199 Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

The big day comes, along with the big question: “What should I do for my birthday?” 

You remember (at least vaguely) what you did for last year’s birthday.

This time, you’d like to try something different — maybe shake things up a little.

Why else would you be here ready to look through a list of fun and unique things to do?

After all, you’re a fun and unique person. Your birthday should celebrate that. 

We’re happy to help. 

199 Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday 

Look through this list of epic things to do on your birthday — keeping in mind that what’s epic for some may be otherwise for you, and vice-versa. With nearly 200 options to choose from, you’re sure to find at least a few that sound perfect for you.

  1. Order yourself a special breakfast. 

2. Make a gratitude list for your last year.

3. Do a little birthday shopping. 

4. Go on a road trip. 

5. Watch a movie (with popcorn, etc.)

6. Light some candles and play some music.

fun things to do on your birthday

7. Treat yourself to a coffee/tea from a favorite shop.

8. Take an art class (painting, drawing, pottery, etc.).

9. Look up your birthday star chart. 

10. Take a cooking class. 

11. Take a fitness class or try a new workout video.

12. Take a dance class. 

13. Curl up with a new book. 

14. Go on a hot air balloon ride. 

15. Take a hike. 

16. Go for a swim. 

17. Go to a dog park with your furbaby. 

18. Go to a spa. 

19. Go to an animal shelter. 

20. Go for a nature walk. 

21. Get in touch with family. 

22. Have a game night. 

23. Play outdoor games

24. Binge-watch your favorite shows or movies.

25. Go canoeing or kayaking. 

26. Go camping (or glamping).

27. Go paddle-boarding.

28. Go whitewater rafting. 

29. Sit around a fire and make s’mores.

30. Get a tarot reading. 

31. Go walking around town. 

32. Visit luxury, open houses. 

33. Go to an outlet mall and get a soft pretzel. 

34. Make your own sundae bar. 

35. Set up your own at-home coffee/tea center.

36. Buy yourself a personal teapot/infuser combo. 

37. Check out local thrift stores for hidden treasures.

38. Go horseback riding. 

39. Do some snow sports (skiing, snowboarding, sledding).

40. Do some water sports (surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing)

41. Plant some trees. 

42. Donate to a cause you want to support. 

43. Go rock climbing (or learn to).

44. Take a martial arts or self-defense class. 

45. Go get ice cream (see if they give out freebies on birthdays).

46. Have an at-home spa day

47. Go on a ghost tour. 

48. Get a tattoo.

49. Get a piercing. 

50. Go on a bike ride. 

51. Have a bonfire. 

52. Go on a helicopter ride.

53. Visit a garden or arboretum. 

54. Go on a tour. 

55. Volunteer in your community. 

56. Visit your favorite restaurants. 

57. Bake and decorate your own cake (or cupcakes).

58. Buy yourself a birthday cake (or cupcake).

59. Try some new foods. 

60. Play video games (maybe try a new one). 

61. Create a new work of art. 

62. Relax with an adult coloring book. 

63. Learn how to play a musical instrument. 

64. Take a wilderness survival class. 

65. Participate in a walk/run for a worthy cause.

66. Live out your perfect day. 

67. Get a makeover with a new cut/style, make-up, and outfit.

68. Pretend you’re a tourist to your home town/city.

69. Plant a garden (indoor or outdoor). 

70. Explore a cave. 

71. Go on an urban scavenger hunt.

72. Write about your perfect day. 

73. Create a scrapbook. 

74. Throw a scrapbooking birthday party.

75. Create a vision board or dream board.

76. Throw a vision board party

77. Crochet or knit something. 

78. Learn a new artistic skill like calligraphy or macramé. 

79. Learn origami. 

80. Go to a plant nursery and find a new friend.

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81. Visit a planetarium or observatory. 

