The 29 Best Things To Do At Home Alone

What are fun things to do by yourself when going out isn’t an option (or you just don’t feel like it)?

If you’re reading this because you’re bored at home, we know that pain.

So, it only made sense to create this list of fun things to do at home alone.

You already know it’s possible to enjoy your own company.

Or, if you don’t, you’re about to. 

Your new problem will be narrowing down the options.

Goodbye, boredom!

What Can You Do By Yourself At Home?

After looking through this list, you’ll never get bored and run out of things to do when home alone Before we dive in, it may help to consider the general categories these activities fall into. 

When you need fun things to do, ask yourself which categories appeal to you most.

  • Self-Care
  • Creative
  • Fitness
  • Education
  • Home Care
  • Entertainment

29 Things to Do at Home Alone 

Put as much thought into how you spend your time alone as you do the time you spend with other people. You deserve the consideration, and you’ll enjoy the time much more. 

1. Write.

Record your deep and personal thoughts. Keep a journal and use it as a place to process the recent events, challenges, and projects in your life.

2. Bake.

Baking is both fun and therapeutic. Look online to find a recipe that you think looks particularly mouthwatering. Take your time and enjoy the process. You can share the results of your baking efforts with other people — but you certainly don’t have to.

3. Declutter.

When you’re trying to think of something to do that will keep you entertained while you’re alone, cleaning might not be the first thing to come to mind. 

woman in garage carrying a box things to do at home alone

However, finding free time to declutter and organize your home can be therapeutic and make you feel less stressed.

Getting rid of things you don’t use will make you feel productive and give you a sense of satisfaction. Put on your favorite tunes to inspire you as you’re tidying up.

4. Do a home improvement project.

Don’t hold back on your creativity. Paint a room a bright color that lifts you up, rearrange the furniture in a room, or hang some new art on your walls. There are endless DIY project ideas online that are waiting to inspire you.

5. Take a bath.

This action may seem simple, but it could be just the thing you need to relax and recharge after a long day. Taking a hot bath has also been shown to burn calories, so you can relax and lose weight at the same time!

6. Challenge yourself.

Do a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or work on a Rubik’s Cube. If you finish them alone, claim all of the bragging rights rather than having to share them with a friend.

7. Make a scrapbook.

Even if you don’t feel creative, you can put together some pictures and mementos from your life to start a scrapbook.

woman scrapbooking things to do at home alone

Make it as simple or complicated as you want.

8. Create a vision board. 

Get your materials together and make a vision board you’ll want to keep visible all year long. Or use a vision board app to create one you can store on the cloud. 

9. Go shopping (online). 

While grocery shopping is certainly an option (and could be a welcome change from stopping at the store on the way home), this is also a time to find something you’ll find both useful and pleasing to the eye. 

10. Get some movement in with a workout video or app (like FitOn)

We know how hard it is to stay active at home. After all, it’s not like everyone has a personal gym inside the house.

That’s why it’s so important to find a physical activity that you enjoy. It’s a lot easier to stand up and get your blood flowing if you’re excited about it.

11. Enjoy a DIY spa treatment. 

Make your own DIY beauty products or buy something new and intriguing with skin-loving ingredients. Then block out some time, turn off your phone, and enjoy every minute. 

12. Let a celebrity read you a story. 

Go to StorylineOnline (YouTube) to enjoy listening to a celebrity read a story. Scroll down the options to find Oprah Winfrey, Mary Steenburgen, Sean Astin, and countless others reading books aloud. 

woman meditating things to do at home alone

13. Learn a new language. 

Learning a new language is an excellent way to challenge your mind and expand your opportunities. Learning a language isn’t just about speaking; it’s about gaining a new perspective. Apps like Duolingo or Babbel make it easy to get started.

14. Take a class online. 

Sign up for a membership with Skillshare or Or find a new class on Udemy. As frequently as they have sales, you can add your favorites to a wish list, sign up for their emails, and take advantage of the huge mark-downs. 

15. Enjoy a free live-streamed event.

Watching a live stream can be an excellent way to enjoy your day when you’re bored, stressed out, or wanting to try something new. You can even play them in the background while working, cooking, or doing something else. 

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16. Try a YouTube beauty tutorial. 

Ever wondered what dermaplaning is and how to do it at home? Or have you ever wanted to learn how to cut your own hair or master the smoky eye? Whatever beauty treatment you’d like to DIY, you can probably find a tutorial for it on YouTube. 

17. Meditate. 

Find an app that works for you, whether it talks you through it from start to finish or just keeps track of the time and plays relaxing background noise.

Start with five minutes of each to see which type you’d like to spend more time with. Then build a daily habit of it. 

18. Learn some new dance moves. 

Pick a YouTube video like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies Dance Tutorial,” or just look up “dance tutorial” and see what appeals to you. 

19. Look at family photos or videos.

Spend some time flipping through photo albums or watching old home movies.

Or maybe this is the time to go through all the loose photos that you’ve collected to see which ones belong in an album and which you can dispose of with no regrets. 

20. Spend some time gardening. 

Spend some time outside playing the dirt, prepping your garden, planting new additions, or tending your plants. Or, if outdoor gardening isn’t an option, create an indoor garden with herbs, microgreens, flowers, or whatever you like

21. Find a new book you can’t put down. 

Look up “best books 2021” and see what different sites out there recommend. You can also research lists of celebrity favorites — Oprah’s and Reese’s Book Clubs, for starters.  

22. Find a new binge-worthy show to stream. 

There’s no feeling quite like getting hooked on a new show — whether it’s a short series that you can binge in a day or a longer one that you can spread over a couple of weeks.

Woman holding the remote with shocked expression things to do at home alone

Get out the popcorn, turn on your TV, and keep telling yourself, ‘just one more episode.’

23. Rearrange your shelves. 

Decluttering is part of this, but rearranging is about choosing what to display and how to display it. Be mindful of the amount of space you leave between objects. Balance is the goal.

24. Knit or crochet something soft and cozy. 

If you already know how to knit or crochet and enjoy it, find some cuddly yarn and a project you can’t wait to begin. Make something for yourself or someone dear to you.

25. Take a nap. 

If you time your nap right, you’ll feel energized, renewed, and restored. Make sure to nap for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 90 minutes.

Taking a 30-minute nap might sound like a good idea, but you’ll likely wake up feeling groggy and tired.

26. Try a new dinner recipe. 

Check out your Pinterest board for interesting options, or look up specific recipe ideas. You can tailor the recipes based on what you have on hand. Trying new foods can be adventurous and exciting. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen.

27. Find a new favorite podcast. 

Look through lists of recommended podcasts based on subjects you find interesting. 

A simple search with the words “Podcasts [year],” “Podcasts [subject],” or “Podcasts [subject] [year]” will turn up lists of recommendations from podcast lovers the world over. 

28. Watch a documentary. 

Search YouTube for topics of interest or plug in the word “documentary” to see what comes up. Then prep your favorite movie snacks and get comfy. 

29. Play a video game. 

Find out what gamers across the globe find so addictive and try a game someone has recommended to you — or one that looks interesting.

If you don’t have a game console, you can find plenty of video games online that will play on your PC. 

Have you discovered some of the best things to do at home for yourself?

Now that you’ve looked through 29 of the best things to do at home alone, which ones will you probably do this week to make the most of your alone time? 

Maybe you don’t always like to be alone, but why not find ways to enjoy it more when you have to be? You might enjoy your own company more than you thought you could. 

We’re betting you’re a lot more fun than you realize. 

How will keep yourself from boredom when you're by yourself? Read this post and discover 29 of the best things to do at home alone.