Do You Have Unhealthy Boundaries With Your Ex-Wife? 11 Examples Of What Not To Do Or Say

Examples Of unhealthy boundaries with ex wife

Your marriage didn’t work out.

It hurts, but it happens.

The key is moving on in a healthy way, as far as possible.

But we get it.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to let go.

After all, you were in a serious, deeply committed relationship

You had shared goals, bank accounts — you may have even started a family together.

And though the ending may not have been ideal, you and your ex-wife shared a strong bond for some time.

As a result, you may still feel attached to her.

Or maybe you’ve moved on, and she’s having difficulty letting go.

Perhaps you’ve landed here because your boyfriend has no boundaries with his ex-wife, and you’re searching for solutions.

Today, we’re talking about creating healthy relationship parameters with a former spouse.

We’ve curated a list of 11 ex-wife boundary breakers and how to fix them.

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