Is It Love or a Sexual Soul Tie? Deciphering 9 Signs + Ways to Break Free

Sexual soul ties are mysterious and powerful, capable of anchoring us in relationships that may not be beneficial. 

These ties go beyond the physical, creating emotional bonds that may be a silent source of anguish, holding us in relationships that no longer serve our well-being. 

But how can we recognize these ties? 

And more importantly, how do we sever them? 

We will help you identify the nine signs that indicate you're in a sexual soul tie and provide guidance on how to navigate your way toward emotional freedom.

What Is a Soul Tie Sexually?

A sexual soul tie is an intense, deep-seated connection that forms between two individuals engaged in a sexual relationship. 

This bond extends beyond mere physical attraction—it's an emotional and spiritual tethering that often fosters an inexplicable sense of attachment. 

couple kissing at sunset under blanket Sexual Soul Ties

Sexual soul ties can be forged through repeated intimate encounters, where emotions and energies interchange, creating a closeness that can feel incredibly hard to let go of. 

However, it's important to distinguish that not all soul ties are detrimental.

Some can lead to fulfilling, long-term relationships built on mutual love and respect. 

The concern arises when these ties persist in toxic, abusive, or simply not beneficial relationships, as they can cause significant emotional distress. 

Recognizing and understanding the nature of sexual soul ties is the first step towards navigating their complexities, which is crucial in maintaining emotional and psychological well-being.

How Do Sexual Soul Ties Happen?

Sexual soul ties are formed through complex processes rooted in emotional, psychological, and sometimes spiritual exchanges.

Here are some key scenarios that can give rise to these bonds:

  • Engaging in intimate relationships: The primary catalyst for sexual soul ties is often consistent sexual contact. This repeated exchange of physical and emotional energies can create a powerful closeness.
  • Emotional vulnerability: Opening up emotionally during intimacy can establish deep-rooted ties. This vulnerability can create a strong emotional bond that extends beyond the physical act.
  • Traumatic experiences: Shared trauma or high-intensity experiences during a relationship can foster potent soul ties.
  • Beliefs and rituals: Certain spiritual or religious practices and beliefs can contribute to the formation of soul ties.

While these are common sources, sexual soul ties are complex and individual. They can form subtly over time or be triggered suddenly by intense experiences. 

Understanding these potential origins can help you recognize and address existing ties.

9 Unexpected Signs of Sexual Soul Ties

How do you know if you have a soul tie sexually?

Navigating the emotions of this type of relationship can be challenging, especially when trying to identify invisible bonds like sexual soul ties. 

Let's delve into the less obvious signs that can indicate you're entwined in such a profound attachment.

1. Uncontrollable Thoughts about the Person

A classic sign of a sexual soul tie is having your mind continuously occupied with thoughts of the other person. You might find yourself unable to control your focus, with memories of them seeping into your everyday thoughts. 

Recollections of past experiences, anticipation for future encounters, or simply daydreaming about them can become habitual. This mental preoccupation can impede your daily activities and focus. 

It's like an emotional echo that persists long after physical interaction, creating a mental and emotional dependency that can be indicative of a soul tie.

2. Emotional Turmoil after Separation

Experiencing overwhelming emotions of sadness, anxiety, or emotional distress upon separating from someone might be a telltale sign of a sexual soul tie. The attachment you've developed can make the mere thought of being apart unbearable, leading to distressing emotional reactions that seem to loom larger than the ordinary pangs of missing someone. 

Even in instances where the relationship was unhealthy or offered little personal benefit, the soul tie could keep you yearning for this individual, clinging to the connection that's been made. 

This often leads to a repetitive cycle of emotional turmoil and reconciliation, where the emotional strain of the separation seems to outweigh the reasons you parted ways in the first place. Such a persistent emotional upheaval is a clear sign of the depth and power of this bond.

