11 Of The Best Goals Planners To Get More Done In Less Time

There are a lot of apps and gadgets that help boost your productivity, but if you really want to make the most of your time, you need to get a good goal planner.

A lot of us consider our planners an extension of our brains. Without it, our minds would be a jumble and life might become a disorganized mess.

With a planner, you can download everything in your brain, set actionable goals, and be much more productive in much less time.

Goal planners are unique because they allow you to organize your life while also helping you reach your goals.

They also help you save time and maximize success by including scientifically proven goal-setting methods, activities, and unique structures for getting things done.

Things to Consider When Buying a Goals Planner


Do you want a goal planner that you will only look at in the morning and at night or do you want one that you can carry with your throughout the day? Consider the size of the planner so it can fit into your lifestyle.


How much space do you want in your planner for writing notes? Some planners have a lot of blank space for writing out goals, action steps, and ideas while others have limited space for taking notes.


Are you looking for a planner that will last an entire year or one that you can pick up and put down as needed? Do you want a planner that has an hourly breakdown so you can micromanage your days or is a week overview reasonable for you?

Time Commitment

How much time do you want to spend writing in your planner each day? Do you want one that is more minimalistic or one that is more interactive with your life and offers a lot of advice and information?

11 Of The Best Goals Planners To Get More Done In Less Time

There are a lot of different planners on the market, but some are certainly more valuable than others.

If you want to get the most from your goals planner, choose one from the list below that I’ve checked out for you. After reading the descriptions, you’ll have a much better idea of which one is right for you.

1. The Simple Elephant Planner

The Simple Elephant Planner will hold you accountable for achieving your goals and help prevent you from procrastinating.

It uses craft affirmations and gratitude prompts to give you a more inspired and happy life. This planner engages your mind with a mind map and vision board sections which can increase your motivation and focus.

This popular planner has a neat, clean, and neutral vibe. It’s broken down by weeks, so one week takes up two pages.

This is great for both teens and adults who don’t need a lot of space for each day’s activities and for those who don’t want to have an hourly breakdown.

This goals planner is lighter and smaller than others, which makes it easy to transport in your bag.

This planner dedicates some of the beginning pages to give you information on goals, but it is a modest journal compared to others.

It is made to last 12 months, with each month beginning with a blank calendar to fill in events for the month and a place to write your monthly goals and reminders.

It also includes focus pages where you can record your big goals and flip back to reference them every so often.

  • ​Has a sturdy, high-quality cover
  • ​Includes a 59-page notes/journaling section
  • ​Comes with stickers, a pen loop, and a back interior flap pocket
  • ​Does not give each day its own full page
  • ​It only comes in one color
  • ​Some users don’t like the elephant that is embossed on the cover

​​2. The Morning Sidekick Journal

The Morning Sidekick Journal helps users focus on their productivity and happiness in just three minutes each morning. It is a science-based journal to help start your day off on the right foot.

Each morning, you are prompted to reflect on why you are doing the things you are doing, how you are going to accomplish them and how to prepare for what you are going to do each day.

Doing this helps you look forward to each day and build new positive habits.

This journal offers daily challenges, inspiration, and strategies. It also allows you to create your own system for accountability so you can make sure you stay on top of your goals.

It includes 66 days of tracking pages that have guided prompts to help you establish a routine.

  • ​Comes with access to an editable PDF version
  • ​Small and compact so you can carry it around
  • ​A simplistic journal that does not require a lot of time
  • ​A bit more expensive than other options
  • ​The worksheet becomes repetitive
  • ​There is not much room to write reflections

​​3. Panda Planner Pro

Panda Planner is scientifically designed to empower you to regain control, reclaim happiness, and start to flourish in new ways.

It will help you become more organized and focused using a proven method based on neuroscience and psychology. It also comes with ebooks to help you increase your productivity.

This planner has undated daily pages with an hourly schedule. On each monthly page, there is an area to record a focus and a habit, a place to list things that you are trying to avoid, and room for reflection.

Each day has two pages dedicated to it, one for a morning reflection and another for your tasks and schedule. This planner is more aggressively goal-oriented than others, which may or may not be right for you.

  • ​Available in four colors
  • ​Provides good prompts
  • ​Durable and small
  • ​Some do not like the embossed panda on the cover
  • ​There are a lot of instructions
  • ​Some find it a bit juvenile

​​4. Gazelle Planner Pro

The Gazelle Planner is a goals planning tool to help increase your productivity and improve all other areas of your life.

It comes with a 1-2-3 step system to keep you focused on your long and short-term goals. It also includes project planning worksheets, a two-page vision board, and a master to-do list.

It comes with a hardback binding that lays flat and has an expandable pocket to store your loose leaf papers. The planner includes an elastic strap to keep your pages secure.

Using this planner will help improve your organization and become more productive.

  • ​Includes a 24-hour schedule
  • ​Comes with 3 ribbon page markers
  • ​Has high-quality paper
  • ​Bigger than other planners
  • ​Some find that the security band breaks
  • ​Only comes in two colors

​​5. Law of Attraction Daily Planner

This planner will help you increase your productivity and happiness. It teaches you how to focus on your top priorities and delegate tasks that can be done by other people.

This will help free up your time and get more accomplished. This planner has to-do lists, a gratitude journal, and a feel-good list to remind you to put yourself first.

