27 Reasons To Be Thrilled You’re A Type B Personality

When you think of Type A and Type B personalities, do you assume that people who are Type A are more successful and often in leadership roles while Type B people tend to stay more in the background?

Because our Type A friends are most often credited with all of the achievements in life (due to their ambition and organizational skills), we think that it’s time to bring to light the reasons why people with Type B personalities are great.

In fact, Type B's are just as likely to succeed in life as their high-strung counterparts — but for different reasons.

27 Reasons To Be Thrilled You're A Type B Personality

1. You're probably healthier.

While cardiologists don't believe that having a high-achieving personality automatically makes someone more prone to having a heart attack, Type B's may still be in better health.

Type B's do not get angry easily and have less chronic stress, which means you are likely to have better outcomes for the majority of health complaints, from depression to diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

2. You're less likely to be overworked.

Type B's are much better at delegating work to other people when they are in a high-pressure situation. This means that as a Type B, you are less likely to be overworked and more likely to get the amount of sleep that you need.

Losing sleep, even to achieve an admirable career goal, may lead to a host of health problems such as an increased risk for developing certain cancers, memory problems, and cardiovascular issues.

3. Everyone wants you on their team.

Type B's are able to enjoy the journey along the way to the final goal. You don't feel the need to compete with other people on your team and you're happy to share any credit that is given to you.

You are also a diligent worker, so you seldom complain if one person's workload seems heavier than others.

Type B workers are calm, patient, and have realistic expectations. Your relaxed demeanor transfers to others, and people are often comfortable with the decisions that you make.

4. You're creative.

Type B's are creative thinkers and are able to see the big picture. You don't spend a lot of time focusing on the minute details that won't matter in the end anyway.

Behind your messy desk and possibly wrinkled outfit is an active mind that is busy creating fascinating new products.

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5. You're a great friend.

One of the main characteristics of a Type A personality is their hostility. They are often referred to as being frantic, which isn't exactly a characteristic someone looks for in a friend.

Type B personalities, on the other hand, are more poised when they are being social. You don't have that strong competitive factor and you are used to practicing your patience and collaborative skills.

You also love to live in the moment. All of these characteristics are pleasant behaviors to be around.

6. You know what's important.

As a big picture thinker, you're less likely to get caught up in the little frustrations of daily life and you can focus on what’s really important.

Yes, Type A's get the credit for focusing on the specific goals ahead, but Type B's are just as likely to achieve their objectives in the end, even if it is after considering a wide range of options.

7. You can live in the moment.

You are well aware of how to practice mindfulness. You know how to enjoy each step on your way toward your goals.

Achievement is important to you, but the truth is, you are easily able to appreciate the journey as well as the destination.

woman meditating, type b personality

8. You put others at ease.

Your easy going attitude puts the people around you at ease and helps you develop new acquaintances and even make friends with strangers.

People can sense your generosity and positive spirit, which makes it easier for you to relate to all kinds of people, which will help you foster a diverse network of contacts.

9. You're comfortable with what you don't have.

Type B's know what they lack, and they are comfortable with it and ready to admit it. This is easy to do if you’re a calm person and are focused on many different aspects of life.

As you stay true to yourself, everybody else will pick up on it and see your genuineness.

10. You're calculated in your decision making.

Type B's are able to effectively analyze their options. You have very little stress and anxiety so you don't have a clouded sense of judgment.

Your decisions are never made on a whim, but rather they are well thought out. This means that your choices are informed and often successful.

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11. You don't get taken advantage of.

Who is more likely to be taken advantage of, an anxious and stressed out person who is sensitive yet determined? Or someone who comes across as deliberate, confident and has a strong support team?

These Type B character traits show that although you are patient and nice, you are not going to be taken for a fool.

12. You're well-rounded.

You don't lose track of the important aspects of life while only focusing on your career.

You know that it is important to spread your time and attention to various aspects of the world around you and become the most well-rounded version of yourself.

13. You're willing to improve yourself.

You are well aware of the fact that you might not always be right, and you will be the first to admit when you need to make a change.

If you can’t improve yourself, how will you be able to improve your family, your business, or any projects that you're working on?

14. You're realistic.

When thinking about this trend of “positive energy” that is going on in our society right now, you are well aware that some people have a delusional level of positivity that can even lead to ignoring warning signs that something may be wrong.

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You know you are not “perfect just the way you are.” Instead, you are able to stay grounded and not let your success blow up your ego.

15. You have a sense of appreciation.

Type A people are often at battle with themselves, making accomplishments and then quickly seeking out the next challenge. This may sound great, but they rarely stop to appreciate the success that they have achieved.

