A Ball For Stress? 9 Of The Best Stress Balls For Anxiety For 2023

Do you find yourself with pent-up anxious energy during the day?

Maybe you notice your foot waggling while you’re working, or you’re biting your nails unconsciously. 

You don’t want to feel like a live wire while trying to be productive, but who can stop to meditate during the middle of a workday?

Stress balls are a great way to relieve frustration and excess energy, and tame anxiety.

This handy toy is small, and you can take it anywhere. 

There are many types of stress balls available for you to choose from – so how do you know which ones are best and which ones are right for you?

Here are reviews of the top 9 stress balls for anxiety for 2023.

Peradix-Hand-Grip-Strength-Trainer.Peradix Hand Grip
 4 PCS Pop Fidget Ball Popper Its Toys3D Squeeze Pop Ball
Secure Stress Balls on a String - for Stress ReliefSecure Stress Balls
 Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) - Tear-ResistantStress Relief Balls
Motivational Stress Balls for Adults Anxiety Stress ReliefMotivational Stress Ball
 Hand Therapy Stress Ball - Perfect for Anxiety Hand Therapy Ball
1.57 Inch Solid Baoding Balls 304 Stainless Steel by Nimble Agility™Solid Baoding Balls
MAGICLUB Giant Stress Ball for Adults and Kids MagicClub Stress Ball
Stress Balls for Kids and Adults Water Bead Stress Balls

Does A Stress Ball Help With Anxiety? 6 Stress Ball Benefits

Here are some benefits to using a stress ball for anxiety:

1. It relieves stress.

Stress is a common trigger for anxiety, and stress has several things in common with it. Anxiety involves excessive worry and fear. We all tend to store these emotions in the body. 

Believe it or not, a lot of stress is stored in the hands as muscle tension. Stress balls, therefore, help you deal with anxiety better and relieve that pent-up energy, giving you an outlet for your anxiety.

2. It improves your focus and creativity. 

Stress balls give you a focus for your stress. Anyone creative knows how hard it is to get into the mindset while anxious, and stress balls for anxiety relax you. 

They take your mind off what's stressing you. The mind channels to the body, but also, when you relax the body, you relax the mind.

3. It relieves pain. 

Pain from overuse, hand injuries, and conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are common. Pain is also a trigger for stress and anxiety. 

Stress balls for anxiety strengthen your hand muscles and help you recover faster, so you can get back to being productive. We need our hands to do so many things and be independent, so it's essential to do anything possible to keep them working.

4. It helps you sleep better. 

It’s hard to sleep when you’re anxious and overwhelmed. And when you don't sleep well, you're even more prone to anxiety. 

Using stress balls to calm yourself helps you let go of worries and tension when you're home, so you don’t take them to bed with you at night. You’ll wake up with energy the next day.

5. It lowers blood pressure. 

Episodes of anxiety can cause temporary high blood pressure by increasing your heart rate and constricting blood vessels. While it doesn't cause long-term high blood pressure, it can damage the body in the long term. 

Using an anxiety ball is a simple yet effective way to tame your anxiety and reduce blood pressure.

6. It stimulates the vagus nerve. 

The vagus nerve connects to every nerve in your body. Squeezing an anxiety ball stimulates the nerves in your hands and stimulates the vague nerve. The malfunction of this nerve is associated with anxiety and depression. 

Although meditation calms the vague nerve, squeezing an anxiety ball can mimic the effects of meditation.

Which Type of Stress Ball is Best?

Stress balls can double as anxiety balls, but not all stress balls are the same. That's why you need to know certain features that a great stress ball has. All of the best stress balls have the following in common:

  • Appropriate firmness
  • Material you enjoy
  • Fun to squeeze
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps its shape
  • Lasts a long time
  • Other appealing, unique features (optional)

9 of the Best Stress Balls for Anxiety for 2023

We've reviewed the most popular and chosen nine of the best to save you the guesswork of hunting for the perfect stress balls for anxiety. Here are the top stress balls for adults for 2023:

1. Peradix Hand Grip Strength Trainer

This set of three stress balls for adults is like the classic stress ball, but in an ergonomic egg shape that’s easier to grip in a size of 2.25 x 1.75 inches. The three balls in different colors are for 33lbs, 55lbs, and 66lbs of resistance, so they also help improve your hand and finger strength. 

Thermoplastic rubber feels warm to the touch and allows you to pinch, squeeze, grip, or grab your way to stress and pain relief.

Athletes, musicians, office workers, people who work with their hands, anyone recovering from hand injuries, and anyone suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome will benefit from these anxiety balls.