3. Feeling Bonded Despite Distance or Time

A sign of a sexual soul tie is feeling a persistent deep closeness with someone, even in the face of considerable distance or time apart. You may sense their emotional state, share synchronicities, or feel an inexplicable pull towards them, no matter how much time or distance comes between you. 

couple standing by river hugging closely Sexual Soul Ties

This transcends the typical yearning one might feel in a long-distance relationship. The soul tie creates a spiritual and emotional bridge that maintains the connection. Even after years or substantial geographical distances, the bond could remain surprisingly intact, persistently echoing their presence in your life.

4. Overwhelming Desire to Please the Other Person

If you find an almost compulsive need to keep someone happy or satisfied at the expense of your own needs, it might be a manifestation of a sexual soul tie. 

This might present as making sacrifices that harm your mental health, ignoring personal boundaries, or consistently prioritizing their needs over yours. This urge can be driven by the fear of losing the person you share, indicating the presence of a soul tie. 

5. Difficulty Forming New Intimate Relationships

Sexual soul ties can create emotional blocks that hinder you from forming new intimate relationships. You may find yourself comparing new partners to the person you share a soul tie with or struggling to develop feelings of the same intensity. 

Despite your conscious efforts, if moving forward in new relationships feels like an insurmountable task, it may be a sign that a soul tie is holding you back.

This emotional stagnation can be the chain that keeps you linked to the past, preventing you from opening up to new emotional experiences.

6. Frequent or Vivid Dreams of the Person

Another indication of this tie could be having frequent or vivid dreams about the individual. These dreams could range from mundane scenarios to intimate sexual moments – all centered around the person you share the tie with. 

This phenomenon extends the connection into your subconscious mind, demonstrating their profound influence over your mental and emotional state, even during sleep. Such dreams can serve as nightly reminders of the bond and are a significant indicator of a sexual soul tie.

7. A Sense of Ownership or Possession

Feeling an intense possessiveness with someone, beyond the typical feelings in a committed relationship, might signal a sex soul tie. You might experience jealousy or discomfort when they engage with others or show significant distress if they discuss moving on. 

This overwhelming desire to ‘possess' the person, control their actions, or dictate their personal life signifies the powerful grip of a soul tie and its capacity to distort emotions into unhealthy patterns.

8. An Inexplicable Pull Back to the Person

One key indicator is finding yourself inexplicably drawn back to a person, even after clearly recognizing the harmful or negative aspects of the relationship. This isn't about lingering feelings of love, regret, or fond nostalgia for shared memories; rather, it's a pull that feels almost magnetic in its force, defying logic or clear reasoning. 

It can feel as though some invisible, ethereal thread keeps pulling you back toward them, preventing you from making a clean break. Despite your strongest efforts and most resolute intentions to move forward, this pull can persist, making it exceedingly difficult to put the necessary distance between you and the person with whom you share this tie. 

This persistent pull, which often overrides even your self-preserving instinct, is potent evidence that you have a sexual soul attachment with this person.

9. Physical Symptoms Linked to the Person

Sometimes, these ties can manifest themselves as physical symptoms linked to the person. You might experience anxiety, restlessness, or even physical pain when separated from them or during periods of conflict. 

This physical embodiment of the soul tie, where your body literally reflects the emotional turmoil or yearning you are experiencing, reinforces the depth and strength of the relationship. These physical manifestations can range from vague unease to acute symptoms and can even mimic the physical side effects of withdrawal from a powerful drug. 

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Effective Ways to Break Sexual Soul Ties

Recognizing a sexual soul tie is only half the battle; breaking free from its grip is the path to emotional liberation if the union is unhealthy.

Let's explore six effective strategies to untangle these emotional threads and regain your autonomy.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance

The first step to breaking a sexual soul tie is acknowledging its existence and accepting its impact on your life. This can be challenging, as it involves coming to terms with the often painful reality of the situation. 

Recognize the patterns of behavior and emotional responses that indicate the tie, such as constant thoughts about the person or emotional distress after separation. Acceptance doesn't mean justifying or rationalizing the relationship's negative aspects but rather understanding the profound impact it has had on your emotional well-being.

