Has He Fallen Hard? 19 Subtle (But Unmistakeable) Signs Your Taurus Man Thinks You’re The One

Has your Taurus man been acting differently around you lately? 

Maybe he's been more affectionate, talking about the future or looking at you with heart eyes. 

If you think your Taurus guy has made up his mind and decided you're the one for him, you may be right! 

Taurus men don't fall easily, but when they do, they fall hard. 

If you notice the signs a Taurus man is in love with you, then he sees you as his soulmate and the woman of his dreams. 

Read on to find out what to look for!

When a Taurus Man Thinks You're the One: 19 Signs He's Fallen Hard

Taurus men are known for being stubborn and slow to commit.

But when they finally let their walls down and give their heart to someone, there are clear signs he sees a future together. 

couple holding hands outdoors When a Taurus Man Thinks You're the One

If your Taurus man is displaying any of these 19 behaviors, it's a sure indication he's all in and thinks you're the one for him.

1. He introduces you to his inner circle.

If a Taurus man invites you to meet his closest friends and workmates, he definitely sees you sticking around. Taurus men are very selective about who they let into their inner circle. 

The fact that he wants to bring you into it means he envisions you being an important part of his life for the long term. Meeting the people he cares about indicates he's proud to show you off. 

2. He talks about long-term plans. 

Has your guy started mentioning future plans like moving in together, marriage, or having kids? This is a tell-tale sign he sees you as a permanent fixture in his life. Taurus men like to take things slow in relationships. 

So, if he's already envisioning a future with you and bringing up long-term goals, it shows he's in it for the long haul and believes you're the one.

3. He gets jealous more easily.

Taurus men are generally confident and not prone to jealousy. But if your Taurus is getting more possessive of you or uneasy about you talking to other men, it means he really cares. 

Since this man believes you're meant to be his partner, he will be more vigilant about protecting the relationship. A little jealousy here and there is a sign you mean a lot to him.

4. He is very supportive and encouraging. 

Once he commits to you, he will want to see you succeed and will provide strong emotional support when you're going through hard times. 

And he'll be your biggest cheerleader, celebrating your accomplishments and giving you encouragement to pursue your dreams. This nurturing and uplifting behavior demonstrates his dedication.

5. He shares vulnerable emotions.

Taurus men prefer to be stoic and don't express vulnerabilities easily. So when he opens up emotionally and shares his fears or insecurities, it signifies his deep trust in you. 

Letting his guard down to reveal his sensitive side indicates he feels entirely comfortable being his authentic self around you.

6. He wants you to meet his family.

If a Taurus guy invites you to a family gathering or to meet his parents, it's a clear sign he sees a real future with you. Family is everything to a Taurus man, so your meeting them means he wants to integrate you into that vital part of his life. 

He wouldn't waste his or your time with introductions if he weren't 100% sure about you. Being welcomed into the Taurus man's family circle demonstrates he trusts you and knows you'll be an important part of his life for years to come.

7. He goes out of his way to help you.

These men are highly devoted once they commit to someone. If your guy suddenly starts going above and beyond to help you out, he's showing his dedication. Whether it's fixing things around your house, surprising you with gifts, or rearranging his schedule to be there for you, his efforts to make your life easier prove you're a top priority. 

couple laying on floor face to face When a Taurus Man Thinks You're the One

When a Taurus man falls for someone, he'll do anything he can to make her feel happy and supported. His acts of service are clear signs you're the one.

8. He misses you when you're apart.

This guy likes their alone time, so if he starts hating when you're apart, it means he's really into you. If he's constantly texting or calling just to say hi while you're away, or he's eager to make plans to reunite soon, it shows how much he misses you. 

He wouldn't bother reaching out as often if you were casually dating. The fact that he hates being separated from you and jumps at chances to reconnect demonstrates you mean the world to him. 

9. He gets sentimental about your relationship.

Taurus men tend to be practical, so when he starts bringing up emotional memories from your past, it shows how deeply he cares. Whether he reminisces about your first date, the moment he realized he loved you, or talks about how much you've meant to him over the years, it's a clear sign you hold a special place in his heart. 

Why would he waste time on nostalgia if you were just a fling? Cherishing meaningful moments in your relationship proves he sees you as his soulmate.

10. He hints about the future.

Has your Taurus guy suddenly started dropping hints about where he sees this relationship going? Subtle comments like “When we have kids…” or “Wouldn't this be a nice place to get married?” reveal he envisions a real future with you. 

These men only think as far ahead as their partners. The fact that he's already imagining major milestones means he's in it for the long haul and believes he's found who he wants to share his life with.

11. He wants you to rely on him.

Taurus men have a strong provider instinct. When he insists on doing things for you, like driving you places, paying for meals, or helping with tasks, he's showing his dedication. He wants his partner to feel secure and supported. 

By being so adamant about assisting you and fulfilling your needs, he's proving that he wants to be the reliable rock in your life for good. Letting him take care of you demonstrates you appreciate his caring gestures.

12. He gets more serious and responsible. 

Has your easygoing Taurus guy suddenly started planning ahead more and focusing on reaching goals? This shift towards being more serious and responsible signifies he sees you as his future. Settling down with someone makes a Taurus man knuckle down. 