This planner also helps increase your time management skills. It offers eight steps that are sure to show you results. Once you start to follow your passion in life, you will be happier than you ever imagined.

This book has a durable soft cover that is made from animal-friendly leather. It is great for both men and women and anyone who wants to master setting goals and fixing procrastination.

  • ​Has perforated pages in the back so you can tear off important notes
  • ​Does a great job at initiating thoughts of self-reflection
  • ​Includes information about applying the law of attraction to your life
  • ​Does not cover an entire year
  • ​You cannot add in pages or move pages around
  • ​LOA logo is large, which makes some users uncomfortable using it in public

​6. InnerGuide’s Goal & Success Planner: The Life Coach in-a-Book

This planner gives you organizational and planning guides to optimize the way you are already living.

The planning tools use coaching strategies that are self-directed and meant to empower you to increase your self-awareness, productivity, and live with more purpose.

This guide helps you align your values with your actions. The tools offered in this book encourage and motivate you to live a successful life while blending purpose and productivity.

  • ​There is a weekly check in at the end of each week
  • ​Helps users create a structure and timeline for their goals
  • ​Provides high-level guidance
  • ​Has very little room for notes
  • ​The front and back cover are both soft, so this book wears down easily
  • Some people dislike the detail required for the hourly breakdown

​7. 90 Day Goal Planner by 90X

This goals planner is designed to make you a better version of yourself.

It has a seven-step program, which includes setting a vision, recording your top five goals, writing down your way, listing your actions, planning your day, planning your week, and following up on your achievements.

Each section in this planner is scientifically created in an easy-to-understand format and fill in. It is set up to be simple and accessible so you can get yourself organized and start reaching your goals.

With monthly, weekly, and daily goals, you will start making progress in no time with this planner.

  • ​Comes in a variety of colors
  • ​Broken down in sections that are easy to understand
  • ​Perfect for people who think they are too busy to start a planner
  • ​Only has 90 days worth of pages
  • ​More expensive than other options
  • ​Some find the work required with this planner to be cumbersome

​​8. The 5 Second Journal: The Best Daily Journal and Fastest Way to Slow Down, Power Up, and Get Sh*t Done

This bestseller inspires you to take action, see results, and live a more productive life. The author offers a step-by-step guide to a journaling method that increases productivity and confidence.

This journal helps you stop procrastinating and stop being overwhelmed by your to-do lists. It keeps you focused on what’s most important, even in the midst of your everyday hustle.

The author helps you find your confidence and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and feel proud.

You learn how to take your focus off of things that actually drain your energy while tapping into your inner calm for motivation.

This is a great journal for you if you finish every day wondering where the time went.

  • ​Helps steer your day in the right direction from the start
  • ​This is a great planner for people who are easily distracted
  • ​Provides an easy-to-follow way to map out each day
  • ​The binder in the center makes it difficult to write at times
  • ​Some people find the “brain dump” to be a waste of space
  • ​The light ink in the book can be difficult to read

​9. Goal Planner with Gratitude Journal

The Goal Planner will help you stay organized, productive, and motivated. The planner will also help you focus on long-term goals while still managing daily tasks.

This planner has a detailed layout for each day that is created to help you keep your agenda on track and feel accomplished and happy.

It provides space to record daily gratitude, your schedule, and your priorities.

It also offers a goal-setting guide, inspirational quotes, mind mapping, and a page for notes. It has a pocket to hold your loose-leaf papers and a pen holder loop so you will always have a pen handy.

  • ​Comes with smart planning ebooks
  • ​Has six months worth of pages
  • ​Hardcover for extra protection
  • ​May take more time to fill out than you have to spend each day
  • ​A bit heavy
  • ​Only comes in one color

​10. The Freedom Journal

The Freedom Journal takes you through a gratitude exercise every morning to get the day started. It then asks you to identify your main focus for the day as well as three main objectives and an action plan.

This journal prompts you each night to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work throughout the day to help you find solutions to problems. The day ends with a positive affirmation.

With ten 10-day sprints, you will accomplish 10 micro-goals on your journey and gain the momentum and motivation necessary to complete the #1 goal in 100 days.

With regular reviews, you will be able to track your progress and change your actions as needed.

  • ​Great if you have one specific goal you want to accomplish
  • ​High-quality book
  • ​Great for helping you focus on the small tasks
  • ​The planner is repetitive
  • ​Contains advertisements in it
  • ​Some of the questions seem generic

​​11. The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Journal

This morning journal is designed to boost your happiness and productivity.

It includes short gratitude prompts to read each morning to start your day off right and encourages you to focus on the most important things first.

This book includes guided prompts to use throughout the day so you can get the most done with the least amount of effort.

This book embraces minimalism with its simple questions and short exercises.

This journal works for you if you want to organize your life but don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to journaling. The journal can serve as your compass for completing your goals.

  • ​Made from non-animal sourced leather
  • ​Provides useful examples
  • ​High-quality pages
  • ​The prompts are monotonous
  • ​The weekly summary page is vague
  • ​The binding may fall apart after extensive use

​​Final Thoughts

Depending on your lifestyle and goals, one of these planners may be better than another.

Consider your goal-setting priorities as you consider these options to decide which will be the best for you. In the end, they are all great planners, so you can’t go wrong.