Is Your Life Aligned With Your Values?

“Still don’t know what I was waitin’ for and my time was runnin’ wild; a million dead end streets and every time I thought I’d got it made, it seemed the taste was not so sweet.” ~lyrics from ‘Changes’ by David Bowie

There are times in life when we feel lost. Something seems off, but we can’t put our finger on it. These feelings can manifest as boredom, restlessness, or even depression.

When this happens, one common scenario is to push harder. You put on a great game face and tell yourself that this will pass, to just ignore it and it will go away. Sometimes it does go away briefly.

You fill your life with activity and distractions, and maybe you feel better for a while. But in the quiet moments, the emptiness creeps back in.

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The Way To Begin A New Beginning

“Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy.” ~Sarah Van Breathnach

This time of year is about beginnings.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve  watched the tree outside my office window go from bare to leaf-laden. The same pair of birds has once again built a nest in the porch light by my front door, as they do every spring.

Flowers are bursting out on trees as though a conductor has lifted a baton to signal a symphony of color.

For those who will celebrate Easter this Sunday, it’s also a reminder of the opportunity we have  to renew ourselves, to start over, to begin again.

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The Simple Secret To Pain Relief

“If we really want to address the whole issue of suffering, as well as our desire and yearning for freedom, love, and connection, then we need to learn how to look clearly at our own minds.” ~Adyashanti

Last week I wrote an e-mail to the subscribers at Live Bold and Bloom with the invitation to share with me their top five worries, fears, or disappointments in life.

I requested this so that I could address some of these topics in my articles and future books and courses.I received hundreds of responses, many of which revealed very painful situations and concerns.

It became clear to me that all of us suffer with some degree of emotional pain and inner turmoil, whether or not we are generally satisfied with our lives.

This turmoil keeps us from reaching our fullest potential and engaging fully in life.

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A Proven 10-Step Guide To Having More Fun In Your Life

Fun is underrated.

As adults, our lives are complicated and often very serious.

We are involved in the serious business of grown-up stuff.

We work hard. We support our families. We worry about money and higher prices.

We fret about the condition of the world, politics, our children. We have endless chores and tasks without much time for fun.

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4 Cool Careers That Don’t Take Years of Training

A few years ago, I wanted to start over with my career. I’d been in public relations off and on for over 25 years. When my oldest child left home, I had more time to devote to building my career, but I just couldn’t get jazzed about cranking up my PR consultancy.

I have changed over the years. My interests and values have shifted. I loved working in public relations when I was younger and childless. I got to travel, work with celebrities and fashion, live in New York, and meet all kinds of interesting people.

As the years passed by, these things didn’t mean as much to me anymore. I knew something was missing in my work life, but I didn’t know what career would be rewarding and fulfilling for me.

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100 Ways To Show Your Love To Him

“Oh, men don’t notice what they got. Oh, women think of that a lot A thousand ways to please your man (oh-ho). Not even one requires a plan.” ~from the song “You Only Live Once” by The Strokes

OK ladies, now it’s your turn to show your love to that wonderful guy. There might be a thousand ways to please your man that don’t require a plan.

But in the light of day, thoughtful and loving planning will help your relationship flourish and bloom. An amazing relationship doesn’t just happen. It needs your full attention.

If you are passive about tending to the garden of your love with your guy, weeds are going to grow in the form of bitterness, boredom, and resentment.

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100 Ways To Show Your Love To Her

“Compliment what she does. Send her roses just because. If it’s violins she loves, let them play. Dedicate her favorite song, and hold her closer all night long. Love her today. Find one hundred ways.” ~from the song “One Hundred Ways” by Quincy Jones

Gentlemen, if you have a love in your life, I have something for you here that you might want to print out, fold up, and store in your wallet. (You might wait until the readers here add their comments and other ideas.)

And lest you feel slighted, I have a list of way for women to show him love in my next post, so please come back and add your thoughts.

The way I see it, a good and loving relationship is like a prized garden. If you want the flowers to grow and bloom, you must carefully tend to the garden every day.

You must place it in a sunny spot, water it daily, keep away predators, and pull the weeds. Even plants thrive with loving words and appreciation. Your relationship needs and deserves your attention every single day.

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The 4 Essential Ingredients For Healthy Relationships

woman and man talking dinner relationship questions to ask

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” ~Carl Jung

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Char Elle En

I once heard an hilarious quip on Saturday Night Live that said:
“I want to save the world for my children, but not for my children’s children,
because I don’t think children should be having sex.”

Sometimes when I’m working with couples, whether they’re married, in a committed long-term relationship, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or whatever, I feel like I’m working with children.

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