Wondering If An Aquarius Guy Is Interested In You? 21 Signs He Definitely Is

Ever catch yourself wondering if that Aquarius guy in your life is as interested in you as you are in him? 

Are his actions leaving you feeling confused, or do you simply wish for more than what he’s been giving you?

No more wondering, no more guessing – we’ve put together a list of signs to help you determine if the extremely unpredictable and independent Aquarius man is interested in you.

From checking out your social media accounts to going out of his way to be around your friends, this guy's actions could hold secrets, telling you he truly desires a relationship with you.

Let's get started and find out if your Aquarius crush is crushing on you!

Understanding the Aquarius Man Personality in Relationships

Aquarius men are known for being independent, unconventional, and intellectual individuals. 

In relationships, they tend to approach things with a detached and rational mindset, which people can sometimes perceive as emotionally distant or uninvolved.

man and woman drinking wine outside Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You 

However, Aquarius men are loyal and committed partners who value their independence and freedom. 

Here are some key traits of the Aquarius man's personality in relationships:

  • Eccentric: Aquarius men have a unique and eccentric sense of style and personality. They enjoy being different and standing out, so partners who embrace their quirks and individuality are highly appreciated.
  • Independent: For any Aquarius man, freedom and independence are key to a successful relationship. They often need a lot of time and space to pursue their passions and interests, and they hate feeling trapped or controlled.
  • Open-minded: Aquarius men are very open-minded and are known for their ability to think outside the box. They also appreciate different cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs. 
  • They give major best-friend vibes: Aquarius men tend to form strong connections with potential partners and often display traits that make them appear more like a best friend than a romantic partner.
  • They act detached: Aquarius men often approach everything with a rational and analytical mindset, especially emotions and relationships. This makes them appear emotionally detached and uninvolved even when they are actually invested in the relationship.
  • Loyal: Aquarius men can be very committed and loyal partners despite their need for independence. They value honesty and trust in relationships and expect the same from their partners.

21 Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You 

Known as one of the most dedicated lovers in the zodiac, how do you know if Aquarius is interested? 

Here are 21 sure-fire signs he is into you:

1. He Enjoys Conversations with You

Aquarius men are not big fans of socializing and prefer meaningful conversations with people they are interested in. You may notice that he is always quiet and less expressive when talking to other people, but with you, he can talk for hours on end.

He will tell you about his life, personal goals, hobbies, and even aspirations. He may also ask for your opinion about various topics and will always be open to exchanging ideas. 

2. He Remembers Small Details About You

Isn't it amazing when someone you're interested in remembers all those little details about you? And when it comes to an Aquarius man, noticing the tiny things about you speaks volumes about his feelings. 

His curiosity and attention to detail lead him to memorize your favorite snacks or the adorable way you twirl your hair when you're nervous. He will also remember your absolute love for dark chocolate and how you adorably scrunch up your nose when perplexed.

man and woman talking outside Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You 

So, if you find the charming Aquarius guy casually mentioning how much he adores the turquoise earrings you wore last Tuesday, you can bet your bottom dollar that he's smitten. Embrace it and cherish those sweet moments!

3. He'll Share His Future Plans and Dreams with You

Aquarius men are not big on expressing their feelings and rarely admit that they have strong feelings for someone. 

But if he shares his future plans and dreams with you, it's a clear sign that he trusts and has serious feelings for you. His plans and dreams include how he sees himself a few years from now, what he wants to do in life, or how he pictures his ideal relationship. 

4. He Shares His Problems and Concerns with You

The Aquarius man is very independent and rarely opens up to other people about his problems. However, when an Aquarius man likes you, he will feel comfortable enough to share his issues and concerns with you. 

And because he knows you are reliable and trustworthy, he may also ask for your help or advice on the issue.

5. He'll Put A Lot of Effort into Seeing You

This air sign is known for being independent and free-spirited, but when he's smitten, he'll put in a lot of effort to be around you!

An Aquarius man will go the extra mile to spend time with you, even rescheduling plans or making a special journey just to see that lovely face of yours. Take notice of his eagerness to create moments together; it's a clear sign that he's catching feelings and simply can't resist your magnetic charm!

6. He Will be Very Chivalrous

An Aquarius guy might seem laid-back and aloof, but his inner knight in shining armor will definitely come to life when he's crushing on you. 

Yes, that's right – the good old-fashioned manners and gallantry he displays will give you a pretty clear idea of how deep his feelings for you are. 