The fact that he's taking steps to build a stable life and be someone you can depend on shows he envisions sharing that life with you. Prioritizing his responsibilities demonstrates emotional maturity and that he's in it for the long haul.

13. He's very consistent.

Once this man decides on a partner, his affection remains steady and loyal. He won't play games or ever make you question where you stand. The Taurus man will call when he says, make concrete plans in advance, and show his feelings through consistent words and actions. 

couples talking a dining table When a Taurus Man Thinks You're the One

No matter how much time passes, you'll never have to wonder about the depth of his devotion. His reliability proves you can always count on having him by your side.  

14. He asks your opinion on big decisions.

Taurus men are stubborn and used to doing things their own way. When your guy starts consulting you before making major choices, it shows how much he values your input. 

Whether it's about his career, finances, or other life path issues, he wants to know what you think because he sees you as his other half. By seeking your perspective, he's proving that he considers your feelings and needs equally to his own. Letting you weigh in demonstrates you're his partner in everything.

15. He doesn't shy away from commitment. 

Has your relationship been progressing smoothly from casual to serious? A Taurus man who is ready to commit won't pump the brakes or seem uncertain when things get more “official.” Making your partnership Facebook official, talking about moving in, or meeting each other's families won't scare him away. 

He'll embrace deepening bonds and escalating commitment because it's exactly what he wants with you. A Taurus who sees you as a casual fling would balk at further involvement.

16. He brings you into his routines. 

Taurean men love their routines and don't like people interfering. If he's welcomed you into his daily habits, like having you join his morning coffee ritual or taking you along on his regular Saturday hike, it shows you're special to him. 

Wanting you to be part of his routines indicates he envisions a future of those same habits with you by his side. Getting comfortable sharing his lifestyle proves he sees you seamlessly fitting into his life in the years to come.

17. He talks about your relationship positively to others.

A Taurus man who sees you as his soulmate will sing your praises to other people in his life. He'll rave about you to friends, happily tell his family how amazing you are, and want colleagues to know he's found “the one.” 

When he is committed for the long haul, he feels proud to have you as his partner and loves telling the world how lucky he is to have found you. His positive affirmations about you and your relationship prove he is all in.

18. He stops flirting with or mentioning other women. 

This committed man has eyes only for his soulmate. Once he decides you're the one, all other women will become invisible to him. He'll stop flirtatious banter with waitresses or mentions of cute women he met. 

You'll notice his full attention is on you and building a future together. Remaining totally focused on you and your relationship proves you're the only one he desires. He wants you to feel secure in the exclusivity of his devotion.

19. He fully lets down his guard.

These strong, silent types are naturally cautious, so when he fully opens up to you emotionally and lets you see every side of him, it's huge. Exposing his vulnerabilities, sharing embarrassing stories, and allowing you to comfort him when he's hurt demonstrates immense trust. 

A Taurus only reveals their unfiltered true self around their soulmate. By letting his guard down and getting totally comfortable being emotionally intimate, he's confirming you're the only one for him.

What to Know About Taurus Men in Relationships

When it comes to love and romance, Taurus men have some unique qualities that are good to know upfront. Here are a few key things about how these men operate in relationships:

  • Loyal and devoted, once committed – they will stick by your side through thick and thin.
  • Enjoy routine and can be resistant to change – they like what's familiar.
  • Strong work ethic but also appreciate relaxation – they juggle ambition with enjoying downtime.
  • Financially stable and great providers – they work hard to offer security.
  • Prone to stubbornness and jealousy – they can locked into their perspectives.
  • Not the most emotionally expressive – they tend to be more logical.
  • Love good food, beauty, and physical touch – they enjoy sensual pleasures.
  • Traditional romantic partners – they may move slowly when dating.
  • Searching for their “soulmate” – they don't date casually.
  • Want a genuine emotional connection – they don't open up to just anyone.

Knowing these tendencies can help you better understand your Taurus guy. But remember, each Taurus man is unique, so avoid sweeping generalizations. Talk to your particular bull to learn what makes him tick!

What Is the Taurus Man Communication Style in a Relationship?

The Taurus man tends to be reserved and deliberate in his communication. He prefers to take his time opening up and sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Taurus men dislike rushed or blunt conversations. They want dialogue to happen slowly, with care paid to choosing the right words. 

The Taurus man will be a patient, attentive listener in a relationship. He wants his partner to feel fully heard and understood. Though he may not be the most vocally expressive, he uses body language and loving actions to show how he feels. Earning his trust is key to getting him to communicate authentically.

How Do You Know If a Taurus Man Thinks About You?

A Taurus man isn't overly verbal about his feelings, so you may wonder if he thinks about you when you're not around. Look for subtle signs to know if you're on his mind

  • Does he check on you via text? 
  • Send you music or memes he thinks you'll like? 
  • Make an effort to see you regularly and keep plans? 
  • Does he remember little details about you? 

These small gestures indicate you're top of mind. Taurus men focus on those they truly care for. Consistent effort and follow-through reveal his feelings.

Final Thoughts

When a Taurus man falls in love, he falls deeply and fully. Keep an eye out for the signs he sees you as the one for him. If he's exhibiting many of these behaviors, it's clear he believes you're his soulmate and wants to build a happy future together. A committed Taurus man will be your most loyal and caring partner for life.