82. Try out VR (Virtual Reality).

83. Vlog your day. 

84. Set goals for your year. 

85. Play mini-golf (or regular golf). 

86. Go skating (ice or rollerblades).

87. Go to a fair or carnival. 

88. Go shopping at a local bazaar or tradeshow.

89. Have a BBQ or make some tinfoil dinners.

90. Learn how to forage and explore your local woodlands.

91. Buy yourself a birthday bouquet (and have it delivered).

92. Declutter your home by category (h/t Marie Kondo).

93. Book a hotel stay at a bucket list destination.

94. Start a self-care subscription (Feeling Fab, TheraBox, Hygge Box)

95. Start a food delivery subscription (LoveWithFood, SnackNation, VeganCuts)

96. Hire a chef to prepare your favorite birthday dinner. 

97. Hire someone to clean your home. 

98. Learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea. 

99. Test drive a car you’d love to buy.

100. Sing karaoke and belt out your favorites. 

101. Throw a karaoke party. 

102. Go on a picnic

103. Create a bucket list. 

104. Unplug and enjoy a tech-free day of self-care.

105. Donate blood (or plasma). 

106. Rent a scooter and go cruising. 

107. Rent a tandem bicycle and ride with a friend.

108. Swim with dolphins. 

109. Go whale-spotting. 

110. Go snorkeling. 

111. Visit a museum. 

112. Go to the beach. 

113. Go to a game. 

114. Go sailing. 

115. Visit a dream destination. 

116. Plan and enjoy a birthday retreat. 

117. Get your birthday freebies from favorite shops and restaurants.

118. Do some online book shopping. 

119. Paint some rocks (using a guide like this one). 

120. Take your dog for a long walk. 

121. Go for a scenic drive and stop for a treat. 

122. Learn and practice digital photography. 

123. Check out your city’s arts calendar. 

124. Try a new recipe.

125. Add a new twist to an old favorite recipe.

126. Rent a boat and go fishing. 

127. Go window shopping, hot (or cold) drink in hand.

128. Paint a room. 

129. Redecorate a room. 

130. Discard old/unwanted toiletry items and buy new ones.

131. Pose for an outdoor photoshoot. 

132. Go out of your way to support a small business. 

133. Go to ComicCon (or make plans for the next one).

134. Attend a (virtual) concert. 

135. Buy a lottery ticket. 

136. Bake your favorite cookies. 

137. Buy yourself a box of chocolates.

138. Use GroupWatch (Disney+) to host a virtual watch along with friends/family.

139. Write about the year you’ve had. 

140. Write about the year you want to have (as if you’re living it).

141. Use Prime Wardrobe to order a set of clothes to try on.

142. Check out ThredUp.com to save $$$ on a new birthday outfit.

143. Go bowling. 

144. Have a chess tournament. 

145. Paint a mural. 

146. Get rid of junk (dead appliances, musty furniture, etc.)

147. Decorate your space however you like. 

148. Make some jewelry. 

149. Do some cross-stitch or embroidery. 

150. Join a protest or demonstration you believe in. 

151. Write a letter to the editor. 

152. Write a letter to your past self. 

153. Write a letter to your present self. 

154. Write a letter to your future self. 

155. Write a love letter to your significant other (present or future). 

156. Make a list of the things you’ve learned this year. 

157. Take a long, hot soak in the tub — with bath salts, etc.

158. Buy a fitness machine for your home. 

159. Go scuba diving. 

160. Buy and/or do a jigsaw puzzle.

161. Make your own candles.

162. Go to the zoo (if it’s open).

163. Make your own soap, body scrub, bath salts, etc.

164. Make friendship bracelets. 

165. Go birdwatching

166. Listen to your favorite albums. 

167. Dance to your favorite “move” music. 

168. Pick out a new pair of glasses or sunglasses.

169. Buy something with your birthstone. 

170. Design a funny facemask and order it. 

171. Try eating your entire birthday meal (including cake) with chopsticks.

172. Bake fresh bread. 

173. Learn how to fix something. 

174. Put up a hammock. 

175. Throw a face painting party. 

176. Throw the slumber party you’ve always wanted. 

177. Visit a metaphysical/spiritual shop. 

178. Go to an escape room. 

179. Have a paintball party. 

fun things to do on your birthday

180. Have a laser tag party. 

181. Go wine tasting or tour a distillery. 

182. Go to a casino. 

183. Go to a trampoline park. 

184. Play sports. 

185. Create a new art display. 

186. Adopt a new pet. 

187. Prepare your home for a new pet.

188. Send a gratitude bouquet to your parent/s.

189. Support a new or favorite Etsy shop with a meaningful purchase.

190. Write thoughtful, positive reviews to support indie authors / small businesses.

191. Splurge on some high-end face-care products.

192. Splurge on something for your home (candle holder, throw pillows, rug, lamp)

193. Put up some glow-in-the-dark stickers (stars, butterflies, etc.)

194. Put up some shelves, shadow boxes, or another wall display. 

195. Reorganize a closet and discard what you don’t use, need, or love.

196. Buy yourself a gratitude journal. 

197. Write in vivid detail about the home you’ve always wanted.

198. Write in vivid detail about the partner/love relationship you want.

199. Start a new journal with a long birthday entry. 

Did you find some fun things to do on your birthday?

Now that you’ve looked through our 199 birthday things to do, which ones sounded most appealing? Make your own shortlist and design a birthday celebration you’ll remember with a smile. 

May this day bring you more reasons to be grateful. You don’t have to pack as many things into the day as humanly possible. Just pick one or more that complement each other. 

The main thing is to honor the person you are right now. Celebrate how far you’ve come.

Are you out of ideas on how to spend your next birthday? Want to do something different and out of ordinary? Check our collection of around 200 fun things to do on your birthday.

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