10 Most Common Reasons You Are Antisocial

couple on phones, reasons you are anti-social

Why are you so antisocial?” You’ve heard this question about a million times. It gets old. 

It’s not that you deliberately try to hurt or alienate people.

You just prefer your own company most of the time.

You’re fully capable of being pleasant around people when you have to be.

That’s not to say you’re never unpleasant. Sometimes, maybe, you don’t take into account the feelings of others. But who doesn’t do that sometimes, right? 

Does that mean you’re antisocial or asocial? They’re different. Read on to learn how.

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27 Reasons To Be Thrilled You’re A Type B Personality

man relaxing, type b personality

When you think of Type A and Type B personalities, do you assume that people who are Type A are more successful and often in leadership roles while Type B people tend to stay more in the background?

Because our Type A friends are most often credited with all of the achievements in life (due to their ambition and organizational skills), we think that it’s time to bring to light the reasons why people with Type B personalities are great.

In fact, Type B's are just as likely to succeed in life as their high-strung counterparts — but for different reasons.

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