  • Soft, medium, and hard resistance levels
  • Easy to clean
  • Warms to the touch
  • Pinch, squeeze, grip, or grab


  • The purple/green/black trio is too small for some hands
  • Can leave a sticky or tacky residue

2. 3D Anti-Pressure Squeeze Pop Ball

Perhaps the most fun anxiety bally you’ll find is this colorful tie-dye set of four to give you relief in more ways than one. 

Not only are the balls squeezable, but they have buttons that make a popping sound when you press them. 

You'll feel and hear the sound when you vent pressure. The lightweight and small size makes it easy to use with one hand while leaving the other free. Non-toxic and non-BPA silicone is durable and easy to clean.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Tie-dye colors
  • Fun popping sound


  • You can only push down a few popping buttons at a time

3. Secure Stress Balls on a String

When you need an anxiety ball that won't fall or roll away, only this one on a string will do. Choose from a single strength level or a set of three balls in soft, medium, and firm strengths. 

It comes with an exercise guide of training steps with pictures and links to videos, so you can improve your dexterity while relieving anxiety. 

Made of thermoplastic rubber, it's washable and guaranteed to not break from manufacturing.


  • String attachment for security
  • Comes with an exercise guide
  • Warms to the touch
  • Washable and durable


  • May leave a sticky or tacky residue
  • May be too small to close your hand around

4. Stress Relief Balls

This set of three (blue, red, and yellow) balls allows you to squeeze, smoosh, pull, stretch, toss, and bounce to your heart's content without the balls losing shape. 

Thermoplastic rubber is phthalate, latex, and BPA-free and warms to the touch. These balls measure 2.5 x 2.5 inches each, are just bouncy enough, and a have a pleasant sensory texture.


  • Soft, medium, and firm strengths
  • Pleasant sensory texture
  • Super squishy and durable
  • Durable


  • May leave a sticky or tacky residue

5. Motivational Stress Balls for Adults

Here is a unique anxiety ball set that will leave you smiling. These three balls all have the same strengths but come in red, blue, and yellow.

Each also has a different motivational quote. Polyurethane is durable and lets you squeeze out your stress and practice hand therapy simultaneously. You can leave each in a different place so you’ll always have one with you.


  • Motivational quotes
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Three same-strength balls


  • Price is higher than expected
  • May be too firm for some people

6. Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Remember how an anxiety ball helps you focus and improves your productivity? This ball does it in spades, and it's scientifically proven to do so. 

It has a motivational quote saying,”Focus on the good” to keep your mind on what matters while squeezing away the tension. 

The therapeutic thermoplastic rubber gel is firm yet squishy and is wrapped in a tear-resistant fabric. This ball measures 2.35 inches in diameter.


  • Firm yet squishy gel in the tear-resistant fabric covering
  • Bouncy feel
  • Motivational quote
  • Scientifically proven to boost focus and productivity


  • May be too firm for some people
  • May be too small for some people's hands

7. Solid Baoding Balls

One of the best stress balls for adults, this set of two Chinese health balls are known as Baoding. Stainless steel but without a chime sound, they stimulate acupressure points in your hands while you roll them around and massage them in your hands. 

Although you can use them with one hand, the balls are meant to be used together. They create a unique rhythm that is relaxing, reduces stress, and improves your hand strength. 

Measuring 1.57 inches in diameter, they are perfect for all hand sizes. They also come in a carrying case for protection, portability, and access.


  • Stainless steel
  • Silent
  • Carrying case
  • Beginner to advanced practitioners


  • Heavy in weight for their small size
  • They clack against each other

8. MagicClub Giant Stress Ball

Now here is an anxiety ball that lets you have at it with both hands when you have to fidget. Soft to the touch with a sensory, squishy feel, this giant ball filled with water beads in blue and purple colors will help you relax and focus.

 Anyone sore and stressed from hands-on work will appreciate the relief this ball provides. It measures 4 x 4 x 4 inches for even squeezing fun.


  • Soft, sensory feel for tactile handling
  • Gel with water beads for fun squeezing
  • Relaxing blue and purple


  • Not for super-rough handling
  • Not for people with long nails

9. Water Bead Stress Balls

These stress balls for anxiety are made of thermoplastic rubber with a filling of silicone gel and water beads. They are a set of four with colorful water beads for both a tactile and visual experience, while four different styles give you variety to get your attention and stop you from getting bored or fidgeting. 

These anxiety balls will help you relax and get you ready to focus on whatever you have planned next or while you're on the phone or writing with one hand. They measure 4.17 x 2.4 inches and weigh 10.6 ounces.


  • Multicolored
  • Soft
  • Washable
  • Durable for anxiety relief and grip training


  • Not for super rough handling
  • Not for people with long nails

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Stress balls for adults are multi-purpose, as they have many benefits – including coping with anxiety.  Because there is no one-size-fits-all, they are each made of different materials, firmness, and other features. We hope this guide helps you find the stress balls for anxiety right for you.