Emotional Expression and Release

Bottled-up emotions can perpetuate a deep sexual attachment. Allowing yourself to express and release these feelings can be a vital step in breaking the dependence. This might involve crying, journaling, or even talking to a trusted friend about your experiences. 

Expressing your emotions can help you confront them, reduce their intensity, and gain a clearer understanding of your feelings. This release can help to sever the emotional strings and physical longing tied to the person.

Creating Physical and Emotional Distance

Creating physical and emotional distance from the person can help weaken the soul tie. Physical distance involves limiting or completely cutting off contact with the person – especially sexual contact. It also includes all forms of communication, such as calls, messages, or meetings. 

Emotional distance means distancing your thoughts and emotions from the person as well. It can be challenging, but techniques like mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy can be beneficial. Gradually, this distance can help to break the bond and foster your emotional independence.

Self-Care and Healing Practices

Self-care is a powerful tool in breaking sexual soul ties. It involves activities that promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This might include regular exercise, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, or even practices like meditation and yoga. 

Healing practices can also be therapeutic, such as attending counseling or support groups, practicing mindfulness, or engaging in hobbies. These practices can help redirect your energy towards self-improvement and healing, facilitating the process of breaking the soul tie.

Forgiveness and Letting Go

Forgiveness, both of yourself and the person you share the tie with, is a crucial step in breaking the attachment. Holding onto anger, resentment, or guilt can strengthen the bond. 

Forgiving yourself for any perceived mistakes or weaknesses and forgiving the other person for any harm they caused can help release emotional baggage. Letting go of these negative emotions can free you from the emotional shackles of this type of relationship.

Seeking Professional Help

If breaking the soul tie proves too challenging or emotionally overwhelming, seeking professional help can be beneficial. Therapists or counselors trained in dealing with emotional ties and relationships can provide guidance and effective coping strategies. 

They can offer a safe space to express your emotions, provide a fresh perspective, and assist you on your path toward emotional liberation. They can help you prepare for your next relationship so you aren’t drawn into another unhealthy connection.

What Are the Main Signs You Need to Break a Sexual Soul Tie?

Sexual soul ties can bind you in ways that feel inexplicable and overwhelming.

Recognizing the signs that indicate a need to sever this bond is crucial for your emotional health. Here are some key indicators:

  • Hindrance to personal growth: The tie is holding you back from personal growth or achieving your potential because you are so consumed by the relationship.
  • Unhealthy emotional dependency: You notice an excessive emotional reliance on the person, and it causes you distress when apart.
  • Impact on other relationships: The soul tie negatively affects your other relationships, such as those with friends, family, or potential partners, and you become more isolated.
  • Physical or emotional distress: If you experience physical symptoms like anxiety or restlessness tied to the person, it's crucial to address these issues.

These signs suggest the soul tie is more damaging than beneficial and warrants intervention for your emotional health.

When Can a Sexual Soul Tie Be Good for You?

While sexual soul ties often come with negative connotations, it's important to note that they aren't inherently harmful.

In fact, they can foster deep and meaningful connections when balanced with mutual respect, love, and understanding. Here are some instances when a sexual soul tie can be beneficial:

  • Promotes emotional growth: It can catalyze emotional maturity and understanding by fostering a deep bond that extends beyond the physical plane.
  • Enhances mutual understanding: The profound closeness can enhance empathy, compassion, and mutual understanding in a relationship, allowing for better communication and shared experiences.
  • Supports emotional healing: In certain cases, the deep bond of a soul tie can provide emotional support and healing, especially if both individuals approach the relationship with self-awareness and respect.

Final Thoughts

A healthy sexual soul tie should never lead to emotional dependency, restrict personal growth, or cause emotional distress. The key lies in balance, mutual benefit, and emotional health.

If you do become involved in this intense connection, remember to nurture your your well-being, assert your autonomy, and stay attuned to the rhythms of your heart. With every step, you are closer to understanding your emotional depths and boundaries.