8 Of The Best Dual Voltage Curling Irons

In a perfect world, your hair would look fantastic no matter what.

Your hair would never be ruffled by extreme heat, extreme cold, or other stresses to your tresses.

But when you travel frequently, you don’t really have much time for a full-blown hair care routine.

All you can do is grab the best dual voltage curling iron you can find, and use it in a way that’ll transform your hair from flat to fab.

What is a dual voltage curling iron, and why do you need one?

You might be asking: “Wait, there are plenty of curling irons on the market. What’s so special about dual voltage curling irons?”

Well, the thing about international voltages is that they’re not the same across the board. Some countries have a standard voltage range of 110-120V, while others have 220-240V.

As you can imagine, plugging an electric appliance into an outlet with a non-compatible voltage is a recipe for disaster — especially if said appliance is going anywhere near your hair.

One solution is to buy a dual voltage appliance. Basically, “dual voltage” means your appliance can switch from 110-120V to 220-240V, and vice versa. C

ompared to a single voltage curling iron, a dual voltage curling iron can lessen your chances of short-circuiting, causing a fire, and having to (sheepishly) explain to your foreign hosts why said fire happened.

AmoVee 2 in 1 Mini Flat Iron dual voltage curling ironAmoVee 2 in 1 Mini Flat Iron
VAV 2 In 1 Mini Hair Curler and Straightener dual voltage curling ironVAV 2 In 1 Mini Hair Curler and Straightener
MiroPure 1.25 Dual Voltage Curling Iron dual voltage curling ironMiroPure 1.25 Dual Voltage Curling Iron
KIPOZI 1 inch Curling Iron dual voltage curling ironKIPOZI 1 inch Curling Iron
JYfeel 2 in 1 Dual Voltage Travel Curling Flat Iron dual voltage curling ironJYfeel 2 in 1 Dual Voltage Curling Iron
Sabuy 1-¼ Inch Dual Voltage Curling Iron dual voltage curling ironSabuy 1-¼ Inch Dual Voltage Curling Iron
PHOEBE Dual Voltage 1-Inch Curling Brush dual voltage curling ironPHOEBE Dual Voltage 1-Inch Curling Brush
SwanMyst Dual Voltage Curling Iron Brush dual voltage curling ironSwanMyst Dual Voltage Curling Iron Brush

How to Choose a Dual Voltage Curling Iron

Pair it with an adapter, if necessary.

Keep in mind that “dual voltage” doesn’t mean “one size fits all.” Some countries may have outlets that won’t necessarily match the connector on your appliance. That’s where an adapter can come in handy.

Adapters allow you to match your appliance’s connector to a specific outlet. However, they usually only work with a single voltage. They’re the opposite of converters: Converters allow you to match voltages, but not the physical structure of your plug vis-a-vis the outlets at your destination.

There’s no such thing as an adapter that’s also a converter, or vice versa. You’ll have to pick one or both.

If you’re lucky enough to get the best dual voltage curling iron for your trip, you’ll only need an adapter — or won’t need one at all.

Also, if you’re bringing an adapter, make sure the voltage for that adapter matches the voltage of the country you’re visiting. Otherwise, even if your curling iron is dual voltage, you can still run the risk of overheating or short-circuiting if your adapter has the wrong voltage. 

Match it to your needs.

Of course, your most important consideration is how well your dual voltage curling iron and/or adapter match the physical and voltage requirements of the country/countries you’re visiting.

At the same time, you should also consider factors such as:

  • Portability. How well can the curling iron fit in your bag? Can it fit just fine in your handbag, along with your other beauty essentials? Or do you need to put it in a separate bag because it’s too big/long?
  • Materials. Curling irons can be made of ceramic, tourmaline, gold or titanium. Professionals typically use ceramic and tourmaline irons, because ceramic helps to evenly distribute heat, while tourmaline is effective for keeping frizz under control. Gold and titanium, on the other hand, are good heat conductors, but aren’t much use against frizz. 
  • Barrel size. Not all curling irons are created equal. Some are more suitable for certain hair lengths and hairstyles than others. 

    In general, barrel sizes are directly proportional to hair length — that is, the longer your hair, the longer the barrel size needs to be. For short hair, the ideal barrel sizes are 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4.” For long hair, it’s 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75” and 2”.

    Likewise, if you want smaller curls, go for barrel sizes between .75 to an inch. For looser, beach-wave type curls, go for barrel sizes between one to two inches. 
  • Heat setting. If you have fine, fragile and/or colored hair, your curling iron should allow its temperature to be set below 200 degrees. If you have thick, curly and/or coarse hair, go for something that allows you to set temperatures between 200-300 degrees, but not over 400 degrees.
  • Usability. Even the best dual voltage curling iron won’t be much help if you don’t know how to use it. Depending on the type of hair you have, and the kind of look you want to achieve, you may need pro tips on how to use a curling iron.

