Life Transitions:10 Ways to Boldly Go Through Them

Here in Atlanta the weather has been crazy.

One day it is 40 degrees, then the next it’s 70. The trees and flowers are starting to bloom, yet we are hardly out of February.The last few days it’s been looking like spring but feeling like mid-winter.

This struggle of the seasons is so analogous to our personal life transitions. Winter is desperately trying to hold on, while spring is emerging in spite of winter’s weakening clutches.

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How to Make Big, Bold, Wildly Exciting Things Happen in Your Life

You’re going to think this is a weird way to begin this article when you read what I write next, but bear with me. You’ll see the relevance shortly.

Sometimes in the morning when I’m taking a shower, and it’s cold in the house, I can stand under the warm water forever.

It feels so good and relaxing that I want to linger there, just enjoying the warm comfort of it.

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20 Simple Ways to Stoke Your Self-Confidence

Once upon a time there was a small child known as you.

This child was born into the world pure and perfect, aware only of its own needs. If those needs were met, if someone held you, fed you, kept you safe and warm, your world was perfect.

Even as you got a bit older, if your parents were loving and kind, you still had a strong sense of yourself as you explored the world and discovered the wonders of living.

But around the time of kindergarten, things started to change. You encountered other children whose words stung, who were faster, stronger, smarter, prettier. You had to perform in school, to win the teacher’s approval, to follow the rules. You saw where you didn’t measure up, where you weren’t quite good enough.

You learned quickly that approval and love can be tied to ability, performance, appearance, personality, and conformance. Even your parents, as much as they loved you, subtly reinforced these new rules with their hopes and expectations for you.

As you entered adolescence, all of your own insecurities were reflected in the cruel words and hurtful behaviors of your peers and the images portrayed in the media.

But hopefully, along the way, you had enough successes, enough love, enough encouragement for your self-confidence to have a foothold. However, if your home life was dysfunctional, critical, or abusive in some way, the self-confidence that was budding as a toddler was never able to fully bloom, especially not during the difficult teenage years.

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The Insidious Poison of Disengagement In Your Relationships

“The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are.”  ~Stephen Covey

A new relationship of any kind, even a new friendship, begins with the thrill of connection and recognition.

In this new person, at least initially, we recognize the best of ourselves and the best of who we wish to be.

We circle around one another like turtledoves, cooing our every thought and feeling, and marveling over the wondrous and heady simpatico we share — one that tricks us into believing we are the only two in the world who have this connection.

If things continue to go well in the relationship, the initial froth of unexpected connection deepens into real engagement with the other person. We become invested in them and they in us.

We share and listen and make the effort to be fully present and available. With time, we open ourselves more and more and reel out our vulnerabilities, dreams, and secrets in an ever-widening pool of mutual trust. And we hold these things for the other person with a gentle hand of respect and dignity.

As infatuation turns to love, and later as love matures, our emotional ties become stronger and more complexly intertwined. We are truly together, connected as friends, lovers, spouses — whatever the relationship happens to be, we are bound.

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Personality Type: How It Impacts 3 Key Areas of Your Life

personality type

Do you know your personality type based on the Myers-Briggs personality assessment?

If not, this is a tremendously beneficial tool in helping you understand yourself, your motivations and behavior, and how you interact with the people around you.

And knowing the personality types of the people close to you is extremely helpful in understanding them and how you can best relate to them.

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Grief and Loss: 6 Steps on the Path to Healing

Grief and Loss

Are you suffering the pain that comes with grief and loss in your life?

If so, I extend thoughts of loving kindness your way.

If so, I can empathize with you.

Some years of your life are characterized by loss, and this has been such a year for me — maybe for you too.

I have experienced loss by death, betrayal, promises broken, children growing, my youth departing, and people changing in ways I’d not anticipated.

These are all normal life disruptions, but this year they have crashed together like a 10-car pile-up, happening so quickly one after another that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath.

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40 Mindful and Meaningful Gift Ideas

The images of Black Friday shoppers, scrambling over each other in the wee hours of the morning to purchase holiday gifts, makes you wonder if the tradition of gift-giving has lost some of its purpose and meaning.

Can you find a meaningful Christmas gift for your loved ones when you are in that crazy rush of people?

Perhaps there are some deals that merit the time, energy, and madness involved in shopping on that day, and maybe the Black Friday outing is a meaningful tradition for many people. That counts for something.

However, the over-the-top shopping frenzy and inundation of steals and deals that land in our inboxes and mailboxes (almost as soon as Halloween ends) undermine what should be a relaxed time of conscious giving and joyful shared experiences.

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