cost you nothing and it will make you and your partner feel accomplished.

Couples who want to give back can find a local organization, such as an animal shelter, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter, and volunteer their time together.

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39. Travel

Increase your cultural awareness by visiting new places. Look online for nearby places where you can go for a quick weekend or a last minute road trip.

Or, if you're able, plan a trip to another country you never thought you would visit. Just the planning in itself will be fascinating.

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40. Go to Local Farmer's Markets

With the increased awareness of the benefits of eating whole foods that are locally grown, many people peruse the farmers' markets each week to get their local food.

Browse all of the farmer's markets around you and get the ingredients to take home and cook something healthy together.

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41. Try Wine Tasting

Are you a wine connoisseur? Or do you aspire to be? Look for some wineries in your area and take some day dates with your partner to go wine tasting.

If there aren't any wineries nearby, purchase several bottles and have a wine tasting at home.

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42. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is certainly tough, but it is also useful. If you are considering traveling, then start learning the language of the place that you dream to travel to one day.

Use online programs or apps to get started and then practice speaking in the language together. Soon enough, you will be saying, “I love you,” in a new language.

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43. Work Out Together

Couples who are able to work out together stay healthy together.

Find an activity that you both enjoy and get your physical exercise in for the week.

In fact, studies have shown that the more physically active you are, the stronger your sex drive is.

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44. Refurbish Furniture

Go to thrift stores or antique stores and pick out some pieces of furniture that look like they could have potential.

Bring them home and decide as a couple what you can do to the furniture to make it match your current décor. Or, spruce it up and sell it!

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45. Cook International Cuisine

Learn to cook Italian food or Chinese food together. Not only will it be entertaining to mess around in the kitchen together, but you can enjoy a romantic dinner when you're finished.

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46. Learn Calligraphy

This art form can come in handy when you need to address invitations or holiday cards.

If you learn how to write calligraphy with your spouse or partner, you can write each other sweet messages and leave them around the house for the other to find.

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47. Discover New Music

Explore some classical music as a couples hobby if you haven't already done so.

Or, look into other genres that you have never really listened to before and see if you find something that you like. Exploring new music is an endless hobby.

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48. Play Golf

Golf may seem like a slow sport, but it is much more engaging when you do it with the one you love.

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Take some golf lessons together to see if you can pick up some skills in this sport. Playing golf is a lifetime hobby for couples and knowing how to play will help you in the future because it is such a social sport.

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49. Visit Art Museums

If there are not any large art museums in your area, check out some local art galleries.

You will not only develop an appreciation for art, but you may be able to pick out a piece together to showcase in your home.

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