Best Dual Voltage Curling Irons

1. AmoVee 2 in 1 Mini Flat Iron

“Two in one” means the flat iron can be used to curl and straighten hair. AmoVee’s flat iron comes with its own case, meaning you don’t have to worry about where to safely store it. The warranty is good too, covering up to 18 months after purchase.

On the other hand, the barrel is made of titanium, so it might not be too helpful against a serious case of frizz. There’s also no way to adjust the temperature, which might be a con for people who prefer a little more control over the heat settings.


  • Comes with its special case


  • Titanium material makes it less sturdy than other curling irons

2. VAV 2 In 1 Mini Hair Curler and Straightener

VAV’s flat iron has a 1-inch barrel, making it suitable for medium-length and long hair. It’s also made of ceramic, so your hair is more evenly heated. After use, you can put a cover over the iron and prevent any residual heat from causing any accidents. 

One downside is that you need an adapter to use this dual voltage curling iron in Europe. The fact that you can’t use this for very long hair can also be a dealbreaker.


  • Iron cover minimizes accidents


  • Needs adapter for European sockets

3. MiroPure 1.25 Dual Voltage Curling Iron

You could say that this is also a “two in one,” in the sense that you get the best of two materials: ceramic and tourmaline. It heats up fairly quickly, so it comes with a special glove to protect your hands. Also, controlling its heat settings is as simple as pushing a button.

However, its 1.25-inch barrel makes it a no-no for short hair. Of the three dual voltage curling irons so far, this has the shortest warranty at only 12 months


  • User-friendly heat settings


  • Not suitable for short hair

4. KIPOZI 1 inch Curling Iron

KIPOZI’s curling iron seems to have been designed primarily with safety in mind. Between the adjustable temperature settings, the anti-scald wand tip design, the 60-minute auto-shut off feature, the safety stand and the heat-resistant glove, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could have any sort of accident with this particular curling iron. 

Then again, some users note that the curling iron is a little too heavy for them. The length of the curling iron may not be useful for short hair either. 


  • Enhanced safety features


  • Might be too heavy

5. JYfeel 2 in 1 Dual Voltage Travel Curling Flat Iron

When gripping the usual curling iron, there’s always a risk of slipping — which is the last thing you want to happen with an electric heating device. 

Luckily, JYfeel’s curling iron has a handle for easier grip, plus all the other standard features: curling and straightening ability, a single on/off button, and a ceramic/tourmaline plate for maximum effect.

A possible downside is that some users report its inability to “get hot enough.”


  • Ergonomic design


  • Doesn’t “get hot enough,” according to some users

6. Sabuy 1-¼ Inch Dual Voltage Curling Iron

If you’re looking for a compact, no-frills curling iron, Sabuy may have what you’re looking for. The curling iron can be split in two and kept in a special box, making it easier to fit in your bag and gift to other people if necessary.  

This one doesn’t have much to write home about, though. It has all the features you’d expect from a decent curling iron: universal voltage, 360 degree swivel cord, and a tourmaline-coated ceramic iron.


  • Compact and easy to store


  • Apart from ability to split, no standout features

7. PHOEBE Dual Voltage 1-Inch Curling Brush

Unlike curling irons, curling brushes are a bit more flexible. You can use them to curl, straighten, or comb your hair like a normal brush would.

Of course, electric curling brushes take it a step further. With PHOEBE’s curling brush, you can make use of the ceramic tourmaline ionic technology to minimize heat damage, as well as lock moisture in your hair and keep it looking soft and smooth.

One caveat: If the brush is turned on, and it’s not in use for 3 seconds, the temperature will automatically lock. When that happens, you have to turn it off and on again to reset the temperature.


  • Can be used like a normal or electric brush
  • Auto-temperature lock after 3 seconds

8. SwanMyst Dual Voltage Curling Iron Brush

This is pretty much the same as the above curling brush. You can use it to curl, straighten or comb your hair like a normal brush. It also has ceramic tourmaline ionic technology, as well as adjustable heat settings for different hair types

Unlike the last brush (which doesn’t power off until after 60 minutes of inactivity), this one doesn’t power off until after 40 minutes of inactivity.

The warranty also lasts longer: Whereas the PHOEBE brush only has a 1-year warranty, the SwanMyst brush has a 1-year replacement, 2-year warranty. The fact that it’s virtually identical to the last brush may or may not be a con.


  • Can be used like a normal or electric brush


  • Is too similar to the previous brush to stand out on its own


No matter where you go, or how stressful your travel can get, neglecting your hair care routine is a no-no. After all, travelling won’t be half as enjoyable if you come out of it looking like you just ran the world’s longest marathon!

Still, your on-the-go hair care routine doesn’t have to be complicated either. If you can get the best dual voltage curling iron for your hair, country of destination, and your specific needs, you’re all set.