27 Fun And Bonding Things To Do With Your Sister

The bond between sisters is unlike any other. 

Whether your sister is older or a few years younger than you, sister activities can help bring you both together no matter where you are in your lives. 

From spending time catching up on old movies to exploring a new adventure, there is never a shortage of sister activities that can bring joy into your life at any time. 

Why You Should Find Fun Things to Do with Your Sister

Finding fun things to do with your sister is a way to bond while honing specific skills, crafts, and hobbies.

Whether you feel you and your sis have grown apart and need to reconnect, or you just love spending time with your sister and can’t get enough, there are many reasons for you to do fun things with your sister.

  • Create a one-of-a-kind bond: Did you know that you share the most DNA with your siblings? Theoretically, your brothers and sisters are the closest relatives you will ever have. Having fun with your sister can help strengthen one of the most special bonds on the planet.
  • More time together: As we get older, finding time for our loved ones becomes increasingly challenging. One thing you cannot get back in life is time. Giving time to your sister is one of the best ways to build a lifelong bond.
  • Knowing her better: Whether you are looking for crafts for sisters to do together or a brand new sport to join in on, spending time with your sister is a great way to get to know her better on a personal level, especially as you grow older.  

27 Fun And Bonding Things To Do As Sisters

Bonding with your sister does not have to require an official itinerary.

When you are spending time at home, exploring the world around you, or even heading to the movies, there are plenty of ways to connect with your sister, even on the most ordinary days. 

Fun Things to Do At Home With Your Sister

When you are stuck at home with your sister, there are plenty of ways to keep yourselves entertained while having fun with one another.  

1. Have a Movie Marathon

Having a movie marathon is one of the easiest ways to bond with loved ones, including your sister. Choose a genre of movies you both enjoy, or allow each sister to pick a movie they choose to watch during the marathon. 

2. Play a Board Game

Pick up an old classic board game, such as Monopoly or Pictionary, or opt for a newer game, such as a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme.

two energetic women exercising together things to do with your sisters

Board and card games have come a long way, with plenty of developments in games designed just with women and sisters in mind. 

3. Create a New Recipe Together 

Spend time with your sister crafting a new recipe together. Whether adding some flair to an existing family recipe or getting creative with a brand-new concoction, developing a new recipe is a great way to bond with just about anyone. 

4. Order a Wild Takeout Dinner

Plan to treat yourself and your sister by ordering a wild takeout dinner featuring numerous cuisines and types of dishes. You can try new foods while exploring some of your sister’s favorite eateries in your local area. 

5. Reorganize Together 

While this may not be fun for some, it can be gratifying and cathartic for others. Reorganizing the home or rooms you share can prevent your space from becoming too cluttered or unlivable.

If you don’t live together, help each other declutter and organize your own homes.

Things to Do With Your Little Sister

Being a positive influence and a great mentor for your little sister can go a long way for both of you. Demonstrating healthy habits and wise choices is also valuable for your younger sister, regardless of your age difference. 

6. Learn A Skill or a New Hobby

Spend time with your younger sister to tackle a new skill or embrace a hobby you both are interested in.

Pick something that you can do in tandem, like taking a cooking class or creating your own blog that you design and write together.

7. Go Through Old Photos

Pull out the boxes of childhood photos and take a walk down memory lane. Reminisce about your youth and all the fun and crazy things you did together and with your family.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, compile a photo album with funny captions to give your parents for their next anniversary or Christmas. 

8. Work Out Together

Working out with your younger sister is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying a little friendly, sisterly competition.

Challenge each other to push a little harder so you won’t feel guilty going out for a nice lunch or dinner after your workout.

9. Do Each Other’s Hair and Nails

What could be more fun for sisters than a mutual pampering and self-care day? Take turns offering one another a blowout, straightening, or curl, and then top it off with a mani-pedi you give each other.

two lovely women sharing something through the phone things to do with your sisters

You’ll be so relaxed that all you can do next is sip Cosmos and watch a chick flick

10. Go Thrifting at Second-Hand Stores

You and your sister will have a fun day treasure hunting for cute clothes you buy at a bargain at local thrift stores.

Help each other look for the perfect piece or outfit and enjoy some laughs at clothes that don’t quite fit the bill. Celebrate your success by wearing your new outfits for an evening out on the town.

Things to Do With Your Older Sister

If your older sister has always made plans for your outings, take the reins this time and initiate something fun together. We have some ideas.

11. Spend Time at a Local or State Park

Invite your sister to spend the afternoon outdoors with you, where you can spend time walking, biking, skating, blading, or just talking with one another. Pack a picnic lunch and a game or deck of cards if you want a less active outdoor outing.

