34 Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages For Adults For Your Heartthrob

Looking for a personalized card or gift idea for February 14th to give your sweetie? 

Consider coloring pages for this day of love.

At first suggestion, it may sound childish.

But don't dismiss coloring off-hand — because it does a body (and mind) good!

According to numerous studies, adult coloring exercises significantly reduce stress, improve cognitive functions, and serve as a great way to detach from everyday life. 

What better way to spend a few relaxing hours on this romantic day?

34 Free Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages for Adults 

Since we’ve convinced you to pull out the colored pencils, plan to include coloring in your February 14th celebrations.

Now all you need are some Valentine's Day coloring sheets.

You're in luck because we've put together a compendium of free Valentine's Day coloring sheets. We've picked options for all skill levels.

Use what works for you and yours.

1. This cute “love always wins” coloring sheet has a love-child aesthetic. It may be ideal for folks who love that 1960s vibe.

2. Valentine's Day is made for hugs and kisses. Give some out by sharing this easy love-themed coloring sheet.

3. With its block letters, single-line flowers, and large hearts, this “share the love” Valentine's day coloring sheet is excellent for people who like bold, simple designs!

4. Color a rocket ship heading to the moon and fueled with love! This is a fun choice if your partner is a scientist or engineer.

5. This beaker full of love is an adorable coloring project to do with the science-minded person in your life.

6. This Valentine's coloring sheet features a bundle of heart-shaped balloons. The intricate designs make it a good choice for intermediate and advanced coloring enthusiasts.

7. Are you just starting to date someone? This flirty “Be My Valentine” page is an adorable gift that signals you're interested without going overboard. Color it for your date, put it in a frame from the dollar store, and wrap it nicely. It's creative, cute, and doesn't cost a fortune. 

8. This coloring sheet says “Happy Valentine's Day” in a large, rounded, bubbly font. We think this one is best for people who are young at heart.

9. This “Trust Your Heart” design is the ideal thinking-of-you token for a friend who may be going through a hard time this Valentine's Day. 

10. Check out this rose bouquet for Valentine's Day. Color it using life-like hues — or go wild and make it a neon creation. The choice is yours. A versatile design, this sheet could also work for a spring, summer, or garden-themed coloring.

11. A bouquet and a bird are springing out of this Valentine-themed coloring sheet. It's fairly intricate and may be a better option for advanced artists.


12. This full-page Valentine's coloring page could be a joint project for you and your partner. 

13. Does someone hold the key to your locked heart? Express that sentiment with this pretty design.

14. Love is the word in this detailed coloring sheet by Hallmark. It features floral and shell designs, making it a good choice for seaside residents.

15. This detailed heart border is perfect for a DIY frame project. Color the design, cut it out, put a picture of you and your love in the middle, and frame it all.

16. The simple design of this bold LOVE Valentine's Day coloring sheet is great for beginners. Remember, no rules say you must use red and pink. Have fun with it! 

17. Can you spot the word “Love” intertwined in this abstract design? An eclectic option, there's a little bit of everything in this design.

18. The tree of love is a sentimental way to express your adoration for someone you've been with for a long time. Include this design in a collage or use it as a picture border.

19. This design featuring two love birds holding up a banner surrounded by hearts has a religious feel and may be perfect for devout couples.

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20. Ideal for the couple who loves to throw parties and decorate, this design pays homage to the effort it takes to make things festive.

21. Anyone up for a “heart-air” balloon ride? Carry your creativity away on this one!

22. This minimalist heart and rose Valentine's Day coloring sheet has a sophisticated feel.

23. This cute page says, “I Fall in Love With You Over and Over Again,” and could be fun for a long-term couple. Color it in and tape it to the bathroom mirror, so your honey sees it first thing in the morning.

24. This dainty and intricate love-themed coloring sheet is busy but cute. It may be ideal for a young couple on one of their first valentine’s Day together.

25. This simple hearts-inside-a-heart design can be colored, cut out, and used as decorations.

26. With its lotus flower feature, this heart-shaped coloring page is perfect for Valentine's Day.

27. You could use this wall bouquet of roses in several ways. Use it as part of a DIY Valentine's coloring book, or print out a whole bunch, color them, and plaster a wall with them. 

28. Make it as simple or intricate as you want. This cute love-themed coffee cup is a fun option.

29. Make wallpaper out of this upbeat XOXO-heart-themed coloring page.

30. Looking for a mandala-themed Valentine's Day coloring page? This one may fit the bill.

31. Lots of people get boxes of chocolates on Valentine's Day. Why not color in boxes of hearts?

32. These dainty hearts each have a different pattern. Go eclectic and make each one different, or use a more traditional approach.

33. How great is this Bonzai and mandala design? Though it's not specifically for Valentine's Day, it fits the holiday's theme.

34. This Valentine coloring page has a rocker's edge to it. Maybe it's the thorns? 

How to Use These Love Relationship Coloring Pages for Adults

How can you use Cute Valentine coloring pages? 

  • Give as a Gift: Homemade gifts are endearing, and using coloring sheets can make them special. If you want to get fancy, pick a design and hire a local artist to color or paint it for you. It's a great way to support local artists and makes for a unique gift. 
  • Activity at a Party: Are you throwing a Valentine's Day party? Set up a coloring table with themed options. It’s a unique and fun activity for an adult party. Don’t be surprised if it’s a hit.
  • Partner Activity: Have a relaxing Valentine's Day at home and share a great bottle of wine while you do a little adult coloring. It's a great way to keep your hands busy while having a good talk.
  • Make Decorations: Coloring sheets can be used as decorations. Simply color them, cut them, and use them as decorations.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of free Happy Valentine's day coloring pages. Coloring is fun, relaxing, and helps keep the mind sharp — no matter your age.

So take a load off this February 14th and share your artistic talent with the one you love. Enjoy!

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves art this coming valentines day? Check out these Valentines Day Coloring Pages for Adults.