Type B’s, on the other hand, take joy in accomplishing things. You are able to slow down your pace long enough to relish the moment and to experience satisfaction in your work.

You are able to be both the creator and the admirer of all of the things that you do.

16. You're even-tempered.

With a lower stress level than your Type A counterparts, you are able to keep your temper stable.

With a cool temper, you probably have good emotional intelligence and are charismatic. This is also one of the main reasons you are able to be so relaxed.

17. You're accepting of other people.

If someone is working at a different pace than you, you are okay with that.

You are not impatient if you see that someone is taking their time to do something and you are understanding when you are working with someone who is less competent than you are.

18. Your life doesn't revolve around work.

When you reach an old age, you won't have to worry about regretting being a workaholic.

While you do work hard, you are not laser-focused to the point that you are forgetting about every other aspect of your life.

19. You're a dreamer.

Because you don't mind the risk of failure, you like to dream big and try new things out.

You enjoy the process of chasing your dreams and are not bothered if something doesn't work out along the way.

20. You care about your work.

Yes, you're laid-back, but this doesn't mean that you are disengaged. The truth is, you care enough to work at a pace that you know is the most effective for you.

If you didn’t care, you would let people rush you, even if that compromised the quality of your work.

women talking, type b personality

21. You don't jump to conclusions.

Because you're not in a constant rush, you take the time that you need to analyze the facts rather than rushing your analysis so you can reach a decision.

By not jumping to conclusions, you rarely make decisions that you later regret.

22. You know when to quit.

As a Type B person, you know when to stop beating a dead horse. If an idea continues to fail no matter what you do, you know it's time to stop.

This is a very important trait that is often overlooked in today’s society of “never give up, never quit, never back down!” This overpowering method of thinking is not conducive to success.

23. You're introspective.

Many people are unable to self-reflect when they only have their eye on success. However, the ability to be introspective is such an important part of attaining your goals.

Your ability for introspection is directly related to what you can accomplish. You use this ability to look at what you could have done better, or how you can make improvements in your methods, relationships, etc. in the future.

24. You're satisfied with your life.

Most people who are Type B's report high levels of life satisfaction.

In turn, satisfied people have a higher chance of taking care of themselves by avoiding habits such as smoking and drinking, and they make sure that they are wearing SPF, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise.

25. You see the positive in people.

Which sounds better: living in a world with people competing for your scarce resources or living in a world full of people who want to collaborate with you?

People with a Type B personality think beyond “What can you do for me?” when meeting other people. They also don't see others as a threat to their authority.

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26. You're calm when facing failure.

Of course, Type B's prefer success, but having a bit of a setback won’t send you into a tailspin in the same way as it would a type A.

Also, Type B's broad and long-term method of thinking gives you the planning abilities and necessary structure that is critical in your business and your personal life.

27. You have better behavior.

Negative behaviors are related to stress and people who are quick to anger.

Studies have found that high levels of hostility in young adulthood may lead to poor health habits such as drinking, smoking, overeating, and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Being Type B clearly has its advantages. So what is the downside? Here are a few struggles of those who identify more with Type B's than Type A's.

Disadvantages of Type B Personality

First, the world caters more towards a Type A person. People want things done quickly and they want to see maximum efficiency in every aspect of the world.

Type B's don't cater to this need as much as Type A's, which may create a stressful situation.

Also, some people assume that Type B people don't like to commit to things. This isn't true — Type B's just enjoy the ability to be spontaneous and are more easy-going about making commitments.

Type B's love being able to say “maybe” to things in order to keep their options open.

Finally, it can be difficult for Type B's to get their best work done in today's culture of strict structure and fast deadlines.

Type B's like to have the time that they need to be creative, and often that kind of time is not permitted in working environments– especially when you are working on a team.

Do you consider yourself to be Type B or can you think of someone in your life who clearly fits these characteristics?

Type B people are often successful, despite their laid-back mentality. In fact, there are several famous people who are Type B.

Type B Personalities in Celebrities

Here is a list of celebrities who have been very successful with their Type B traits:

  • Nicolas Cage
  • Andy Warhol
  • John Mayer
  • Stephen Colbert
  • Mary-Kate Olsen
  • Kate Middleton
  • Anthony Hopkins

Final Thoughts

Of course, many people fall on the spectrum somewhere in between these two types of personalities.

But no matter where you fall, you (like everyone else) have your strengths and weaknesses that make you no better or worse than anyone else around you.

The key is to play to your strengths and use them to leverage your success, which can easily be done by people who are Type B.