12. Plan Parties and Holiday Gatherings Together

Each time a significant event or holiday rolls around, plan the gatherings and celebrations together. Party planning is an exercise in communicating and brainstorming.

You and your sister can use your creativity to come up with new traditions and fabulous party ideas.

13. Plan A Weekend Getaway

How long has it been since you and your sister spent a full weekend together? Come up with some great ideas, like staying in a hotel in a downtown area with lots of shopping, bars, and restaurants.

Or do something quieter like a camping weekend in the mountains. Whatever you choose, work in some quality chat time to discover more about each other.

14. Go Bowling 

Nothing screams retro fun like a bowling outing with your sister. Put on those not-so-attractive bowling shoes, grab a couple of beers, and see how many strikes you can get.

To enhance your experience, go for cosmic bowling with lasers, music, and other special effects.

15. Go On a Hike 

If your sister enjoys spending time outdoors, consider going on a hike together. Exploring new trails and testing your physical limitations is one of the best bonding experiences between individuals, regardless of their relationship. 

Sister Bonding Activities 

When you initiate special time with your sister, you’re telling her how much she means to you and how important the connection is between you. Reach out to her and suggest one of these ideas. 

16. Get Crafty

Finding crafts to do together is an excellent way to connect with your sister, whether you are three years apart or ten.

Consider making jewelry, flower arranging, crocheting, or painting. If you aren’t big talkers but just enjoy being together, take advantage of a new creative outlet you cultivate together. 

17. Attend a Local Concert or Gathering

For sisters who love getting out and mingling with others, head out to a concert or a local gathering. S

eeing your favorite musicians or spending time with locals in the area with your sister can help you to feel a sense of community and camaraderie with those around you. 

18. Plan and Host a Party Together

Planning and hosting a party is a fun way to work together while offloading some of the weight of being a solo host.

sisters smiling at the camera things to do with your sisters

By bringing your two groups of friends together in a social setting, you can build new friendships for yourselves and those who attend.  

19. Read the Same Book at the Same Time

If you are both avid readers, consider reading the same book at the same time as your sister. Creating your own unique “book club” is an excellent way to share insights and opinions and get to know each other more deeply.

20. Go Out Dancing Together

Who cares if you are sisters out clubbing together? Get dressed up in your most amazing outfits, find the club with the best music, and dance your hearts out.

Sure, you’ll turn some heads, but make it about the time together rather than flirting with others. Enjoy laughing and just having fun.

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7 Super Fun Games to Play with Your Sister

Is it cold or rainy? Or do you just want to spend some quiet time with your sister?

With various board and card games available today, finding a fun or challenging game can help you and your sister connect on an entirely new level.

1. Cards Against Humanity

A classic. Cards Against Humanity is one of the easiest (yet most vulgar) card games developed with adults over the age of 18 in mind. Cards Against Humanity tests players’ wits and ability to toe the line between offending others and not being offended. 

2.  What Do You Meme

Here’s another classic card game that combines the latest pop culture memes with various humorous responses. Submit your funniest or best tagline for each meme image played to please the current judge to rack up points. 

3. Girls Night Out

If you’re planning a “girl’s night out” and love the games Cards Against Humanity, and What Do You Meme, you might just love Girls Night Out. Played best with a group of girlfriends or sisters, Girls Night Out allows all players to get to know one another’s preferences and personalities. 

4. Sussed

If you enjoy games where getting to know other players is the primary goal, give Sussed a chance.

A quick card game, Sussed helps unravel what others think of you while allowing you to share bits of your own personality and who you are as an individual.

Sussed is marketed as kids, teen, and adult game, although it is suitable for all ages due to its family-friendly content. 

5. That’s What She Said 

That’s What She Said puts a sexy and naughty twist on the classic Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. This version is perfect for a girl’s night out or a night of bonding with your sister.

6. Off Topic

Another game option to consider if you prefer hilarious entertainment is Off Topic.

Off Topic is an excellent conversational game that allows players to best defend their stances on particular subjects and topics that may otherwise be silly to talk about out loud. 

7. Buffalo Games Hella 90’s – Pop Culture Trivia Game

If you prefer to skip the traditional board and card games and you and your sister are 90’s babies, consider the Buffalo Games Hella 90’s – Pop Culture Trivia Game.

This trivia game is sure to impress anyone who was born or lived through the greatest grunge era of all time. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing can replace the time you spend with your sister. Whether you enjoy spending time on crafts, cooking, or even exploring unknown mysteries around the world, there is not much more precious than the relationship you will build with your sister throughout your lifetime.  

Looking for a great way to spend quality time with your sisters? here are some fun things to do with your sisters you can try.