Whether it's holding the door, pulling out a chair, or walking on the curbside of the sidewalk, these seemingly small gestures can actually reveal big-time feelings. 

7. He'll Always Try to Impress You

An Aquarius man is not one to show off or try too hard to impress a potential partner. But when he likes someone, he may go out of his way to show how impressive he is.

If he's invited you to dinner and shows up wearing a suit or maybe has prepared an elaborate meal for you with all his favorite dishes – these are all signs that he wants you to know how great of a catch he is!

8. He Will Be Very Protective of You

Aquarius men have a strong sense of justice. So, when they have feelings for someone, they tend to protect them fiercely.

From your emotional well-being to your physical safety, an Aquarius man will do everything he can to ensure you are safe and secure. He will be protective of your time and won't tolerate anyone trying to infringe on it.

He will do his best to keep you from harm's way and ensure you are always cared for – how sweet!

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9. He'll go Above and Beyond to Make You Feel Special

One amazing thing about this sign is how they pull out all the stops just to make the object of their affection feel extraordinary. If you notice that he is going above and beyond to evoke those butterflies in your stomach, it's a way of shouting from the rooftops that he is smitten by you!

He'll think up the most spectacular surprises or thoughtful gestures that cater to your tastes and desires, transforming even the simplest moments into magical ones!

So, if you're feeling pampered and adored, that's the Aquarius man working his charm, and darling, you've definitely captured his heart.

10. He'll Be Open to Trying New Things with You

When you're crushing on an Aquarius man, you're in for a world of excitement and adventure! They adore exploring uncharted territories, both metaphorically and literally.

A surefire sign that he's into you is his willingness (and eagerness) to try out new activities or experiences together. He'll dive headfirst into unfamiliar waters, be it food tasting, attending a painting class, or even bungee jumping, just to see that spark in your eyes.

So put on your explorer hat and get ready to unfold a treasure trove of memories with your adventurous aquarium man by your side.

11. He Shows You All His Favorite Places

When an Aquarius man is smitten, he can't help but share his world with the woman who has captured his heart.

Showing you all his favorite places becomes a delightful adventure he absolutely loves to undertake. From the cozy corner café serving the best espresso to that whimsical bookstore tucked away in an obscure alley, each cherished spot is a piece of his soul he's eager to unveil just for you.

As you stroll hand in hand through the picturesque parks and art galleries he adores, know that his genuine enthusiasm is a clear sign he's smitten and wants you to fall in love with his world just as much as he's falling for you.

12. He'll Show His Creative Side

Creativity is a key element of the Aquarius personality. So, when his heart is filled with love and admiration for someone, he won't be able to contain all that inspiration – it will pour out in how he expresses himself.

From writing poetry to playing music or creating art specifically for you is how this water bearer will show how much you mean to him. Pay attention to how he expresses himself and how intimately they are connected to you – it's sure to be a beautiful sight!

13. He Always Talks About You

There is one telltale sign that an Aquarius man is really into you: he just can't stop talking about you! It's adorable, really.

He'll always be sharing little tidbits about you with his friends, just casually dropping your name into conversations whenever he gets a chance. It's almost as if he's proudly presenting you to his inner circle without you even realizing it.

That's his way of saying, “I really like her!”

14. He Playfully Teases You

Oh, the telltale signs of an Aquarius man smitten! You know an Aquarius man has fallen under your spell when he playfully teases you.

This air sign loves witty banter and intelligent conversations, and what better way to express his affection than by engaging in light-hearted teasing? As his feelings for you deepen, you'll notice him gently poking fun at your quirks or tossing in a friendly jab here and there.

Don't mistake this for cruelty; it's just his fun way of showing you that you've captured his interest and made an impression on his heart.

15. He Will Challenge You to Be Your Best Self

Aquarius men are known for their innate ability to bring out the hidden potential in those they care for. When he starts pushing your limits, questioning your boundaries, and inspiring you to reach for the stars, you know it's no ordinary friendship.

It shows he's invested in your growth and genuinely believes in your capabilities. There's nothing better than having this air sign in your corner, cheering you on as you conquer the world together!

16. His Honesty is Unrivaled

As an air sign, the Aquarius man believes in being honest and truthful no matter how difficult the conversation is. He won't shy away from tackling tough topics or expressing how he feels about you. 

His words will always be raw, real, and genuine. He'll talk to you openly and unguardedly about anything that matters to him. In fact, he will not shy away from telling you exactly what he thinks about an issue you're facing.

