14 Signs It May Be Time To End A Relationship

when to end a relationship

You’ve done everything you know to do to save your relationship, but you feel it slipping away each day.

You can only control so much, after all.

And not all relationships are meant to last forever.

Still, you’d like to know for certain whether it’s time to let go of your partner. How will you know when to end a relationship and move on?

And how can you minimize the trauma for everyone involved?

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5 Signs Of Controlling Parents (And 5 Ways To Deal With Them)

angry mother and daughter, controlling parents

If you grew up with controlling parents, you know how exhausting it can be.

Nothing you do is good enough. Every decision you make on your own is flawed.

And, oh… you’re not really eating that are you?

You’ve made it this far, though. And you know life can be good, in spite of your micromanaging or manipulative parents.

But it wouldn’t hurt to get some tips on how to behave toward them in a way that helps you accept them as they are, accept yourself, and love your life.

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7 Key Steps In Taking A Break In A Relationship

take a break in a relationship

If you’re thinking of taking a break in a relationship, you’re probably dreading the conversation that has to happen first.

Maybe you’ve reached a crossroads in your relationship, and you feel an overwhelming need for a break.

But you’re afraid that in asking for one you’ll lose someone who still matters to you.

On the other hand, what if, in order to save the relationship and make it better, you need time apart?

Does taking a break in a relationship work?

And if so, how can you be sure it’s the right step for you?

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68 Fake Friends Quotes About The Posers Who Hurt You

fake friend

Even if you make friends easily, there’s no guarantee that any of your friends will stick by you when things get dark.

Fake friends are easy to find, and most of them will hang on until they get what they want from you — or until they realize they won’t get that after all.

But how do you tell fake friends from real ones, before they betray or abandon you?

The fake friends quotes below can help with that.

Written by people who’ve learned the hard way how to spot a poser, they can help you find out who your fake friends are.

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13 Signs You Might Be A Hopeless Romantic

Romanticism gets the eye-roll from a lot of people, but it’s also the air you breathe.

To most of the world, you wear rose-colored glasses, but to you, it seems like everyone else’s lenses need a good soap and water cleanse.

You’re a “hopeless romantic,” but you don’t feel hopeless at all.

In fact, you feel more hopeful than most. If anything, you’re stubborn in your belief that love will conquer all.

So, where did the term “hopeless romantic” even come from? And what does it mean?

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23 Signs A Guy Is Really Into You

signs a guy likes you

The more time you spend around a certain guy, the more you’re noticing powerful signs of male attraction — signs a guy likes you.

But are those signs really telling you what you think they are?

After all, you’ve been wrong before. So, does he like you?

Or are you misreading his behavior?

Questions like these need clear, helpful answers — ideally those based on the experience of women who’ve been where you are now.

That’s why we chose the following 23 signs a guy likes you. Use them to help you interpret the behavior you’re witnessing and decide how to respond to it.

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9 Ways To Get Over Unrequited Love

couple hugging, unrequited love

Do you know the signs of unrequited love?

Have you been seeing them and feeling the worst effects of a one-sided relationship?

Maybe you’re thinking that if you prove your worthiness, the person you’re in love with will finally see you as the one they’ve been looking for.

Maybe they will, but you don’t have to put your life on hold until that happens.

If unreturned love is holding you back, you can see it for what it is and break free from it.

It doesn’t mean you’ll stop caring about the person whose love you’ve wanted, but ultimately you’re the one responsible for your happiness — no one else.

Before we discuss how to break free from unrequited love, it helps to know exactly what it is, so you can recognize it.

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99 Of The Best Would You Rather Questions

Looking for ways to better understand your spouse (or partner) and the people you care about?

Or would you like to get a quick but accurate sense of someone’s character on the first date?

It’s when people are pushed against the wall that you get to see who they really are.

But since you can’t really do that on a date without getting arrested or punched, why not try this collection of the best Would You Rather questions for couples instead?

So much safer — and still educational!

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