31 Of The Best Things Money Can’t Buy

You’ve probably been told that money can’t buy everything.

While this is true, we often overlook all the things that can’t be bought.

It isn’t always enough to be told that the most valuable things in life are free. Sometimes, we need more specific reminders.

If you’re struggling to name something money can’t buy, take a look at this list.

It can help put things in perspective and increase your appreciation for the little things.

“All the money you made will never buy back your soul.” -Bob Dylan

31 Things Money Can’t Buy 

So what are some things money can’t buy? And which of the following do you want to see more of in your life?

1. Love

Love comes in many forms, but none of them can be bought or increased with money. Treasure those who are there for you when you have nothing but love to give them. 

2. Friendship

True friends will stay by your side through feast or famine. No matter your financial state, be grateful for the people in your life who love you, challenge you, and help you grow. 

3. Empathy

People who grow up in difficult financial situations are more likely to empathize with others than their wealthier peers.

They’re often quicker to help someone in a difficult position, even when they have little to give and receive nothing in return. 

4. A Home

Yes, money can buy a house. And the more money you have, the more options there are. But money can’t make that house into a home. It’s up to you to surround yourself with the community you want. 

5. Family

Families — whether blood-related or found — are a crucial part of life. No amount of money can attract the people you’ll hold closest to your heart. People like that can’t be bought, anyway. 

6. Passion

Whether you’re passionate about animals, your community, or something else, you know you can’t put a price on the rush you get from focusing that passion on a project of your own. 

7. Drive

Lofty goals can be intimidating, and money can’t buy you the drive you need to take action and get things done. It’s that drive that keeps you going even when success seems unlikely. 

8. Discipline

Even with goals and motivation, you need discipline to get anywhere. You have to be determined to make your goals a reality. You need a workable plan. And it’s up to you to follow it. 

9. Time

While money can buy you more leisure time, it can’t stop the clock from ticking. And whatever your financial status, you can choose to make the most of the time you have.

10. Joy

You’ve heard the phrase, “Money can’t buy happiness.” It’s true, but money can buy momentary pleasures. Joy, however, goes deeper and lasts longer.

Often it’s in the small moments that some people overlook. And, like gratitude, it involves a choice. 

11. Excitement

No amount of money can buy the feeling of excitement you get when anticipating something that brings you joy. And It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. 

12. Words

No one can pay you to say the right thing, and no amount of money can buy the words you need to hear. You can’t pay for the right words to come from the people who matter most.

13. Hugs

Hugging the right person can make any difficult situation a little bit easier. And the best thing? Hugs are free. Having money doesn’t make them warmer or more comforting, and being poor doesn’t make hugs any less special. 

14. Intelligence

Social class has no effect on intelligence.

Some of the most brilliant people come from humble beginnings, and some of the wealthiest people lack common sense. There is always more to learn, and there are always ways to learn it.

15. Wisdom

Wisdom doesn’t come with age, status, or money. Wisdom comes with experience. Sometimes the poorest people give the best advice, and sometimes the answer doesn’t cost you anything. 

16. Gratitude

The more you have, the more likely you are to take things for granted. This doesn’t mean it’s better to have less, but it does mean practicing gratitude is essential. It’s a simple choice you can make every day.

17. Intimacy

Human connection on a deep level is priceless. Being vulnerable and open with another person is one of the most impactful things in life. Cash can buy gold, diamonds, and jewelry, but it can never buy real intimacy

18. Stars

You can’t put a price on the stars and how they light up the night sky. Wealth or its absence doesn’t make you more or less likely to look up and wonder about your place in the universe. 

19. Respect

Money can buy status, but it can’t buy respect. Respect is something you earn, not something you can buy. Ultimately, it comes down to the choices you make and the character those choices build.

20. Resilience

Resilience is a personality trait that comes with overcoming challenges. It cannot be bought with any amount of wealth. Be proud of your strength and resilience. It didn’t come from money. Ultimately, it depends more on choice than on external circumstances. 

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21. Creativity

Creativity is one of the purest things in the world. Children can make up stories in their heads. Strangers can leave incredible drawings on restaurant napkins. Creativity cannot be bought or used up. And it thrives on connection. 

22. Spirituality

Whether you’re religious or not, you may have a deep and vital connection to your spirituality. However you channel or express that energy, it doesn’t come from money or depend on its abundance. 

23. Dreams

Don’t let your financial situation limit your dreams and ambitions. You can still take steps, even if they’re small ones, to go after a dream and make it more real to you than before. 

24. Confidence

How you feel about yourself can be impacted by many things, but ultimately, it comes down to you. You can’t rely on others to give you confidence, and you can’t buy it, either. 

25. Intuition

Intuition can’t be bought. Only you know how to trust your gut in a difficult situation. And while the absence of money worries can make it easier to hear that inner voice, intuition doesn’t need money to function as it should. 

26. Manners

Rich people can have terrible manners, and poor people can have excellent ones. It all comes down to the influences you had growing up and what you consider essential. Showing respect and politeness costs you nothing.

27. Health

It’s no secret that it’s easier to have good health when you’re financially well. Still, health takes more than money. You can’t be physically healthy without putting the work in, and you can’t maintain your mental health without consistent care. 

28. A Good Relationship With Your Kids

No matter how rich you are, you can’t raise kids without putting in the effort.

Buying them gifts or hiring someone else to take care of them may seem like a good shortcut, but nothing is worth as much as quality time.

29. Inner Beauty

Money can buy makeup, dresses, and surgeries, but it can’t change who you are inside. As Will Smith said, “Money and success don’t change people; They merely amplify what is already there.” 

30. Positivity

Optimism isn’t always easy, but rich people aren’t more likely to see the positive side of things. On the contrary, people that have less are more inclined to count their blessings. 

31. Trust

No matter how much money you have, you can still be surrounded by manipulative people. Trust and loyalty are crucial to human connection, and neither can be bought. Money doesn’t make you more trustworthy.

Now that you’ve read through this list, which of these is most important to you?

If reading this brought you a sense of clarity and appreciation, what will you do today to share that with the people who make life better?