17. He'll Always be There For You

There's an enchanting quality about an Aquarius man when he likes someone.  His constant presence and unwavering support characterize this affection.

When this charming air sign realizes he's smitten, he'll go above and beyond to be there for the woman he admires. He'll share his wisdom, join you in new adventures, and provide a listening ear during good times and bad.

He'll even embrace a newfound level of commitment, making it clear that no matter what comes your way, he'll always be there.

18. He'll be Very Generous with His Resources

Occasionally, you may be lucky enough to receive a little something from an Aquarius man who likes you. It could be something as small as tickets for a show he knows you'd love or something more extravagant like a luxurious spa day with friends.

No matter what it is, an Aquarius man will generously shower you with his resources when he's truly taken by you. He wants to make sure you're happy and enjoys being able to show how much he cares in tangible ways. 

19. He'll Plan Romantic Dates and Outings

He may not be too expressive and affectionate at first, but with time, you may notice that he surprises you with romantic dates filled with creative activities and thoughtful surprises. 

He'll plan special outings that spark your imagination and remind you how much he cares. This is his way of expressing how he feels and creating unforgettable memories.

If he's fallen for you, you'll know it by how much effort he puts into your dates. 

20. He'll Open Up About His Feelings

As you grow closer and his feelings are reciprocated, an Aquarius man will open up more about how he really feels. He'll share secrets from his past you wouldn't expect and make sure you know how much he likes you without actually saying it out loud. 

He prefers to express how much he cares through his actions, but if you're patient, eventually, the words will come too.

21. He'll Love You Unconditionally

When an Aquarius man falls for you, his love knows no bounds. Unconditional love comes easily for him; you'll always feel supported and cherished in his arms.

This air sign is known for having a strong emotional connection with his partner. He will love you for who you are, never expecting you to change or be someone else for him.

He will accept your flaws and imperfections and stand by your side through thick and thin.

How to Respond When an Aquarius Man Likes You

After going through the above signs and it's clear that the guy likes you, how should you respond? After all, how your relationship develops and flourishes is in your hands.

Do you like him? If you do, below are four things you can do to show it:

  • Be genuine: Aquarius men appreciate sincerity and honesty. So, when you talk to him, keep it real and be yourself. Aquarius guys are attracted to originality and quirkiness. Let your true colors shine so he gets to know the real you.
  • Don't be afraid to show affection: While the men under this air sign may not be as expressive with their feelings, it doesn't mean they're not open to receiving it. Show your affection by accepting his gifts, complimenting him, and taking an interest in the things he loves.
  • Be creative: Keep your conversations and dates interesting by bringing some unique ideas to the table. Aquarius men love novelty, so surprise him with your creativity, and he'll love you for it.
  • Be spontaneous. Aquarius men are attracted to adventure and spontaneity, so surprise him with thrilling activities that will make the relationship more fun and exciting.

However, don't be disrespectful and rude if you don't like him back. Let him down gently and be honest to avoid leading him on. Be kind, and if you can, be his friend.

Bonus: Signs an Aquarius Man Is in Love

Now that you know how to tell if an Aquarius man likes you, how can you tell if he's in love? Here are five signs that the Aquarius guy may be head over heels for you:

He will Only Flirt With You

When he falls deeply n love, an Aquarius man will only have eyes for you. Despite his reserved nature, he'll focus on making the relationship with you special and will be rather flirtatious. In fact, he won't have eyes for anyone else but you.

He will Pay More Attention to You

Whether you're in a group setting or out on a date, your Aquarius man will be sure to focus all his attention on you. He'll listen attentively to what you're saying and hang on to your every word.

You'll See it in How He Looks at You

A look from an Aquarius man in love is nothing short of magical. He'll give you lingering, deep looks that will make your heart feel warm and full.

He'll Check on You Regularly

Aquarius men want to make sure their partners are doing okay, and one way of expressing this is by checking in with them regularly.

He'll text you or call you to ask how your day was, how you're feeling, and how he can help make your life easier.

He'll Try to Make You Laugh

When in love, Aquarius men will go out of their way to make the special person in their lives laugh.

He'll tell you funny jokes and stories to make you laugh and will even go along with a joke that you started.

Final Thoughts

If you're dating an Aquarius man and want to know if he likes you, watch out for these signs. He'll be sure to show his caring and protective side to you, shower you with compliments and go out of his way to make sure you're happy.

Curious if that Aquarius man is into you? Look out for these signs! This post delves into the way an Aquarius man acts when he's interested.