125 Outrageously Fun Most Likely To Questions

group of friends, most likely to questions

Sometimes, even when you’re with your favorite people, you’re not sure what to talk about. Or maybe someone wants to talk about a subject you’d rather avoid. 

Here’s where our list of most likely to questions comes in.

You start a game of “Who’s most likely to…” and pretty soon, you’re laughing together and forgetting all about so-and-so’s political tweets or whether your fandom’s newest ship makes any sense. 

So, how can a bunch of silly questions make your together time better? 

And how do you get started?

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29 Fun And Creative Long-Distance Date Ideas

woman on phone, long distance date ideas

It’s date night, and you and your significant other are having to spend it apart. What can you do to make the night special for you both, even if you can’t touch? 

You’re looking for guidance on how to long-distance date. You want to show your sweetheart that the distance has only given you the chance to show your love in new, creative ways.

In this post, you’ll find 29 long-distance date ideas that will make date night worth looking forward to — and worth savoring hours afterward. 

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33 Pieces of Advice To Help Your Relationship Grow Stronger

happy couple, relationship advice

Ever heard the song by The Beatles called, “All You Need is Love?”

While the song has a catchy title, the truth is that you need more than love to make a relationship work and thrive.

Even the best relationships and marriages require frequent attention and nurturing in order to survive.

You’ve probably heard the disheartening statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. However, this statistic can be broken down a bit further.

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37 Amazing Second Date Ideas

couple, second date ideas

The first date went even better than expected, and you’re looking forward to seeing this person again.

So, what are some good second date ideas?

Now that you’re no longer strangers (but there’s still plenty of uncharted territory), what can you do together that would not only celebrate the obvious chemistry between you but also build on it?

Because every date can’t be like that first date.

And on the one hand, that is very good news.

On the other, it’s a bit of a bummer, because you want to experience some of that same magic every time you go out together.

Fortunately, you can make the second date even better than the first.

Have I got your attention? Good. Let’s dive in.

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9 Signs You Have A Power Couple Relationship

Power Couple

People are talking about you two.

And it’s good talk (mostly).

You each have a strong presence of your own, but your chemistry together is what makes others see you as a couple worth watching and emulating.

You’re a power couple — at least to your biggest fans.

Wherever you go and whatever you do together, people want to know and experience your joys and pains with you. Your relationship makes others want to know what your secret is.

Because they want it.

And maybe some of your magic will rub off when they’re around you.

You know it doesn’t hurt that you look great together, but you also know that reaching this level in your relationship takes a lot more than that.

You and your spouse/partner have worked out how to be a power couple.

But what does even mean?

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77 Of The Best Ever Truth Or Dare Questions

truth or dare questions

When you’re planning a fun get-together with friends, why not consider playing truth or dare?

It can be as challenging as it is fun, since every player has to either answer a probing question truthfully or do something silly or daring.

Embarrassment is definitely on the table.

But in this game, no one is alone in allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

And if a question goes too far for someone, there are always alternatives.

The point here is to have fun and to get to know each other better.

The best truth or dare questions are those that challenge each player without putting anyone in a compromising position.

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The 20 Most Life-Altering Concepts I’ve Ever Embraced

Do you have one life lesson or philosophy that has changed the course of your life?

Sometimes you can read something or have a life experience that hits you over the head with its brilliance and perfection. A huge mind shift takes place, and your life is forever altered for the better.

These can be years in the making or overnight sensations. I’ve had my share of both, and even the overnight sensations can take years to fully assimilate in my psyche.

But the important thing is the discovery of these concepts and how you apply them to your life. Once you realize these great truths are out there, it becomes a lifelong quest to discover more of them.

That’s what personal development is all about — the ongoing search for the truths that will set us free to be who we are and to live our best possible lives.

Through my adult years, there have been many of these concepts that I’ve discovered (or that have hit me over the head) along the way. I’ve chosen 20 to share with you that have impacted me most profoundly. And I’ve suggested a resource for further reading on the topic.

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The 15 Best Relationship Podcasts To Improve Your Love Life

relationship podcast

What do we love about podcasts?

For one, you can choose the episodes that address your specific concerns.

With radio shows, you often don’t know what topics they’ll cover or whether their content will help you answer a nagging question.

If any of those questions pertain to relationships, you’ll find plenty of podcasts to choose from — all of them generous with their relationship advice, and some of them more relatable than others.

So, how do you find the best relationship podcasts for your situation?

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