17 Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

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Need some great ideas for gifts for the woman who wants nothing?

You want to get something that will make an important woman in your life say something like, “I’ve always wanted one of these,” or “How did you know?”

Maybe you asked this person, “What do you want for your birthday?” or “What kind of gift do you like?” and she answered with something like, “Oh, I don’t know. I have everything I need,” or “I can’t think of anything I want.”

So, what do you do?

You want to get her something she can use or that she’ll love having in her home or in her car.

You want to find the perfect “A-ha!” gift for the woman who has everything. But your brain just isn’t working right now.

Boy, are you glad you came here!

You’re about to learn more about 17 of the best gifts for women who “don’t need anything” or “already have everything.”

And there’s no harm in picking up an extra for yourself. It’s called “quality control.”

And with that, we’re off and running.

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

If you’re looking for useful gifts for women and would like to avoid spa gift baskets and jewelry — both of which rely on personal taste — you’ll enjoy the suggestions on this list.

Keep this list handy so you’ll always know where to find great gifts for women who have everything.

And if you fit that description, mention one or more of these ideas the next time someone asks you what you’d like for Christmas, your birthday, etc.

Contentment is great and all, but it’s terrible when the people you love want to get you something you’ll like. So, maybe try to be a little more selfish — for their sake.

1. Window Herb Garden

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Who doesn’t love fresh herbs in the kitchen?

Even if the only benefit is the natural herbal scents and the added culinary flair (it makes anyone look like a genius in the kitchen), this is a great, low-maintenance gift with edible dividends.

2. Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager

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This one has straps, so your friend can attach it to her car seat and enjoy a neck and shoulder massage on the way to and from work or anywhere she goes.

She can also detach it and put it under her feet or ankles or at the small of her back.

3. Infuser Water Bottle

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Water is more fun — and healthier — when it’s infused with the natural juices and flavor of berries, citrus fruits, cucumbers, ginger, etc.

Encourage your friend to get creative to make the most of this bottle. One load of fruit, etc. can liven up more than one fill of water.

4. Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

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For those nighttime trips to the loo, your friend will never have to guess where the toilet is if she’d rather keep the lights down low.

The motion sensor makes the whole toilet glow blue and keeps it lit for a while after the motion stops.

5. High Power Car Vacuum

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For quick tidy-ups in the car, this corded car vac is a great tool.

The LED light makes it easier to see the area you’re cleaning, and the stainless steel HEPA filter is durable and washable.

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You can even add some Armor All Cleaning Wipes to shine up the harder surfaces.

6. Milk Frother Set

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This immersion whisk is great for making lattes, Bulletproof coffee, hot chocolate, or anything that can be improved by making it frothier.

This set comes with a stainless steel frothing pitcher and stenciling plate for adding some coffee shop flair to her favorite foam-topped comfort drinks.

7. Dead Sea Bath Salts or Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salts

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If your friend enjoys a good soak — at least for her tired feet — this makes a great gift.

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Throw in a foot soaking tub if your friend doesn’t already have one.

And a bottle of wine or some of her favorite tea wouldn’t hurt, either.

8. Stemless Insulated Wine Tumblers

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Pick a set in rose gold or another color your friend likes.

A set of two means she can treat someone else to a tumbler of wine while they chat or enjoy a breathtaking view. The lid prevents spills and makes it easy to sip her wine in peace.

9. Matcha Green Tea Powder (for smoothies, lattes, baking, etc.)

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If your friend loves a good cup of matcha green tea or loves adding that goodness to her smoothies, homemade truffles, or baked goods, this high-quality option makes a great gift.

Add a mug with some personality, and you have a complete package.

10. Moon Light or Moon Lamp— with cool/warm light or alternating colors

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If you’re looking for a rechargeable night light that adds a soothing ambiance to your friend’s reading or sleeping space, this is a great option.

Keep it simple with warm or cool white light or choose one with mesmerizing color changes.

11. Refillable Leather Journal

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Few are the journal-keepers who wouldn’t love a journal like this one, and the number of glowing reviews is fair evidence of that.

Grab one in a color she likes, and send it with some high-quality pens (my choice would be the Pilot G2 Retractable Pens in Bold Point).

12. Cotton Weighted Blanket

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For a splurge that will wrap your friend in weighted warmth, like the hug you wish you could give her, this blanket will find an honored place in her home.

For maximum comfort, choose one that weighs roughly 10% of your friend’s (estimated) body weight, plus one. You can also read our full review of weighted blankets.

13. Fancy Box of Chocolates

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If the woman you’re thinking of loves chocolate, send her this gift box of high-quality chocolate truffles by Godiva.

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Make sure she doesn’t have any nut allergies, though. And if she’d rather have some fair-trade chocolate bars, you can’t go wrong with these.

14. Kitchen Drawer Tool Set

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Who doesn’t need basic handyman tools now and then?

If you want to spare your friend the frustration of searching for the right tool in her laundry room/’everything closet”/garage, give her a set she can keep in the kitchen.

15. Manicure/Pedicure Travel Set

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Whether your friend needs to address a broken nail, a splinter, or a renegade chin hair, this kit will come in handy with a variety of beauty crises.

It keeps all the tools handy in a compact travel case, so they’ll never get lost at the bottom of her purse.

16. Deep Sea Mud Mask or Pink Clay Mask and Face Mask Brush

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No worries here about choosing a face mask with a fragrance your friend likes, since these options focus more on the healing qualities of deep sea mud and pink clay than on aromatherapy.

The silicon brushes make application easier and less messy.

17. Aromatherapy Diffuser and/or Essential Oils Gift Set

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This diffuser works with Alexa and Google Home to make it easy to turn it on and off and set misting and color-change modes.

You can also control it with an app on your phone. Big tank offers 12 hours of continuous mist.

Add some essential oils, and your friend’s home will become an aromatherapy haven.

Did you find a gift for your woman who wants nothing?

So, now you know what to get for the woman who has everything. How does it feel?

Even if it seems as though your friend truly has everything she wants, as long as you know she doesn’t have one or more of these items, these are can’t-fail gift ideas.

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And the love behind them will make them even more precious to her.

So, pick up one or two of these and enjoy hearing things like, “I love this!” and “This is one of those things I never think of but have always wanted to get.”

We all have things like that — stuff we could definitely use but never think of buying for ourselves because our money already goes in a million different directions. And those great ideas get lost in the hustle.

So, don’t lose this post. Bookmark it, add it to your Pocket, or save it to your Evernote “Gifts” notebook.

And may your thoughtfulness and generosity influence everything you do today.

Need some great ideas for gifts for the woman who wants nothing? You want to get something that will make an important woman in your life say something like, “I’ve always wanted one of these,” or “How did you know?” #giftideas #relationships #personaldevelopment #selfcare #mentalhealth

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