3 Things A Day: A Minimalist Journal for More Focus with Less Stress

What if I told you that you could get more done by focusing on less?

Would you believe it?

Could you do it?

Or would you feel guilty — like you aren’t pulling your weight or being responsible?

Most of us do feel guilty if we don’t have a to-do list of a dozen or more daily tasks and projects. We feel guilty if we aren’t busy from before sun-up until past sundown.

We believe if we aren’t productive enough we might lose the respect of others, our self-respect, or even our jobs.

So we cram our days full of action items. We multitask. We work as quickly as possible with one eye on the clock as we race to finish the current project so we can move on to the next.

All the while, we are stressed-out, overwhelmed, exhausted, and missing important details. Often our work isn’t the quality we want it to be, but we don’t have time to linger over our tasks. We definitely don’t have time to savor them and find a deep well of satisfaction in what we are doing.

Our culture venerates productivity, but as many researchers are discovering, this kind of productivity comes at a price. Our mental and physical health is suffering, and the rate of burnout is skyrocketing.

The irony is that no matter how long or hard you work, you are truly productive for three to four hours a day. We have a small pool of psychological energy, and once that pool is depleted, we become less and less effective at any task.

Studies confirm that working longer hours and cramming dozens of items on your project list does not make you more productive. Our brains simply are not meant to focus for a full eight hours a day.

However, working with purpose for short periods of time and taking frequent breaks does improve productivity and quality of work while reducing stress. Rather than creating a long list of actions items for your day, you shorten your list and work on fewer things with more time and focus. 

We can actually get more done by doing less — but with more focus, joy, and mindfulness.

That’s why I’ve created my latest journal, 3 Things A Day: A Minimalist Journal for More Focus with Less Stress.

With this journal, you’ll focus on just three tasks a day — you’re most important for the day. Why just three things a day? Because setting three daily goals is measurable, manageable, and realistic.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do more in a day if you want to — but only after you’ve completed your priority three.

3 Things a Day Journal

With the 3 Things a Day Journal, you’ll . . .

  • Have more time to devote to each task.
  • Have more mental stamina to complete each task.
  • Feel less overwhelmed and agitated by your to-do list.
  • Enjoy more engagement and focus with each action item.
  • Be more thorough, creative, and competent with the action items.
  • Feel more satisfaction by completing your three most challenging tasks first.
  • Feel less stressed and be more productive in general.

Throw away the long “to-do” list and learn to focus your time and attention on your most important tasks.

Working with purpose on fewer tasks for short periods of time and taking frequent breaks gives you an edge in your productivity and well-being.

Inside the 3 Things A Day Journal, you’ll get:

  • Information on science-backed “3 things a day” concept.
  • Instructions on how to best use the journal for your success.
  • A failproof accountability plan to ensure you follow through daily.
  • A weekly reward system to celebrate your achievements.
  • Inspiring quotes to motivate you.
  • Space to write your 3 daily goals with “got it done” checkboxes.
  • 1092 action items completed by the end of 52 weeks!

Here’s the link for the journal: 3 Things A Day: A Minimalist Journal for More Focus with Less Stress.

3 Things A Day Journal

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With this journal, you will reduce stress, improve focus, and become more engaged in each task. This minimalist approach will create a seismic shift in the quality of your work, your energy levels, and your attitude.