Journal Your Way To More Love And Intimacy

Has your marriage or love relationship started to go south?

Maybe the spark has started to dim.

Maybe you’re not communicating the way you used to.

Maybe you’re feeling disconnected and lacking intimacy.

Even if your relationship is going well, it takes maintenance and nurturing to ensure that it remains healthy and happy.

The demands of kids, work, family, and all of the distractions of life can take a toll on a couple.

Whether intentional or not, you and your partner are pulled in different directions, and over time, the opportunities for conflict become more prevalent.

For those of you invested in making your relationship as good as it can be, it’s imperative that you carve out the time to tend to it, just like you would a prized garden.

One of the best ways to improve and strengthen your connection is by asking one another insightful questions that reveal your needs, desires, dreams, and fears within your relationship.

Mutual questioning and listening is a powerful way to draw out deeper emotions and needs and address potential areas of conflict before they erupt.

That’s why I’ve published a journal with questions just for couples:

201 Relationship Questions Journal: A Diary for Two to Build Trust and Emotional Intimacy.

relationship journalThis relationship journal offers incisive, fun, and profound prompts to inspire mutual understanding and action steps for positive change in your relationship.

Writing down your feelings and responses creates a permanent record of what you and your partner want for your relationship and how you want to achieve that.

The insights you gain from journaling together will help you feel excited about your future and enjoy the loving, sexy, and close connection you had in the early days!

The 201 Relationship Question Journal includes:

  • 201 Questions divided into 20 areas of relationship needs.
  • Instructions on how to use the Journal for the best results.
  • Additional Reflection Questions at the end of the Journal.
  • Plenty of space for both partners to write their answers.
  • Beautiful Relationship Quotes from thought leaders and experts.

When you and your partner embark on journaling and sharing your answers, you are committing to building an intimate, satisfying, joyful life together.

This journaling adventure will be enlightening, fun, and sometimes challenging — but the rewards are immeasurable, as you lay the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness together.

This Journal is also a perfect gift for newly engaged couples, newlyweds, and couples celebrating an anniversary.

Will you help me?

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The 201 Relationship Questions Journal is your handbook for a happier, healthier, sexier, and more intimate connection. Read the question prompts, invite discussion, and journal the changes you both want to make.

Your answers to the questions reveal exactly what you need to do to protect and strengthen your connection and help you take the actions needed.

Set aside sacred time together for journaling each day, and keep your relationship fresh and exciting for a lifetime.

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